daring men to care for skin - organic men's skin care products

daring men  to care for skin  -  organic men\'s skin care products
While the brand Nivea has been associated with moisturizer in blue and white tin, it has evolved into other body care products such as deodorant, sunscreen lotion, facial cleanser, etc, baby care products and the men's range recently launched.
The brand has more than 1 billion sales and has been named the world's first skincare brand.
It is considered a universal brand, and its vitality lies in its ability to produce skin care products that meet the needs of consumers.
Yau Li Har, marketing director at Nivea, said: "In addition, we have won the trust of consumers through reliable quality products . ".
Four key areas of focus are reliable quality, meeting performance in product categories, having the purest ingredients and being tested for skin.
Of course, it is also relevant to maintain competition in this business, and constantly seek new innovative formulas.
One of them is the men's skincare series, which gives it a sense of presence in the industry.
The Nivea Men's clothing collection is launched in a local nightclub, featuring facial foam, facial scrub, moisturizing lotion, gentle shaving balm, gentle shaving foam, and gentle shaving
As society gets richer, people take care of themselves more and more.
In addition, good-looking also translates into confidence in society.
"The sales of the men's series, especially the cleansing foam, are very encouraging," said Cassandra Taio, brand manager of Nivea group . ".
This is a good start for Nivea as the first step in skin care is to take care of the face and encourage men to stay away from traditional soap and water.
The response after the release of the product is also positive.
"Many users commented on this wonderful smell and feeling after use, especially after foam and shaving," Teo said . ".
"While men's skincare products are still small at the moment, it is definitely a growing market," she said . ".
To launch the men's series, Nivea wants male consumers to accept the products and get used to the idea of providing basic skin care for themselves.
Once they are satisfied with the basic care system, the expansion of the range of men will continue to meet the needs.
"At the moment, we are focusing on educating men about basic skin care before moving into other developments in the series," Teo said . ".
One of the marketing strategies of the men's series is to carry out "Dare to Care" activities, which include talking directly to men.
It's a challenge for men to start taking care of themselves and look good.
The event was launched in Europe and its success prompted the company to sell the series in Malaysia.
The success of the campaign was first launched in Europe, making it the leading male skincare brand.
Teo said that the advantage of being a popular brand with a wide range of distribution channels such as supermarkets, hypermarkets and pharmacies will enable the men's clothing series to reach more male consumers.
"It's a powerful campaign against men who dare to take care of themselves.
To further promote the campaign, Nivea also worked with the TV series Fear Factor in August.
"The concept of the fear factor is very relevant to" Dare to Care "because the series is about people who dare to accept the challenges of life," Teo explains . ".
The history of Nivea (
Starting from 1911 in Germany, with the development of Nivea nursery, this is a simple combination of water and oil.
The aid emulsion Eucerit is a substance used to form a stable foundation for the ointment made of these two elements.
The product has been in existence for 90 years, and statistics show that more than 11 billion Nivea milk cans have been produced at that time.
"Although Nivea started at nursery, it continues to expand to other sub-brands such as Nivea body, visage (face)
"Soap and deodorant," said Yau . "
In Malaysia, Nivea nursery dates back to the 1960 s.
Nivea milk was launched in the 1970 s.
Facial treatments, including the Nivea visage series, were launched here in early 1980, while other collections of soap, lips, deodorant and sunscreen lotion were launched in the 1990 s
"Other products such as cosmetics, baby and hair care have also been launched in the world.
"These will also be available here in the future," said Yau . ".
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