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| - design your own skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-23
|  -  design your own skin care products
Whether you are producing homemade cosmetics to sell to customers, or just to send them to your friends, it is important to label your products appropriately for aesthetic and practical purposes. A well-
Cosmetic labels add talent and expertise to your cosmetic look, and it is vital that those who use your product know what they get in the jar and in the bottleup.
Creativity and design work are needed.
Purchase adhesive labels according to the size and shape of the cosmetic container.
The waterproof label will have the best effect and make your cosmetics look clean and professional.
Many online stores have labels.
Design a cosmetic label on your computer.
Create labels based on what you want to convey with cosmetics.
Focus on colors, fonts and images when designing cosmetic labels.
Place the name of the cosmetic and its use, such as lotion or lip balm, and the quantity or weight of the product on the cosmetic label.
List the ingredients that your cosmetics are made from the ingredients that make up the largest percentage of the total, and then list the other ingredients that fall.
Include common names and scientific names for each ingredient, so that people who use these products can easily understand the ingredients in them.
Include instructions on how to use the product on your cosmetic label.
Includes how often a person should use the product and how much.
Label your cosmetics with the name and address of the person or business making the product.
Including websites where products attract future businesses.
Choose the font type and size that suits your product.
Different parts of the label, such as the product name, will be larger than others.
Consider a text layout that is creative, pleasing to the eye and easy to read at the same time.
Add borders, logos, or other graphics around the text as needed.
Include any warnings or possible hazards to complete your cosmetic label design.
Print cosmetic labels using inkjet or laser printers.
Remove the backing from the label and apply the adhesive side to the cosmetic container.
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