difference between skin care and cosmeceuticals 6 Replacements for Cajeput Oil

difference between skin care and cosmeceuticals 6 Replacements for Cajeput Oil
Cajeput oil is the volatile oil obtained from the fragrant leaves and branches of the tree, the white thousand layer.It has many uses in the treatment of skin problems, respiratory diseases and other diseases.This article tells you about a replacement for cajeput oil.
Avoid excessive use of camphor oil as it causes convulsions and vomiting.In addition, this oil should be avoided in pregnant women, patients with epilepsy and asthma.
Cajeput oil is an essential oil obtained from distillation from the white thousand layer of the white wood tree.Oil is steam-All ingredients were retained after distillation.This tree is also called the Melaleuca tree.The tree is related to the tea tree, because they share the same family.These trees are found in parts of Southeast Asia and Australia.
The color of Cajeput oil is light yellow and has a strong spicy or camphor smell.Mainly by bamboo, alpha-Pinene, beta-Pinene, lemon Ene, α-Matone, α-Gamma-pine alcoholMatsurone, matsurol, sinolly, Simini, linalool and Laurel.It acts as a preservative and is very useful in the treatment of wounds, fungal infections, skin problems, respiratory diseases, asthma, sinus problems, gums, ear pain, urinary system infections, pain and many others.
The camphor tree is an essential oil extracted from the camphor tree, a large evergreen tree found in Asia.It also occurs in some other related trees of the laurel family, especially the usambarensis Ocotea.Essential oils have many uses such as doping, anti-spas, preservatives, anti-inflammatory agents,-Nerve pain, resistanceInflammation, pesticides and many other things.The smell of camphor oil can relieve lung, nasal and nasal congestion.It is therefore used in many balms and steam friction.Camphor oil can promote blood circulation and play a role in relieving pain.It can relieve rheumatism, arthritis and gout.Camphor is also used in ointment and lotion for skin problems such as eczema, bacterial and fungal skin infections.
Eucalyptus oil is obtained from eucalyptus, a genus of myrtle plants.It is found in Australia and planted around the world.Eucalyptus oil is extracted by steam distillation of the leaves of selected eucalyptus varieties.It is a colorless liquid with the fragrance of camphor trees.It is used as an insect repellent for the treatment of respiratory infections, who cough, bronchitis, sinus pain, rheumatism, acne, wounds, burns and many other diseases.
The mint oil is extracted from the leaves of the mint plant Mentha piperita, and the mint is a mixture of the water mint and the orchid plant and the mint plantarvensis var.Piperascens, a family of lip plants.The color of the oil is from transparent to light yellow, and it tastes mint.It also has antibacterial properties and is useful in the treatment of acne.In addition, this essential oil is used to reduce redness, irritation, itching of the skin and many other parts.
Tea tree oil is obtained from the tea tree leaves known as the mutual leaf thousand layer, which is a member of the myrtle tree family.The plant is native to Australia.The color of the oil is colorless to pale yellow.It is used for various skin diseases such as dandruff, acne, nail fungus infection and other skin infections.
Ginger oil is extracted from ginger root of ginger plant.Oil is steam distilled from the roots of plants.The color of ginger oil ranges from light yellow to dark yellow, with a strong, spicy and sharp smell.This oil is used for muscle pain, inflammation, respiratory problems and many other purposes.
Rosemary is an herb belonging to the lip family.It was found in the Mediterranean region.Essential oils are obtained by steam distillation at the top of the flowering tip of the plant.Oil is a colorless to pale yellow liquid with wood smell.Rich in plant nutrients, antioxidants and essential acids.It has many benefits to health, some of which are that it reduces muscleBone pain and skin infection.
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