dxn’s growth worldwide - organic makeup and skin care products multi level marketing

dxn’s growth worldwide  -  organic makeup and skin care products multi level marketing
DXN Holdings Bhd is continuing its global expansion, the latest of which is its new plant in Telangana, southern India, which is expected to be completed by 2020.
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Day work visit by Telangana agriculture
The minister of operations, marketing, food and civilian supplies, as well as consumer affairs, sinjidi nilanyan Redi, went to the DXN plant in kidda.
Manufacturing Indian Private Limited through its subsidiary DXN, Ganoderma lucidum and spirulina-focused multi-
Level marketing group has invested $25 m in the purchase of 20ha land in Siddipet, Hyderabad to facilitate the construction of 25000sqm facilities that meet good manufacturing specifications (GMP)standards.
Telangana facilities are used to produce coffee, beverages, household and cosmetics, toiletries and Ayurvedic herbs for local and international consumer markets.
DXN's sixth rm15mil plant in India will double the capacity of its 34ha Ganoderma lucidum farm and plant in Kidda, which has been considered the largest farm in the SouthEast Asia.
Dr. Datuk Lim Siow Jin, founder and CEO of DXN, said at a press conference announcing the facility that it is expected to create 1,000 to 1,500 jobs in Telangana-the seventh --
India's highest-income state with a population of 40 million.
Its capital, Hyderabad, is known as the Genome Valley for its extensive establishment of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries in the city.
"Telangana's factory will have twice the capacity (
Facilities for DXN)
In Malaysia . "
"The main difference between DXN and other companies is that when we use 100% local workers, we have had a positive social impact and set an example for other industries.
Reddy noted that DXN has had a positive impact on the social development of Kedah
It is hoped that the new facility in Telangana will be able to replicate its success.
"DXN will eventually bring and create business opportunities for the Telangana people, especially the 61-year-old agricultural people.
8% of the population there, "he said.
DXN is a well-known direct selling group focusing on the production and sale of health food supplements, with 8 million global registered distributors in 189 countries and 70 branches.
In India, DXN has been in operation since 2001, with more than 1.
There are 5 million registered distributors.
The company's five factories currently operating in India contribute nearly 200mil per month to the group's turnover.
The group also has factories in China, Indonesia, Mexico and India to produce various products.
DXN ranked 22 in the global ranking of Direct Selling News (DSN)
It has more than 100 products, but 50% of its sales come from coffee.
In addition, because of the best environment, DXN is already negotiating with the Indian government to obtain more 20 hectares of land to increase the production of spirulina.
In the second phase, the group will set up more factories there to produce juice, household products and skin care and cosmetics.
DXN also wants to launch and export new products including spirulina noodles, grains, compound rice and other foods.
"In the future, we will be working on the launch of daily foods that combine Ganoderma lucidum with spirulina," he said . ".
Lim has ambitious plans for the group's future, and in addition to the key strategic markets of India and Indonesia, it will also expand to other countries including the Philippines and the United States, thanks to DXN's "one-stop" concept, it is possible for the group to control its entire supply chain and distribution chain in order to maintain its quality control.
It will also take advantage of its "One World" market philosophy, where any DXN member can register, recruit and purchase products globally and receive bonuses locally.
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