difference between skin care and cosmeceuticals How to Make Lavender Essential Oil

difference between skin care and cosmeceuticals How to Make Lavender Essential Oil
Lavender oil is known for its relaxing effect on the body.It can be used to clean wounds, bruises and skin irritation.The fragrance has calming, relaxing and soothing effects.

.It contains a variety of plant chemicals, the key components of which are linalool and linalool.According to the plant part used, oil is basically two types of flower oil and ear oil.
Steam distillation is a common step in making lavender essential oils.For this method, the requirement is a clean storage bottle of lavender flower stem, essential oil static (distillation tower), gas stove, purified water, gas tight cover.Lavender flower stems should be harvested immediately when the buds open.Make sure to select only healthy stems without disease infection and store them in a cool place.
When it comes to distillation units, you can buy or make an essential oil.It consists of three parts: Furnace (for heating), storage tank (for adding water and plant materials), condenser (for collecting and cooling up steam after heating), and separator (used to separate essential oil from water vapor ).Under the correct essential oil quiet and correct operation, the production process of pure lavender essential oil can be successfully carried out.
Once all the requirements are ready, you can start with the extraction of lavender oil.First, fill the tank with purified water (preferably filtered water) free of contaminants (or a pot in a homemade essential oil) and arrange the lavender flower stems in the stack.Do not cut or chop lavender flower stems to make sure they do not touch the side of the water or tank.Turn off the stationary and open the gas stove.Gently heat the water under low heat;Let the water boil about 30-Keep low heat for 45 minutes.
The oil will pass through the condenser and then through the separator.After the distillation process is completed, carefully collect from the separator.You can filter it with a cheese cloth.Store pure oil in a clean storage bottle for future use.
Lavender oil is mainly used in the perfume industry and can produce a variety of high-quality perfumes by adding lavender oil.It has also long been used as a first aid for Burns, minor injuries, insect bites and tingling.In recent years, medical research on this oil has found that its active ingredients have therapeutic potential to combat certain health conditions.
Pure Organic varieties of lavender oil are used as an alternative to relaxation, pain, cough, blood circulation problems and respiratory infections.It is also commercially available for massage and aromatherapy.Other uses include the preparation of soap, lotion, cosmetics and hair gel.Because it is well mixed with other major essential oils, it is often used to make skin care and hair care products.
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