- cougar bee venom facial mask

  -  cougar bee venom facial mask
EDT, 06: 07, July 29, 2010, if you think that bee poison facial care is strange enough, the beauty treatment becomes even more strange.
So, does any of them really work?
Alice smellie tested them, while Dr. Patrick Bowler, the medical director of the court clinic and a researcher at the British Society of beauty physicians, provided expert advice. GOLD-
What is the promise of electroplating cosmetic surgery?
Chrysotherapy is described as a fitness training camp for the face, which uses gold to improve skin elasticity and reverse the damage of pollutants such as smoking and sun damage to cells (
400 in 90 minutes, call 0871 9030 or energy body. co. uk). What happens?
After cleansing, I applied a golden Dermaroller to my face, then the traditional Chinese medicine John Tsagaris who created this treatment, placing two pointed gold rings on his fingers, gently roll over delicate skin around my eyes to stimulate blood circulation
Welcome relief after the end
Weekend of indulgence
Another cleanser with goldobviously -
Massage onto the skin, then lift the tissue in a small glass to mimic the movement of lymphatic drainage to plump the wrinkles.
By the next step, my pores feel very open
Carat gold mask management.
The light thin sheet of pure gold was gently patted down and felt like a feather, making my face warm.
Last LED (light-emitting diode)
The mask is placed on my whole head and a low level of light pulse is emitted to activate the skin cells and to help resistageing.
I looked bright when I left and had an expensive gloss on my skin.
Expert opinion: we know that Dermaroller has proven to be effective and there may be some benefits to gold.
I hope the skin looks full for the time being.
Strange rating: 5/10 Success rating: 9/10 frozen fat What does it promise?
Most treatments are for fat or fat mass.
This cryo-therapy called zero 2 is designed to reduce both (
Jules nabet, 150com).
What happens during treatment?
It combines a cold laser. Zerona -
Cool and destroy fat cells with carbon-oxygen CO2 therapy, inject carbon dioxide, make the body think that there is a lack of oxygen in a specific area, therefore, increase blood flow and a large amount of ingredients to regenerate the skin.
I decided to try the treatment to root out my bingo wings.
Zerona looks like a giant alien metal spider with four legs and a rotating laser at the end of each attachment.
I lay in front of me and after 20 minutes I felt nothing.
The next step is the injection of carbon dioxide.
They don't hurt but I hate to see the air bubbling under my skin.
I am sure that the process lasts for only one minute and there is no risk.
I have been told that the estimated loss is up to 8 cm in three weeks.
It seems a shame that I have to wait so long, but I believe I will see the result.
Expert opinion: I don't think this is an absolute guarantee to reduce fat or fat mass.
Unless combined with exercise and a healthy diet, few treatments can be successful.
Wonderful rating: 10/10 Success rating: What is the promise of 8/10 snail gel face?
Although its moisturizing effect was initially discovered by Chilean snail farmers, clinical tests showed that snail secretions contained a high level of diaper-
Moisturize and soothe stimulating skin-
As well as collagen and elastic protein, it helps to plump it and keep it in a young volume (
£ 105, call 020 7581 5211 at haris salon. com or gel £20.
45 Barrett and Netherlandscom).
What happens during treatment?
The therapist has a large piece of translucent gloop on his finger, which is moving to my face in a harmful way.
When the sticky gel came into contact with my skin, I clenched my teeth.
The problem with snail mucus is that although it may be full of healing properties, the fact that it comes out from the bottom of the snail cannot be escaped.
Then someone picked it up and put it in the pan.
De Tuinen snail gel is sold by Barratt, a Dutch health chain.
I like the fact that in the pan it is considered necessary to point out that no snails were harmed during the collection of mucus.
Besides that, the face is the same as any other face.
There was some cleaning, refreshing, exfoliating, and some serum was pushed into my skin.
This piece of de resistance is a snail mask that stays on top and penetrates into the pores I open.
My skin looks and feels great, but I am too disgusted with the concept to consider using it regularly.
Expert opinion: any of this mucus will have some positive effects on the skin due to diaper, which of course has moisturizing properties.
Strange rating: 9/10 Success rating: 5/10 sour pedicure what does it promise?
Place large pieces of material soaked in alcoholic acid on your feet, remove dead skin, and reveal ultra smooth skin (
£ 90, called 020 7235 3654 or nevilles hairandbeauty. net)
What happens during treatment?
My pedicure looked thoughtfully at my neglected feet and at my dry skin and uneven toenails.
To my surprise, she put on rubber gloves before applying the acid block.
I'm sure I won't feel the pain, but it's a concern, especially when she points out it's to protect her hand. From what? Melting?
Luckily, I can't feel anything when the big white patch is on my foot.
Both feet are wrapped in plastic wrap, followed by big towels.
After a few minutes the patch was removed and Katerina started scraping away at my feet.
Wet and broken skin will disappear without pain, but will become a disgusting lump.
She then uses a file to delete the final trace.
When she's finished, I swear I can wear small shoes.
I don't know a smooth and Tidy replacement.
I came out of the salon to buy shoes.
Expert opinion: I definitely think so.
The alcohol acid is used in a thinner form in the face peel, and the effect is very good.
Strange rating: 7/10 Success rating: 10/10 blood cleaning what does it promise?
This may sound more suitable for people who need rehabilitation, but this is obviously an excellent way to use the body's own rehabilitation system to eliminate unwanted wrinkles (
Call 020 750 7323 or juve National clinic from £ 9012. co. uk)
What happens during treatment?
Remove a syringe blood from my arm and put it into a centrifuge to separate platelets and plasma from other blood to produce platelets-Rich Plasma -
It only takes 15 minutes.
The PRP is then injected back into the delicate and damaged areas around my eyes, but it can also be used for brown spots, scars and wrinkles.
The full results will take three months to show up, but it should improve in a few weeks.
I like the idea of using your body's own repair mechanism.
Expert opinion: While I agree that it is beneficial to use the body's own treatment system, I would like to see more scientific evidence.
Strange and strange evaluation: 8/10 successful evaluation: What is the promise of 8/10 sheep's fetal seat?
It is smart to refer to this treatment as milk oil because it distracts people's attention to the key ingredient of placenta.
It contains growth peptides that activate stem cells to generate collagen and elastic protein growth for younger generationslooking skin. (
600, call 020 7636 4272 or lcas. com).
What happens during treatment?
This ingredient opens pores using Dermaroller, which covers 1mm needles on the skin.
Thankfully, there was no blood draw, but it was uncomfortable.
Then protein. or placenta -
Apply liquid.
Dermaroller pushes the serum into the skin and repeats the process three times to ensure maximum absorption.
It took about 40 minutes for the operation and after that my face looked pink.
I was told not to wash in 12 hours.
I can see that my face is already looking full and obviously within two to four days resul ts will really start to show up.
I know a lot of beauty products have weird ingredients, but I am still excluded from placenta elements.
Expert opinion: I like the idea of enhancing absorption with dermaroller, but I warn that there may be some irritation to the skin.
Wonderful rating: 6/10 Success rating: 8/10 needle pick-
What does it promise?
By putting the needle into a specific part of the face, the body is rebalanced and triggers a natural healing response that addresses the root causes of aging and health problems that cause poor skin tone (
£ 125, including full-body acupuncture and tuning.
Com or Lifesmart clinic 020 3214 5038, lifesmart. co. uk).
What happens during treatment?
I was lying very, very quietly.
Along the lines of my wrinkles and key pressure point areas, there are 20 fine needles stuck to my face.
This can have a freezing effect, just like a poisoning injection.
It will be painful for some people to go in, but the pain will disappear immediately.
My therapist, Laura Merry, first placed the needle on my feet, legs and hands.
When the first one is inserted between the thumb and the index finger, my leg is involuntarily drawn.
This means that I am aligned correctly.
I used a total of 40 on my face, but can use up to 150.
It took me a sigh of relief to remove the needle after half an hour, but the result was immediate and incredible.
Not only do I feel energetic, but I look very healthy.
I will definitely be back.
Expert opinion: acupuncture is very good for many diseases.
Although I don't think the effect will be very long.
In terms, you will definitely see the immediate brightness.
We know that needles on the skin can stimulate the production of collagen.
Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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