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Cucumber and Aloe Vera Eye Gel Recipe - how to make aloe vera facial mask at home

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-23
Cucumber and Aloe Vera Eye Gel Recipe  -  how to make aloe vera facial mask at home
Eye Gel is a skin care product and a necessity for me in summer.
For a long time, they are fans and users of eye gel, and for many reasons, including dark circles, swollen eyes, inflammation, sunburn, they are an incredible supplement, allergy, of course, those late at night! .
When you think of the gel of the face or body, what words do you think of immediately?
Usually, cooling, refreshing, tightening and refreshing are the most important.
This recipe remains simple and cheap, using only the two simple ingredients of cucumber and aloe vera gel, which can provide every level you can think.
This is a cost-effective option for those with limited budgets.
These three eye products often have different benefits, but in fact, not many of us will buy these three products, so we will choose one according to our needs and budget. needed.
This recipe with only two ingredients of aloe vera gel and cucumber makes it a very cheap home care product, and the quality of both depends on you.
I recommend using organic cucumbers and pure aloe vera gel from reputable suppliers as much as possible. Anti-Anti-Anti-
Chop the cucumbers in a blender.
Before you have about 2 ounces, put the slurry and strain into your glass bowl.
Put a teaspoon of pulp into the sieve and add it to the pulp.
Place the aloe gel in a bowl and mix the ingredients gently.
Before closing the lid, pour in a clean disinfection container and stir.
If you do not apply immediately, put it in the refrigerator. .
Clean the face and eyes thoroughly to ensure no eye makeup.
Soak the small cotton wool pad with eye gel and apply it under the eyes.
Apply gently on the side of the eye and under the eyebrow bone if you wish.
Do not apply in the eyelid area.
You can use Q-
Prompt or use a clean ring finger to make sure you don't drag your skin. based in Texas.
A small company dedicated to the production of high-quality aloe products. $9. .
It's worth a visit.
Perfect for all edema around the eye.
Make some very strong green tea.
If made with tea bags or made with green tea leaves, place them in a cup.
It can be cool for half an hour.
Cool in the refrigerator.
When fully frozen, transfer them to a Ziploc bag or container suitable for freezing and storage until required.
These last forever, so whenever puffy eyes need help, reach out and get a cube.
Easy to do at home.
When you come in from late at night, soak a pad of cotton wool with aloe vera gel from the refrigerator.
Alternatively, you can prepare the frozen aloe gel cube with an ice cube tray, just like the idea of green tea. .
Place under your eyes for immediate relief and reduce edema or wiping around your eyes.
Helps eliminate the movement of toxins that can cause dark circles, edema, dry skin, and uneven discoloration of the skin.
Massage stimulates blood cells and improves circulation around the eyes.
It takes only a few minutes and is one of the simplest eye treatments. for the girls.
Will provide instant hydration, cooling, recovery and elimination of edema eye syndrome!
Soak two small pieces of cotton wool in cold cucumber juice and place them in the same way as sliced cucumbers.
Instead of throwing away the excess pulp from the homemade eye gel, apply it below the eye for quick and effective moisturizing treatment.
Before removing with cold water, keep it for 10 minutes and gently pat the skin dry.
If you still have more flesh, apply it to your face, feet, hands, or wherever you need immediate cooling relief.
It is simple and quick to make.
For the added benefit, you can add lemon slices or other citrus fruits.
It is very important to keep your body hydrated during the summer months, which will help to stay away from dark circles and eye bags.
If you grow aloe vera yourself, it's easy to make a gel, perfect for use at home, for insect bites, burns and wounds, and for making eye gels. .
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