could these $33 sprays be the answer to hot flashes brought on by menopause women say new natural pr

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could these $33 sprays be the answer to hot flashes brought on by menopause? women say new natural product has dramatic results… - can avocado be used as a facial mask

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-12-22
could these $33 sprays be the answer to hot flashes brought on by menopause? women say new natural product has dramatic results…  -  can avocado be used as a facial mask
Hot flashes, emotional fluctuations, memory problems, sleep difficulties . . . . . . For women, going through menopause is usually one of the most difficult times of their lives.
But while many people do not want to take medicine, it is often difficult for them to find any natural medicine that will help ease the symptoms. Not anymore.
Because there is now a new natural and organic skincare collection that helps target physical and emotional effects of menopause.
The sexy beauty, developed by Microbiology Jennifer Young, has launched a similar series for cancer patients.
"Many of the skin conditions associated with cancer treatment are driven by hormonal problems," she said.
So when my friend started talking about the effects of menopause, I realized I could help.
Since menopause symptoms are often caused by decreased estrogen levels, thermal beauty includes many natural plant hormone sources such as soy, avocado and borage.
Instead of looking for an alternative to lost estrogen, we are increasing exposure to natural estrogen, Jennifer said.
These products also include essential oils known to help balance hormones, such as orange flowers (
Also known for its restorative)
There is also a mixture of rosemary, lemon and lavender.
They set off a revolution in the lives of many women.
"A lot of people told me they were working," Jennifer said . "
Here, three women reveal how their world has been changed by sexy beauty: "I'm happier-they 've changed my life. on-
Trent, Stafford, England, when I started menopause last year, I never thought it would be so seriously affected by the natural process.
These symptoms make everyday life difficult.
I am anxious, my skin is dry and itchy, I don't sleep well, especially I will get hot.
"I was desperate at the time, but I didn't find a natural product specifically for menopause.
One day, in my yoga class, a woman said she noticed that I was not myself, so I explained the reason.
"It's Jennifer young and she gave me some products to try the next week.
I feel much better when I use it.
The lavender, mandarin, bergamot and benzo incense in the relaxing moisturizing mousse really worked-they immediately let me relax and definitely improved my sleep.
Morning Rosemary Spritz in my body to pick me up and wake me up in the morning and during the day if I have a hot flash.
I love the smell of rosemary, but the lavender and lemon added to the uplifting body oil adds the "boom" I got from Spritz ".
Perfect for me.
Jojoba in thermal beauty moisturizer is a real treat-it smells good enough besides moisturizing and balancing my skin.
"I like these products very much and don't know what I would do without them.
I feel much happier now.
They changed my life.
"In the end, I found something that could help 'Karen chaili, 43, altrincham' from Cheshire, England '. Last year, I began to notice that my skin was a lot older than I suddenly looked.
I also turned red for no obvious reason.
Even if I don't feel anxious.
Then I saw the hot beauty collection online, so I ordered facial treatments in the morning, cleansing oil and moisturizer.
They smell sacred when they arrive-I love the taste of Mandarin, which is my favorite essential oil and bergamot, which should be very relaxing.
I can't wait to give it a try.
The first thing I noticed when I did this was that my skin was no longer dry.
Probably because of the shea butter I like, it feels nutritious.
"Spritz has also helped me a lot to calm me down and calm me down in the heat.
I'm not as much now as I used to be.
"My mood and sleep have improved as well-just using spritz for a few seconds makes me feel focused and boosts my mood.
"Now I find something that can help me, and I'm happier because of it.
"They gave me the confidence to spend my time with sabine Brannan, 50, from Birmingham, UK, and I 've known Jennifer's products for years because I work with cancer patients, so when I heard she launched the menopause series, I ordered everything!
My skin has changed.
I grew pimples in my teens and the skin looked tired-gray, dry, flaky.
I have been suffering from night sweating and mood swings.
So I ordered a spritz, cleanser, morning cream and evening cream.
The first thing I noticed was the smell-it was very relaxed, calm and comfortable.
Four or five days later, I began to notice different places.
My skin has more health, rose-colored gloss, not so dry and less bursts.
"It gives me the confidence to get through the day, and I think it helps with my mood swings as well-if you look in the mirror and look clean, you feel it.
"I also noticed that the orange in the morning oil did wake me up.
"The sweat is still there, but I don't think my sleep is as upset as before.
I used spritzer when I woke up and the smell calmed me down and helped me to sleep.
I really like these products.
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