does honey vinegar acid help skin? - organic honey skin care products

does honey vinegar acid help skin?  -  organic honey skin care products
Honey --
The sweet and healthy nectar of bees-
From cereals and breads to soaps and lotions, they appear in many products.
People use honey to sweet food and drinks, use honey to boost their energy or immune system, and even use it for Burns, tingling, rashes and other troublesome parts of their skin.
After mixing honey with vinegar, it may become a more effective natural skin care product.
However, before you put honey and vinegar on your skin, it is important to know what effect they will have.
Honey is a moisturizer, which means it absorbs moisture, an ideal property for many skin care products.
Honey helps to soothe dry, scaly tissue by sealing moisture into the skin.
It also acts as an antibiotic.
That's why people treat wounds with honey. -
It contains an enzyme that produces a form of hydrogen peroxide when applied to the injured area.
As a result, Honey not only softens and recovers moisture from damaged skin, but also reduces irritation and inflammation.
Honey can even help clean up acne for acne treatment
Source: Gibson, National Honey Council.
Like honey, vinegar has many uses. -
Everything from cleaning the kitchen floor to salad dressing.
In recent years, apple cider vinegar has been highly praised for its skin care effects, especially when paired with honey.
Vinegar is a highly acidic substance, and vinegar is an effective skin toner.
It can help dry oily acne and mix with water and honey for soothing and smooth and stimulating skin [1 [
Source: Cox website.
But there is another side of vinegar.
Many of the claims reported by vinegar supporters have not been fully studied and supported.
More importantly, it will have some negative effects.
High acidity makes vinegar potentially harmful, especially for people who are sensitive to the skin.
The acetic acid found in it may be worn out and may cause skin burns.
Before applying or eating vinegar, you should dilute the vinegar frequently.
If used too frequently, vinegar may also have an adverse reaction to certain drugs or reduce your bone density.
If you have heart disease, diabetes or osteoporosis, you should consult your doctor before using vinegar to treat your skin or any other disease [source: WebMD].
The combination of honey and apple cider vinegar can have a positive impact on your skin.
However, honey itself has many such effects, without the acid risk of vinegar.
So you can consider sticking together with plain honey without vinegar.
Consult a doctor when in doubt.
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