Dr Sinatra’s Top Ten Nutritional Supplements for Women’s Heart Health - linoleic acid skin care pr

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Dr Sinatra’s Top Ten Nutritional Supplements for Women’s Heart Health - linoleic acid skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-30
Dr Sinatra’s Top Ten Nutritional Supplements for Women’s Heart Health  -  linoleic acid skin care products
I read Mary shaman a few years ago (thyroid-info. com) with Dr.
, Stephen Sinatra flexor
Mary is my thyroid specialist and doctor.
De Sinatra.
Com) is a cardiologist.
He described himself as a combined cardiologist using both traditional and alternative medicine.
When he realized that he had repeatedly treated the patient with the same problem, he found a different approach.
He avoided the crisis but did not know how to make the patient healthy.
After realizing that most of his cardiologists are Type A personality, he took a course in bioenergy analysis to examine the brainBody connection.
He also tried to learn more about nutrition, especially the effects of vitamins, minerals and other supplements on cardiovascular health. Dr.
Sinatra now describes his practices and methods as preventing heart disease or metabolic heart disease.
Mary's interview article lists Dr. . 1-2-L-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-NAC (N-
In an interview with Dr. Mary
They discussed all aspects of thyroid disease.
Even with sub-clinical hypothyroidism, normal to slightly elevated TSH levels increase the risk of heart disease.
You can read more about this on my favorite other website MyThyroid.
This is evidence-
Doctor's website
Canadian doctor Daniel DruckerMary and Dr.
Sinatra also discussed CoQ 10, soy, cholesterol, and sagging of the mitral membrane.
They discussed the dispute over T3 supplements (most thyroid patients take synthetic T4 ).
They also discussed L-
Botulinum and CoQ 10 for weight loss.
Except for CoQ 10 and L-carnitine, Dr.
Sinatra did not specifically discuss the additions to his top ten list in this article. .
-I don't have this book, so I have collected basic information about each supplement from various sources.
These are just a simple overview and are not comprehensive.
I specifically tried to find information related to heart health.
If you want more information, you can start with the link I provided for each supplement. 1-Coenzyme Q-
10 also known as Ubiquinol-10.
It is a powerful antioxidant.
For your cells, this is the food necessary for the best health.
CoQ 10 is produced by all cells of the body and stored in the liver, heart and kidney.
It is believed that some B vitamins and vitamin C promote the transformation of tyroine to CoQ 10.
CoQ 10 is essential for the metabolism and energy generation of fat.
It prevents the accumulation of fatty acids in the heart tissue by improving the conversion of fatty acids into energy.
High cholesterol statins can drain the body's CoQ 10.
Studies have shown that most patients with heart problems lack CoQ 10.
In seafood and other foods, the content of CoQ 10 is very small.
Supplementary drugs have been found to be helpful in the treatment of patients with heart failure, coronary heart disease, mitral valve loss and heart disease. 2-L-
According to Healthline, Botulinum is an essential amino acid for infants and is not important to others.
For these purposes, this means that it must be consumed through diet.
Non-essential amino acids can be produced in the human body.
The kidneys can be synthesized from amino acids, Lai ammonia and a sulfuric acid, as well as iron, B vitamins and vitamin C.
The lack of these nutrients in the diet may lead to a lack of botulinum.
A strict vegetarian diet often lacks ammonia and sulfuric acid.
Guess the most toxic-
What are the abundant organs in the body? The heart!
Botulinum seems to help improve the function of the heart, which is related to the high energy demand of the heart muscles.
Some heart and circulation problems seem to benefit from a higher level of botulinum base than most people's diets offer.
It is considered to benefit from diseases that supplement botulinum: stress, severe burns, coronary heart disease, survival after a heart attack, high cholesterol and chronic fatigue syndrome. 3-
B vitamins are: thiamine or B1, vitamin B2 or B2, nexic acid or B3, pyri dosin or B6, folic acid or B9, cyclobalamin or B12, polyacid and
B vitamins are water soluble, which means they are discharged in the urine and can be exhausted quickly.
B vitamins are also essential because they are necessary for cell health and reproduction, but must be taken through diet because the body cannot synthesize enough B vitamins.
B vitamins as coenzymes promote the transfer of food energy to the body.
Various B vitamins have many basic functions and support multiple body functions.
Studies have shown that B vitamins, especially B6, folic acid and B12, are important to reduce the risk of heart attack by lowering the level of high co-hormones.
Food sources include meat, liver, tuna, turkey, potatoes, bananas, lentils, tempreh and nutritious yeast. 4-
Carrot-like is the pigment found in some plants, providing a bright color of many vegetables.
All plants contain more than 600 natural carotene.
They can be used as antioxidants or as a source of vitamin.
Carrots can be divided
It is classified as carrot-like or Anth leaf.
Carotenes will include alpha-carotene, beta-
Carotene and tomato.
Xanth leaves include capsorubin, corn yellow, angular yellow, shrimp astaxanthin and progesterone.
Carotene, an antioxidant, can minimize the damage of unstable oxygen molecules (called free radicals) to cells.
Studies have shown that some carotene may protect us from some cancers, eye amd and cardiovascular diseases.
Carotene inhibits the formation of harmful low-density cholesterol, thus contributing to the prevention of heart disease and heart disease.
Dietary sources for Beta
Carrots, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, cantaloupe, wax gourd, spinach, lettuce and broccoli are all carrots.
Lycopene can be found in unprocessed tomatoes.
Sources of yellow and Jade beige include egg yolk, corn, kale, spinach, kale, lettuce, green beans, broccoli, cabbage, Brussels bean sprouts, kiwi fruit5-
Calcium and magnesium are minerals that can fight many ages.
High blood pressure, heart disease, kidney failure, especially osteoporosis and other related diseases.
Vitamin D and magnesium help the body absorb calcium more effectively.
Common advice is about twice the calcium-magnesium ratio, that is, the proportion of coral calcium.
However, natural therapies and nutritionists often recommend everything from 1: 1 to 4: 1 ratios.
I have recently seen suggestions for magnesium that is 2 to 3 times more than calcium.
Calcium and magnesium are rich in food sources, but it is difficult for many to get enough food from their diet.
This is especially true for older people, alcohol drinkers and those with thyroid disease.
Green leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds are a good source of calcium and magnesium.
Other sources of magnesium include spices, grains, cocoa, coffee and tea.
The sources of calcium include milk, cheese, seaweed, quinoa and amaranth. 6-
Vitamin E is an effective antioxidant that protects the body from cell and tissue damage caused by free radicals.
Vitamin E is dissolved in fat and can be stored in the body's fat tissue in a few days to months.
Taking too much can be harmful as it can be stored in your liver.
Vitamin E helps to maintain the health of the circulation system, promote blood coagulation, and promote wound healing.
Studies have shown that vitamin E can reduce pre-menstrual symptoms and also reduce some breast diseases.
Studies have shown that vitamin E can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.
Animal studies have shown that vitamin E may slow down the disease.
Food sources for vitamin E include whole grain products, wheat embryos, egg yolks, vegetable oil, nuts, peanut butter, avocado and liver. 7-
Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is an antioxidant that prevents free radicals, toxic chemicals and contaminants.
It is soluble in water, and excessive vitamin C is discharged from the urine.
Vitamin C is necessary for tissue development, growth and repair.
It is involved in many body functions such as the formation of collagen, the maintenance of bones, cartilage and teeth, the absorption of iron, the function of immune system, and wound healing.
In a recent study, researchers at the University of Michigan studied more than 100 vitamin C studies in 10 years.
Mark Moyad, MD, noted that the more we study vitamin C, the more we can understand its diversity in protecting health, cardiovascular, cancer, stroke, eye health [and] immunity to longevity.
Most studies use 500 mg per day for positive results.
The current RDA is 74-
90 mg per day for adults.
The study also shows the benefits of vitamin C for stress, cold, skin aging and reduced inflammation.
A representative of the American diet Association urged to eat as much fruit and vegetables as possible before taking supplements.
ADA recommends eating 9 servings of fruits and vegetables a day.
This is the equivalent of 500 mg of vitamin C you need to eat: 1 cup of cantaloupe, 1 cup of orange juice, 1 cup of cooked broccoli, 1 cup of red cabbage, 1 cup of red pepper, 1 cup of green pepper, A glass of kiwi fruit and a glass of tomato sauce. 8-
The oligogen pigment (OPCs) is chemically called ketone or more . .
The main commercial source is grape seeds.
The original flower pigment has antioxidant properties and is considered to neutralize free radicals more effectively than vitamin C and E.
OPCs protects us from internal and environmental pressures including cigarette smoke and pollution and supports metabolic processes.
The original flower pigment can enhance the capillary, prevent leakage and reduce swelling.
The antioxidant properties of grape seed extract may lead to short-circuit mutations in the tumor, thus preventing the development and progress of many cancers.
Grape seed extract can also help with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, incomplete venous function, peripheral vascular disease, varicose veins, psoriasis, eczema, fibromyalgia, asthma, swelling, allergies and rhinitis.
It is also believed that grape seed extract can reduce cholesterol blocking arteries and reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack. 9-
Alpha-bitterness (ALA) is a common antioxidant that can reach tissues mainly composed of fat, such as the nervous system, and tissues with high water content, such as the heart.
It is said that ALA can enhance metabolism, fight free radicals, slow down aging, prevent heart disease, fight chronic fatigue, prevent cancer, reduce numbness and tingling, improve skin elasticity and prevent complications of diabetes, protect the liver in the case of hepatitis and other liver diseases.
ALA's food sources include spinach, beer yeast and liver.
Many experts recommend supplementing the drug to obtain a concentrated dose to treat a specific problem. 10-NAC (N-N-
An amino acid that is a stable, biologically available form of semi-cysteine acid.
Although Americans consume large amounts of protein in general, some experts believe it is beneficial to supplement amino acids.
It is believed that it can break down the mucus in the lungs, increase the antioxidant level in the body, help to remember, help prevent heart disease, prevent the damage to the liver caused by balsamol, improve the blood flow of smokers, remove mercury, prevent damage to low-density cholesterol, enhance immune function, slow down aging, and help prevent cancer.
If you're interested, try it.
Sinatra's suggestion is that I suggest you buy this book, do your homework, and then discuss and plan your course with your healthcare provider.
Many recommended doses of these supplements may be significantly different from the government's daily recommendation requirements.
If it's not working with your doctor, it's not something you should do.
But do homework first. Make notes.
Highlight your focus and focus.
It's a big legal job, but who should be more interested and motivated than you when it comes to your health?
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