difference between skin care and cosmeceuticals Calendula Oil

difference between skin care and cosmeceuticals Calendula Oil
The Golden calend flower is soaked in oil to extract a golden orange color --Color oil called Golden calend flower oil.In terms of skin care, it can be called priceless oil.In addition to making the skin soft, soft and radiant, this oil helps to regenerate new skin cells.
Also known as potted longevity chrysanthemum, it is a genus of about 12 to 20 annual or perennial plants.
.Its flower colors range from bright yellow to orange, and their petals are used to extract oil with the help of steam distillation.
Gold calend flower oil is basically classified as oil-soaked because the petals are oil-soaked or oil-soaked, preferably virgin olive oil.The oil extracted by this method is usually golden orange.This oil is known for its amazing healing and soothing properties.Even the ancient Egyptians are aware of its benefits to the skin, so use this injected oil to treat some skin diseases.
Golden ula flower oil is loved by people for its gentleness.In addition to gentle and soothing oil, it also has ResistanceWith anti-inflammatory, sterilization, antibacterial and antibacterial properties, it is an ideal oil for the treatment of various skin diseases and infections.It is more commonly used in the treatment of dry, cracked skin, rash, wounds, burns, inflammation, skin irritation and several other skin diseases.
Gold calend flower oil is commercially used as the basis for ointment, lotion, cream, herbal ointment and many other natural cosmetics.Base Oil commonly used in aromatherapy.
Golden Lotus oil has ResistanceIt has the properties of anti-inflammatory, anti-spas, anti-corrosion and antibacterial.At the same time, the oil is very gentle and can also be used by people with sensitive skin.
Golden ula flower oil can soothe and moisturize dry and cracked skin.Because of its reactionThis oil has inflammatory properties and can be used to treat skin pain and inflammation.It can also relieve swelling and inflammation caused by bruises or muscle sprains.
The Golden calend flower oil is mild enough to be used for babies or babies.It can be used to treat baby diaper rash.
The Golden calend flower oil is extracted from the golden calend flower and it can also be used to accelerate the healing of minor wounds or wounds, acne, burns, insect bites, bed sore, and foot pain.
Golden calend flower oil is a traditional treatment for some common digestive problems, such as stomach cramps, flatulence, constipation and intestinal pain.
People with dermatitis, psoriasis and eczema can also benefit from local applications of golden calend flower extract and oil.This oil can reduce skin inflammation associated with these diseases.
The Golden ula flower oil, known for its antibacterial properties, can help to treat ringworm, sports itching, and athlete's foot.
Gold calend flower oil may also be beneficial in the case of varicose veins, spider veins, leg ulcers and chilblain.Chilblain is a disease that causes inflammation of hands and feet due to exposure to extreme cold or humidity.
You can use the gold calend flower to inject oil to treat scars or reduce the formation of scar tissue.This oil can increase the production of collagen, which is why it can prevent the formation of scar tissue while promoting wound healing.

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