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DIY Zorro Costume For Halloween - disney princess facial masks

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-25
DIY Zorro Costume For Halloween  -  disney princess facial masks
Zorro, a crusader with a mask and cloak, protects the poor and the weak from the attacks of tyrants and wicked men.
His identity was hidden under masks, cloaks and swords.
His real name is Don Diego de la Viga, who was a noble when he was born.
He acts like a spoiled clumsy rich boy, but it's just to cover up the fact that he spent the night as Zorro.
No one doubts this clumsy brat could be a dangerous and cunning fugitive
Good, Zorro, marked his conquest with his sword, leaving a "Z" to show that he has been there already.
Zorro, who likes to think and humiliate the authorities.
Don Diego de la Viga is wearing a wealth outfit made of rich fabrics.
He is a noble and his way of life is extremely rich.
But deep down Don Diego is a man of integrity who wants to get along with his neighbors.
He did not want the poor to be exploited and abused as he had seen.
In order to prevent this from happening, he took extreme measures. . .
So Zorro was born.
Black Zorro costume
From the top of his head to his feet.
If his real identity is found, he will wear a mask and remain anonymous because of his crimes against the nobility and the government, and he will be put into prison as an ordinary criminal.
The native language of Zorro is Spanish, meaning Fox.
This crusader must have been out.
He defeated his enemy again and again.
So you're going to dress up as Zorro on Halloween.
It's a good idea and an easy to make dress.
The color of everything is black.
It should be a sword if you just want to carry a weapon. A Hat -
If you like the outfit Antonio Banderas wears, you should look for some gold trim in the fabric or curtain shop.
You can also stick it to a cheap black hat and belt.
This will give you an elegant effect without having to pay a large sum of money for your beautiful clothing accessories.
Gold lace is also OK, just cut some patterns, stick to the hat and put some on the wrist part of the glove.
This photo of Tyrone ball and Basil rathlebone fencing shows Zorro in Don Diego de la Viga.
You can see from the photos that Zorro has not only a look.
Tyrone Bowles is wearing patterned trousers, Antonio Banderas is wearing a tool belt, while other actors are wearing large and complex metal belt buckles, while others are wearing a red belt.
Some of Zorro's masks are small, while others are full.
You can remove or add so many details on your costume that it still looks real.
It's a very simple Halloween disguise, so don't sweat for the little things.
The most important thing you need to take off the look of the Zorro dress is the black dress, the cloak, the tall Joe hat, the small black mask, the gloves and the sword.
In addition, there is clothing gravy.
It may add some points to your outfit, but you can get away without wearing a holster and gun, without a whip, without a decorative belt or a red belt.
Your costume cloak does not have to be gorgeous.
It can be a simple black cloak.
Find one in your wardrobe, drawer and attic.
If you can't find it there, please check the consignment shop or call a friend to see if they have a consignment shop.
If everything fails, make a cloak yourself.
I found a video to show you how to make an unsewn cloak with your Zorro costume.
Zorro's mask is a simple design where you can find the template for this mask online, or you can watch the video tutorial below to learn how to create this simple mask.
Writing utensils-DIY -
Here is a simple tutorial on how to make a sword with paper.
It will be a great accessory when you wear Zorro costumes on Halloween. Paper -
I won't use yellow and white unless you want to draw.
It's also hard to make its own whip effect.
Take a look at the video above and see if you want to try it out.
This project is not suitable for children.
Make sure your children are supervised if you let them try.
History of Little Zorro-
Many Looks of Zorro can be seen on TV shows and movies about our cunning masked heroes.
If you want to see different clothing changes with your own eyes, check out a few movies and TV shows mentioned below.
I also made a list of actors who played the role of Don Diego de la Viga, from an outstanding cowardly nobleman to an arrogant hero waving a sword
Best Fox!
Anthony Hopkins1957 -
1959 Zorro is a 30-minute TV series produced by Disney, starring Guy Williams as Don Diego/Zorro. 1974 -
Zorro's imprint is a television film starring Frank Lange. 1981 -1983 -1990-1993 -
New Zorro, starring Duncan Regel, aired on The Family Channel. 1997 -2002 -2006 -2009 -
Zoro TV series starring Richard Gutierrez. 2016 -
This is an animated TV series called Zorro: Chronicles.
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