council orders 'trespassing' homeless man to leave his 'illegal' diy cabin on kent beach so they can demolish it because he's on 'private property' - how long to leave facial mask on

council orders \'trespassing\' homeless man to leave his \'illegal\' diy cabin on kent beach so they can demolish it because he\'s on \'private property\'  -  how long to leave facial mask on
A temporary homeless man.
The guest room cottage overlooking the beach will demolish his "illegal" residence as it is located on "private property.
The unnamed man in his forties is believed to have built the cottage with green doors, wooden walls and roof tarps
And installed windows.
Walk between the two stone walls at sea, facing the Mermaid Beach of Kent fol stone.
There is even its own garden next to the cottage with hanging baskets and potted plants.
But the owner of fol stone and Hythe District Council posted an eviction notice at the front door warning that the building was "illegal" and had to be removed.
It is believed that the cottage has been on Binhai Avenue for about a month.
Not sure how long "unauthorized occupier" has lived on the site.
Mail online has asked the District Council who sent the notice two days ago.
Damien Moore, 52, said he saw the man doing the job and spoke briefly with him.
Grandfather said: "He has been studying for about a month and got wood and a few other things from skips.
"I think he is very proud of what he did.
When I first met him, there were only a few pieces of wood in this place.
The last time I saw him was three days ago. he was opening the door.
He is a foreigner in his 40 s.
He is very friendly and loves dogs.
When we talk, we just want to see how he is doing.
"We saw him with our grandchildren and they helped him put some of the flowers up.
Mr Moore said the man would do the final finishing work for the cottage.
Including looking for more wood to build a solid roof to replace the blue tarp that is already in place.
"We will bring him something to help him," he said . "
Sleeping bags, curtains and things like that.
He worked very hard on this.
He should be allowed to stay.
Mr. Moore's 56-year-old wife, Sheelagh, was the caretaker of her husband, adding: "He made it look much better.
He did not hurt anyone.
They should let him stay.
There are two chairs in the shed with an orange and purple sleeping bag hanging on the chair.
The man also left a bag with tools with a saw, hammer and gloves and a broom, dustpan and brush.
There is also a water bottle and dog bowl on the floor.
A spokesman for Folkestone and Hythe District Council said they had contacted the homeless charity Porchlight and Rainbow center to make sure the man got the help he needed and found
The spokesman said: "We know the illegal structure of walking at sea, and our officials have issued a notice to let the person who lives there vacate and remove his belongings next week.
The structure will then be dismantled.
"We are working closely with Porchlight and the Rainbow center and they have contacted the man to help him get the relevant help and support.
The notice nailed to the shelter was addressed to "unauthorized occupants, temporary buildings, Ocean Trails, kent Stone, kent.
Part of it says to unauthorized occupants.
Folkestone & Hythe District Council has realized that you are using this structure to sleep and/or store items.
"This is the private property of Parliament, so you are trespassing illegally.
Members of the local support Agency are trying to get in touch with you to provide you with support and inform you that you are trespassing illegally and that you need to take your belongings.
The paper also said it was a "notice on illegal trespassing and removal of items in the interim structure ".
Cathy White took a picture of the temporary residence and wrote: "A homeless man built this beautiful sanctuary and garden.
@ Fstonehythedc made a notification on it. Shame on them.
Graham Wallington, another local, said: "The house looks beautiful and certainly will not do any harm to anyone.
He lives there better than on the street.
Another social media user referred to this situation as a "bad story of social cleaning "--
Broke a charming and ingenious home in local legend and made him homeless.
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