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Have you ever felt vaginal pimples on the inside of the vagina or spots on the outside.If so, do you worry about this, then you shouldn't worry unless you're sure it's the pimples you feel and see as it may just be a normal vaginal rash.Vaginal rash may be caused by material allergy or tight genital covering.Nevertheless, if you are 100% sure that this is not a vaginal rash, then ask your doctor to check it out.First of all, let's calm your nerves and clarify that vaginal pimples are neither life-threatening nor condyloma acuminatum;However, if your concern is related to untreated.Sexually transmitted diseases can lead to increased health complications.You are not alone in your pain.As long as there are pores in your body, you will have acne.Vaginal pimples are usually caused by a blocked or inward growing hair of the infected oil glands.The main part of the pimples is the face.
Due to similar symptoms, genital acne is easily confused with specific sexually transmitted infections and is "not" similar to acne on the face;But the treatment is basically the same.This is not a thumbs up to use cream on vaginal acne.The most common causes of vaginal pimples are: bacteria active in pores, fluctuations in the skin gland hormones, tight underwear clothing or other vaginal pimples we see during puberty, which affect girls more.They are easily removed through proper treatment.When we talk about proper treatment, it means we have to determine that there is no confusion between condyloma acuminatum/herpes and vaginal pimple.In addition to the medicine GP may give you or the treatment suggested by the pharmacist, there are other ways to stabilize the condition.Wet and sweaty body spots are most beneficial for bacterial growth.Only water and soap are needed for vaginal freshness.Prescription drugs appear mainly in the form of oral administration (antibiotics, erythromycin, or vitamin A acid ).Birth control pills are another way to regulate unbalanced hormones.Wearing loose clothes around the genitals, "tight" and unhealthy.Change your washing powder in case you are allergic to the harsh ingredients contained in the substance.Condyloma acuminatum is caused by a human HPV found on the genital skin, which is manifested as a white/pink smooth mass, or a lump like a small flower of cauliflower.We have more than 100 different HPV subtypes, of which about 30 directly affect the vaginal region.Even if a person is infected with HPV, they may not see the real condyloma acuminatum because;Their particular infection may be a virus, and even if the virus is still present, there will be no condyloma acuminatum that leads to symptoms.Genital warts can be formed inside the vulva, vagina and cervix, which may lead to bleeding.Changes in vaginal secretions are not common, but this change is not excluded.It is possible under any circumstances.Condyloma acuminatum can cause itching, but it is better not to scratch if possible-usually painless.No one's eyes can see condyloma acuminatum.If this is the case, then how does the doctor treat something he/she can't see?Simply put, your GP will apply a vinegar solution in a suspected position of condyloma acuminatum, and then whiten the area and condyloma acuminatum will become visible.What is herpes, if what I hear is right, will it only affect the mouth?First of all, no matter what you hear, no matter what problem you have, it should not be diagnosed.When people share their experiences with you, they mean good, but it's really dangerous to be aware of what they have to share.What you need to hear is a medical expert.Herpes is a viral infection of the face and genitals.Personality symptoms are manifested in cold sore in the mouth.Either of the two viruses can cause infection.e.Type 1 herpes virus or type 2 herpes virus.Type 1 is a common type of cold sore or fever blisters, and type 2 is the main type of both diseases, second only to genital herpes.Although the two look similar, they are different in other ways.The protein outside the virus shows different signs.Herpes Symptoms vary from individual to individual.Genital herpes is a blister ulcer, so it is easy to be mistaken for a vaginal pimple.Herpes is not known in vaginal secretions for not being familiar with it.Condyloma acuminatum may be emotionally frustrating and painful for patients.It's shocking that this infection is with you all your life, yes, that's right, it will never go away.Even after treatment, the nerves continue to sleep.We were asked again and again whether condyloma acuminatum is common. The data show that about 500,000 US citizens are diagnosed with herpes every year. At present, it is estimated that there are more than 50 million cases in active or dormant stages, so I would say it's not unusual.Genital herpes is usually transmitted through sexual intercourse.While this is a medical pointer, it doesn't mean not having sex but being single, it just means being extra careful when you get married.Unprotected sex is the main problem why we have so many vaginal problems.Herpes occurs through contact with infected secretions or the surface of the mucosa.The main problem that people confuse themselves is the actual prevalence of the disease.For you, some useful facts about genital herpes will inspire you to solve the problem and ease your concerns.Transmission is caused by oral, anal or genital contact, including sexual intercourse and hard kiss, or direct skin contactto-Allow skin contact to transfer body fluids.This infection is considered contagious if I am infected.e.There are still active ulcers and healing injuries in the patient.When no symptoms appear, herpes is still contagious, so be weary with or without obvious signs.Everyone is different and some people may not get the usual blistersLike sore, but there are still active viruses in their saliva, vagina, or penis secretions, and unfortunately these people who don't know themselves can be in the absence of herpesThe herpes wound may occur inside the vagina where it cannot be seen or felt, but is still unsafe as it does not change the spread of the virus.Oral herpes can be transmitted to the genitals and vice versa.Auto-inoculation -Infected people can spread the virus to other parts of the body by touching the fallen virus and then touching, scratching or rubbing other vulnerable body parts.Since this is a highly contagious infection, it is very necessary to wash and dry items using your own private bathroom.Towels are especially good for spreading herpes.Vaginal pimples can sometimes be painful and tingling, but if early treatment is performed before pimples, the treatment time is shortened and discomfort is eliminated.If pimples become serious and develop into an abscess, see a doctor to ensure safety.Poor hygiene can lead to vaginal pimples.Water treatment with temperature-But a hot compress bath is more suitable as an ideal solution for soothing.Hot compress helps reduce inflammation and irritation.In addition to thorough cleaning, bacterial infection is a known fundamental cause of vaginal pimples.Your problem may be a cyst.For example, the hair sacs on the genitals can clog up and form pimples as if they were on your face --Maybe more considering the extra friction and sweating.People ask you, you have a pimple on your genitals, just like a pimple on your chin.You shouldn't just squeeze the pimples.Condyloma acuminatum must be treated by a doctor before spreading.Latex condoms are said to be the source of a more obscure contact dermatitis, but they can cause itchy red rashes.If you are considering using another type of condom, remember that only latex can provide the best protection against the virus that causes AIDS.
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