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Cosmetic Procedures for Aging Skin - blue peel off facial mask

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-25
Cosmetic Procedures for Aging Skin  -  blue peel off facial mask
With so many surgical and non-surgical cosmetic surgeries, it can make the face look younger and it's hard to determine which option is best for your particular needs.
Here are a few tips to help you make your decision.
When you notice wrinkles and jowls drooping on the upper lip profile, all you need is more than Botox to restore a young look.
But with so many beauty procedures to choose from, it's hard to know which one will best meet your needs. A facelift? Resurfacing? Laser?
Chemical peel? Fillers?
Before you consult the clinic, here are some suggestions to help you determine which surgery might be appropriate for your particular question.
According to the surgeon, if you do your first facelift while the skin is still relatively resilient, the result can last for 20 years, which means you need less repeat surgery in your life.
So consider the first cosmetic surgery before you are 50.
As mentioned in the medical journal, it includes several procedures starting with mid-term cosmetic surgery.
After making an incision from the temple to the earlobe, the surgeon relaxes the cheek skin to the nasolabial groove, revealing the tissue, tendons and muscles below.
These are pulled together to trim, eliminating the drooping jowls, making the cheeks and chin smooth and firm.
Why can the mid-term cosmetic mask
In the past, cosmetic surgery only involved stretching and tightening the skin on the surface, which always caused the mask --
Just like the corners of the mouth are misplaced and the face is dull.
Although the surgeon does not stretch the skin now, the healing process does cause the tissue of the skin to contract, which has the same effect.
If you only take a facelift once, the situation will not be obvious, but it will become obvious after a second or third facelift. surgery.
It is usually performed under an endoscope to minimize scars (minimal incision technique ).
First, the surgeon made about three to six cuts.
One inch above the line.
Using an endoscopic instrument, the tissue is separated from the bone and pulled up to the scalp.
Then cut the muscles at the bridge of the nose to weaken the forehead muscles, thus preventing frown.
This process causes the hair line to rise for about a quarter of an hour, so it's not a good idea if your forehead is already high.
Alternatively, a surgeon can perform routine surgery by opening his forehead.
Results compared to the minimum incision technique, the incision lasted longer and the line did not rise, but the scar was obvious.
Browplasty surgery is worth investing in if you â€re re regular Botox user x80 x94 resresults are long term and more natural, though, as a mid-term change, it can make your face mask
Like if more than once or twice.
The chin closure and neck pull make the drooping tissue of the neck and chin firm, usually at the same time as the mid-term facelift.
Cosmetic surgery for the eyes.
It eliminates the lower part of the eye by removing excess fat and skin, reshaping the upper and lower eyelids.
This is done by the lid creases where the stitching is almost invisible.
Mid-term cosmetic surgery improves the appearance of the lower corners of the mouth, rather than invasive re-surface surgery eliminates wrinkles on the upper lip.
Unlike surgery, surface repair does not change the facial profile, but it can improve the texture of the skin and eliminate wrinkles and age spots.
There are two surface treatment methods: Chemical and laser.
Both have a tilt effect that promotes skin renewal, and both have burns that stimulate collagen production, which gives the skin a plump, smooth look.
Depending on the content to be processed, countless chemicals of different strength are used to re-surface the treatment procedure.
For example, vitamin A acid skin can help remove scars, while beta-oh skin can help patients with acne.
Phenol skin and so-
Peel, known as "Blue peel", is more aggressive and is mainly used for skin repair procedures.
Phenol skin is the strongest skin available and is only necessary if the wrinkles are deep.
It must be carried out under general anesthesia and the healing process is painful.
Fortunately, one treatment is usually enough to achieve the desired results.
The formula has been improved over the years, but it is important to note that the phenol skin will still cause serious scars, cause a cardiac arrest and damage the circulation system, kidneys and liver.
It may also make the skin sensitive to light and easily get sunburned.
The phenol skin is most commonly used to remove wrinkles in areas that cannot be treated surgically, such as the contour of the lips, rather than the entire face.
"Blue peel" is the term used to re-surface with tricloacetic acid (TCA.
More gentle than phenol skin, suitable for removing fine lines and age spots.
It is called "blue skin" because it really makes the face blue.
However, two days after the initial treatment, the face fell off the blue stained cells and it took about two weeks to start the regeneration process.
Basically, the length of the collagen fibers is about third when it is irradiated by a laser, which makes them more resilient and thus able to tighten the skin.
The laser eliminates wrinkles.
Using modern lasers, there is no risk of scars at all, which has a great advantage over chemical stripping.
In addition to this, the laser can remove all the flaws on the chemical peel and remove more permanent cosmetics like broken capillaries and unwanted ones.
Another possibility is filling.
These substances such as collagen, lactic acid, or fat are injected into wrinkles and wrinkles.
The filler is much simpler than mentioned above, and if your main problem is a prominent nasolabial groove, frown or chicken claw, this is ideal.
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