- cougar bee venom facial mask

  -  cougar bee venom facial mask
Released by Deni Kirkova: February 7, 2013 09: 38 EDT | update: 09: 38 EDT on February 7, 2013
Wrinkle Cream caused a sensation in the cosmetics industry-
Because it's made of bee poison.
Cosmetic maker Rodial has just launched a new skin care collection called Bee poison, which has been clinically proven to prevent the destructive effects of menopause on the face.
In addition to mood swings, insomnia and weight, experts say,
In addition, there are various skin problems in menopausal women.
Deep wrinkles, edema, and dryness are just some of the symptoms of hormonal changes at this time in life.
During menopause, the levels of estrogen and progesterone in women decreased rapidly, leading to accelerated skin aging.
The level of collagen and elastic protein has also decreased, resulting in the relaxation of the skin, deep wrinkles and the production of the skin
Moisturizing acid and oil also decreased significantly, resulting in dry skin and "cream ".
Research shows that more than half of British women do not know the effects of menopause on their skin.
In trials involving 14 women between the ages of 50 and 59, all volunteers said that bee poison cream improved their skin texture, reduced wrinkles and wrinkles, and made them look
Honey bee poison is used for beauty to "cheat" the skin and think it is slightly stung by Bee poison.
This causes the body to direct blood to the area and stimulates natural production
Collagen and elastic protein.
Collagen enhances the body tissue, while the elastic protein is a protein that helps the skin to remain tight and restore shape after being squeezed or squeezed.
It is said that the venom also has the effect of relaxing muscles.
Experts collect bee poison by placing a piece of glass next to the hive and by weak current, which encourages insects to sting the surface.
Because the spear of the bee remains in its body, it will not die.
Then collect a small amount of venom.
It is very valuable and costs up to 30,000 an ounce.
Bee poison facial moisturizer for £ 50-£ 150
Millilitre pot and eye cream version 25-115millilitre tub.
A spokesman for Rodial said that the bee poison moisturizer is an advanced formula that will rejuvenate the skin and make it look younger.
It works in conjunction with the unique plant stem cell complex, helping to significantly improve skin tone and elasticity.
"Other ingredients improve the surface of the skin, help the fullness and smoothness of fine lines and wrinkles, and provide intensive moisturizing and long-term care
Long-lasting hydrating, radiant.
Both products are available in major commercial street stores and department stores John Lewis.
The bees have turned against other so-called
Aged products from honey to royal jelly are health supplements used by celebrities such as Cliff Richard, Lulu and Duchess of Cornwall.
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