difference between skin care and cosmeceuticals Uses of Hazelnut Oil

difference between skin care and cosmeceuticals Uses of Hazelnut Oil
The oil has a strong nut fragrance and a light golden color, slightly darker than most vegetable oils.The oil extracted from roasted hazelnut is darker in color.This is a strong seasoning oil with many uses, including cooking, skin care, medicinal, you can say that!
Hazelnut, also commonly known as cob fruit or filbert nut, is a forceRich nutrition.It is not only used for cooking, but also an excellent skin care ingredient.The seed oil is extracted from the spherical oil.to oval-Cob formed using "cold pressing method.Hazelnut is a very valuable nut grown in Turkey, Europe, Iran and the Caucasus, and Turkey is a major producer, accounting for nearly 75% of global production.It is also grown in two North American states in Oregon and Washington state, as well as in some parts of Canada for commercial purposes.Here are several popular uses of hazelnut essential oil.
It is a rich-Flavor oil enhances the flavor of fish and poultry dishes with its strong aroma.It can also be added to dishes that need to be baked.Use it as a salad sauce and turn your boring salad into a delicious salad.Hazelnut Salad sauce is a very popular seasoning oil, which is very popular in France and many other European countries.You can also use this magic oil on pasta and cheese or on grilled fish, chicken or meat.
When making your own salad dressing, choose the oyster seed oil that has been squeezed.This oil not only adds a lot of flavor to the food, but also has great benefits for health.
Hazelnut is more used to increase the taste of cooking food.Because of its high smoke spots, the saturated fat and 16 calories of the oil are also high.Only one cup is 1G and 1927 cards, which is equivalent to 218.0g, this oil is not fried.
This light oil is rich in essential fatty acids, such as fatty acids, and is an excellent moisturizer and moisturizer.Light quality, easily absorbed by the skin, especially used as a formula for oil and fat skin care products.Its convergence and antimicrobial properties can improve and close pores, control excess sebum and acne, while conditioning the facial skin by keeping the skin elastic.
It is an excellent body massage oil with the vitality to promote cell regeneration and strengthen capillaries.Regular apps control free radicals, smooth and delay wrinkles.As sesame oil, it is a very effective carrier oil.Oyster sauce oil is used in various skin care products such as cream, cleanser, massage oil, soap and cosmetics.
One hazelnut kernel contains nearly 60-70% of oil, consisting of fatty acids, essential proteins, vitamins (B1, B2, and B6), carbohydrates, and β-sitosterols.These nutrients are essential for proper blood formation and for helping the child's physiological development.Add the hazelnut oil to your daily life and enjoy many of its benefits.
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