difference between skin care and cosmeceuticals How to Make Lavender Oil at Home

difference between skin care and cosmeceuticals How to Make Lavender Oil at Home
Did you know that during World War I lavender oil was used to bandaged the wound due to lack of preservatives?This oil is used not only for aromatherapy but also for various therapeutic purposes.So try to make lavender oil at home and enjoy the benefits of it.
Lavender oil is one of the most commonly used Multipurpose oils.This oil can be added to the bathtub, some drops can also be sprinkled on the pillow, can also be used for massage.It has the properties of relaxation and can also be mixed with carrier oil for burns and wounds as it also has antibacterial properties.
Lavender oil can not only heal the skin, but also leave scarsfree healing!Lavender also helps to solve the sinus problem, which can be sucked in deep to reduce congestion.
It is impossible to make lavender essential oil at home, but the process of making lavender essential oil injected is quite simple and can be done at home.In the process, all you need to do is let lavender grass soak in carrier oil and then filter.Carrier oil is a base oil that is commonly used to dilute pure essential oils.
Commercial manufacturers produce lavender essential oils using a steam distillation process.This process is a distillation process for natural aromatic materials in which steam or water is added to aromatic compounds to reduce the boiling point.They are then allowed to evaporate at lower temperatures, as this compound tends to break down at high temperatures.

If you don't have fresh lavender flowers, the process of making lavender oil with dry lavender plants is also possible.Take the shoots of lavender and stretch your fingers along the stem to take out the flowers.Collect enough flowers in this way and fill them up with pots.
Now, remove the carrier oil in the pan.The amount of oil should be enough to fill the glass jar.Heat the oil a little, then pour slowly into the jar until it covers the jar well.You can choose from a range of carrier oils available.Olive oil is the most suitable as it can also be used for skin care and massage.My favorite oil is jojoba oil because it is notGreasy, easily absorbed by the skin.However, the Lotus oil is not a preferred massage oil because it has no slippery effect.Another good option for carrier oil is almond oil because it is good for skin care and contains a large amount of vitamin E.
Take a piece of plastic wrap and wrap around the opening of the jar.Fix plastic wrap with rubber bands.
Let this essential oil mixture soak for a month.Shake the bottle gently every day to mix all the ingredients evenly.Store the bottle in a cool place.
A month later, remove the jar, filter the mixture, press the lavender flower with a spoon, and completely separate the precious oil from the flower.
Pour this oil in amber.Color glass bottle, closed with bottle cap.There you have it;Homemade lavender oil.
What are you waiting?Grab everything you need and follow the steps above to make this essential oil and enjoy all its benefits and uses!
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