do you need to use toner? top derm clears up this lingering skincare question - epielle facial essence mask vitamin c

do you need to use toner? top derm clears up this lingering skincare question  -  epielle facial essence mask vitamin c
As more novel beauty products enter the market, women's skin care procedures seem to be growing exponentially.
In Korea, women use more than 14 products a day.
But among many ambitious people
Serum, creams and antioxidants
The oil loaded by a product seems to have fallen out of favor.
Toner, once a key step
The complex Beautiful World is now out of date-
At least when stacking next to all other actions --
There are many choices outside.
While brands still sell a lot of toner, how much is it necessary in the end?
"Toner is the second step in what I think is the cleaning process," said Dr.
Alicia Zalka of Yale University
Affiliated dermatologist
"The advantage is that if used properly, it can help to remove excess grease and dead skin cells that may lurk on the face after washing.
In a way, Toner can help other skin applications penetrate faster.
However, this may be the case when you put the product on a moist skin (
Water can do this). It is a well-
As we all know, moist skin absorbs local products better than dry skin.
This is why certain products, such as vitamin A, come with instructions for dry skin to avoid excessive irritation
Penetration can be said.
"While the initial concept of toner was presented decades ago, this liquid product is often associated with images of acne
Teenagers polluted by sea breeze and other alcohol
The stock price.
This makes us wonder, who is the target audience of toner, er, skin type?
"Toner products are more diverse and diverse than ever before . "
Jennifer McGregor, laser dermatology, Union Square, New York
"There is a formula containing beta and alpha oh acid (
Acetic acid)
Exfoliating acne-
Anti-antioxidants such as easy skin, vitamin C and witch hazel, aloe vera and vitamin E Moisturizing Toner, calming and resisting
Sensitive skin and many vitamin A acids and other anti-inflammatory componentsAging Compound
Although both dermatologists believe alcohol
Even for those with oily skin tones, the tone wine is too dry.
So next time you ask yourself, "Should I use toner ? "
Know the answer is two-fold. Dr.
Zalka said, "Toner is not necessary, but for those who need help with oily skin or obviously clog pores, Toner can be a good one for a skin care regimen
The main use of my bartending is in my acne patients. " Dr.
McGregor added, "Everyone needs a personalized skin care solution.
Using toner is a great way to add active ingredients such as vitamin A acid, antioxidants and exfoliating to existing products.
"Browse the gallery below to see Toner for a specific skin type.
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