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Cure Psoriasis with Natural Methods - cryotherapy skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-05
Cure Psoriasis with Natural Methods  -  cryotherapy skin care products
I took my daughter to a natural therapy doctor many years ago.
This special daughter has just moved back with me and her sisters, and the rest of us have just beaten the SC sore outbreak that the girls found in their teaching mission on the Indian Reserve.
Of course, when I saw itchy red, I think my eldest son had picked up SC sore and we cured SC sore with a mixture of Baili and handsand-body lotion.
I took her to natural therapy, mainly to humor her because she was impatient with her mother's remedy when she was a teenager and found that I was not a diagnostic expert.
Our local natural therapy is diagnosed with psoriasis.
I told him about our SC sore experience and asked him if he was sure it was psoriasis.
He replied, I know what psoriasis looks like.
I used to have psoriasis.
I can't help but notice that the doctor's skin color is not common and very young. capsules.
It is the flower of American saffron, also called red flower. Ulmus rubra.
The traditional medical view of the cause of psoriasis is that it is the result of the interaction between the immune system and certain environmental triggers, and about 10% of the population has a genetic tendency to develop the disease.
Routine treatment includes either local treatment, light therapy (exposed to natural or artificial UV rays) or oral or injected drugs that often have serious side effectseffects.
The alternative medical community's view of the underlying causes of psoriasis is very different, mainly from Edgar Casey's view and treatment.
Cayce's view is that the most common cause of psoriasis is the thinning of the intestinal wall, especially the upper small intestine region between the duodenum and the intestine.
Due to this dilution, toxic substances can leak into the blood and lymphatic system through the intestinal wall.
Therefore, toxins that normally discharge from the body through the colon must be discharged using one or more other excretion organs of the body, which are kidneys, lungs, and skin
The presence of psoriasis suggests that the body relies heavily on the skin as an organ for excretion to remove these wastes and toxins, which in turn stimulates the skin.
This condition of thinning of the intestinal wall, named "intestinal leak syndrome", is now a suspicious cause or factor of several "Autoimmunity" diseases.
Our natural therapy physician's prescription for the treatment of psoriasis is an herb for the treatment and soothing of the digestive tract, and salmon oil is a particularly rich omega-
3 fatty acids contribute to many skin conditions.
Our natural therapy doctor is
Lawrence Dolman is a doctor engaged in the rehabilitation of nature and he enjoys a high reputation in our region.
I took my baby to the doctor.
Dorman has had various diseases over the years, and like everyone else in my area, I found out that he made a mistake.
So I am very confident in recommending his treatment for psoriasis. While Dr.
Edgar Casey suggested that all drinking water should include slippery elm or American saffron.
Both of these herbs are believed to help heal the intestinal tissue.
Other sources suggest that slippery elm should be eaten in the morning or around noon
During the day or early afternoon, American saffron tea should be drunk at night.
It has nothing to do with the cooked saffron, which is a shame on the saffron.
Be sure to get the right thing.
Slippery Elm is one of the most amazing herbal treatments for internal and external healing.
It is used internally to relieve and cure the stimulation and inflammation of digestive system, lung, kidney and urinary system tissues.
Internally, it seems to have found a way to heal the tissue throughout the body.
Slippers Elwood are applied to the outside as plasters for healing wounds, burns and discharge toxins.
Or the American saffron is included in the traditional medicine for wounds and ulcers.
It also has many other traditional uses, including the treatment of fever, diarrhea, branch inflammation, boils, hemorrhoids and respiratory infections, and has been shown to reduce inflammation in animal studies, relieve pain and fever with resistance
Microbial activity.
To make a cup of hot drink of slippery elm bark, mix a teaspoon of powdered bark with a little cold water to make a paste, and then mix with a pint of boiling water.
Due to the small taste of this tea, you can add cinnamon or nutmeg to your tea, or prepare a favorite herbal tea and add a slippery elm sauce to it.
Mix about a teaspoon of smooth elm bark in a cup of cold water and let it stand for about five minutes.
Stir and dissolve again.
Or make a paste like above and replace hot water with cold water.
The direction of American saffron tea is somewhat different, and some people suggest that only one teaspoon of herbs soaked in a cup of hot water for 20 minutes.
Others use up to one tablespoon of each glass of water.
Because the American saffron is completely harmless.
Toxic, no need to worry about exceeding the dose.
Some of the sources I have read have expressed some concern about taking both slippery elm and American saffron at the same time, and have indicated that you should not mix the two in the same tea, or even suggest drinking American saffron tea at night, eat slippery elm early during the day.
I agree with the latter proposal, or perhaps with Kathy's proposal to add one or the other to all drinking water.
Psoriasis is not common in people whose diet includes colds.
Water fish with Omega3 fatty acids.
My daughter's natural therapy doctor has prescribed salmon oil capsules, along with slippery elm and American saffron.
Many sources suggest that other sources of Omega
Salmon oil capsules are the best way, which seems to be the best way.
The recommended dose is 1,000 mg, taken three times a day.
This may be a reasonable assumption that a nutritious diet
Poor and/or stimulation of the digestive tract may be a factor contributing to the thinning of the intestinal wall.
Although my daughter's psoriasis is cured quickly without changing her diet, I suspect that dietary adjustments may be necessary in cases where psoriasis is serious and long-standing.
There is evidence that one of the potential causes of psoriasis is the lack of omega 3 fat in the diet, especially vis-a-
Excessive balance of omega 6 fat in the diet.
That's why salmon oil is usually helpful for psoriasis.
The typical American diet contains about 16:1 omega 6: omega 3 ratio.
Ideally, this ratio should be 2:1 or even 1:1.
To load food on omega 3, eat fish and seafood, take 2 tablespoons of chia seeds a day, take 2-
3 teaspoons of flax seed oil per day. .
Another suggestion is to drink plenty of water: Drink 6 to 8 cups a day.
This will also help to purify the toxin system.
Psoriasis can usually be greatly helped by avoiding many commercial body care products such as soap and shampoo.
Most of these commercial products are made up of detergents and are not "soap" at all ".
Most of them also contain sodium laurate that is allergic to the human body.
These substances, as well as other chemical components of commercial soap and shampoo, may dry and stimulate the already dry and irritated skin and may deprive the skin of natural oils.
Instead, buy all the real
Natural soap, shampoo and conditioner-
Or do it yourself.
Real Castile soap made with 100% olive oil (not all soap marked with Castile is made with 100% olive oil, so please read the label) is especially mild to the skin. Natural soap-
There is also shampoo based.
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