dining out: rangoon's burmese dishes impress with deep and surprising flavours - how to make papaya facial mask at home

dining out: rangoon\'s burmese dishes impress with deep and surprising flavours  -  how to make papaya facial mask at home
Somerset Street, 634. W. , 613-680-
8821, Business hours: 11: 30 from Monday to Thursdaym. to 9 p. m.
Friday and Saturdaym. to 10 p. m.
From 5 to 10 on Sundaym.
Most salads are $10.
95, I had a casual, disliked dish a few years ago for less than $20
Fish noodle soup and coconut chicken curry duty meal in Yangon restaurant.
My lunch was delicious and even fun and I decided to come back to my family-
Real spin on the menu of the Burmese restaurant.
This month, when a Thai --born, food-
Dear friends said that she traveled from Toronto to Ottawa in part to have her annual dinner in Yangon.
When she worked in her hometown "really, really North", she became interested in Burmese food, "there was no phone signal there, and there was a lot of malaria, and the dishes of the Burmese ethnic minorities attracted her.
My friend even tried to make Burmese food at home, but she said she couldn't match the food in Yangon, which came from the former name of Myanmar's largest city and became Myanmar in 1989.
At our dinner, the chef in Yangon served delicious and even unique dishes --
Owner, when my Toronto friend last ate in Yangon, which opened in 2010, the restaurant was in Gloucester Street in the city center.
It moves in the middle
May Day this year to Chinatown, took over the long
The vacant space where ZenKitchen is located.
Tiya told me that there is very little business for dinner in her old place.
But in Chinatown, she found the lunch quiet.
It was frustrating that we were the only food in the restaurant.
We received customers there on Saturday night.
Maybe the food in Yangon is too mysterious.
This is the only Burmese restaurant in Ottawa, and my Thai friends who follow this kind of thing think that on the one hand, you can find a similar restaurant in Canada.
Expectations of misconceptions and mistakes may be factors. Before my long-
I had lunch in Yangon.
Spicy food similar to Thai cuisine.
However, the taste that Tiya likes in his food, although deep and satisfactory, is not so harsh and extreme, and also feels the influence of Indian and Southwest Chinese cuisine.
In Tiya's hands, staple foods such as onions, garlic and ginger play a new magic, while the more rare ingredients such as tangy tamarind, fried chickpeas, and even sour but tempting
We were happy to have the Rangoon appetizers, salads and soups delivered to our stomachs.
Tried green tea salad ($10. 95)
I probably don't want lettuce anymore.
Fermented tea leaves add a little bitter taste to a delicious seasoning, which, while novel, quickly gains the taste.
Not only did we taste Sesame seeds, but we also tasted roasted chickpeas with nuts. Ginger salad ($10. 95)
Another bitter change was provided, offsetting cabbage shreds with mild pickled ginger and more crispy ingredients.
Green papaya salad ($10. 95)
Unlike its more humid, supportive and spicy Thai equivalent.
The food in Yangon is dry and tastes good, but the taste is more delicate and tasty.
Although it doesn't taste as obvious as a salad, "hummus bite "($8)
As stated on the menu, or paepyarkyaw in Myanmar, are light and fluffy triangles that are fried cleanly, crispy outside and almost melted inside.
Chickpeas in Yangon restaurant.
October 19, 2018.
Five of us shared a large bowl of basa fish noodle soup ($11. 95)
Also known as mohinga.
In Yangon, thin rice noodles swim in a yellow fishy smell that is thick by the broken hummus.
Like other dishes here, this dish does not give you a lot of flavor, but the depth of it makes you want it more and more.
In more than a dozen major courses
$3 less per dish with rice, noodles, vegetables or a la carte
We are very excited about the spice and complexity of rice noodles ($17. 95).
They are cooked in the style of the Shan people of Southeast Asia, almost covered up by a juicy layer of chicken nuggets, not only with delicious sauces and peppers, but also sour mustard leaves, coriander and crispy sesame seeds.
"Mix, mix," Tiya told us when she brought the dishes to our table.
We did it before the quick work of this winner.
Earlier, Tia encouraged us to order her coconut chicken ($19. 95).
It's really a group of people. pleaser.
What surprised me most was that the texture and taste of the white meat in this dish were very good, and then Tiya told me that the white meat had been dried --
Bake for hours before cooking.
Beef and basilfry ($19. 95)
It is another dish different from the Thai cousins. Here, the long-
The fried beef is thick, the sauce is mild and delicious.
We ordered three vegetarian dishes. we ordered spicy chickpeas.
And its price ($16. 95)
It looks a lot. This dish is more round and longer.
The taste is longer than expected
For dessert, we chose Tiya's house instead of ice cream.
Tapioca and coconut cream cake ($5. 95), a sweet meal-
It is common in Southeast Asia.
There is no business license for the restaurant.
Its place is not as attractive as ZenKitchen's.
There are pictures of Myanmar hanging on several walls, and for some there is a huge portrait of Myanmar's leader and Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi on one wall, which will be disturbing, last month, due to the Rohingya crisis in Myanmar, his honorary Canadian citizenship was canceled.
It is worth mentioning that Tiya and her family are themselves refugees who came to Ottawa in 1999 after living in India for several years.
If it is possible to get my taste ahead of politics, I would say this: I attended the great kitchen party in Canada a few days before I went to Yangon, and some of the premium plates made me unhappy, more satisfied with the dishes than Tiya, I was impressed by their delicious, expert balance and high standards.
I would also mention that when my Thai friend left Yangon, a very hospitable young man sent her a hard bag home --to-
Bring the fermented tea leaves so she can try to make a salad and hug.
Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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