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Easy Homemade Face Toners and Tonics - elizabeth arden skin care product reviews

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-03
Easy Homemade Face Toners and Tonics  -  elizabeth arden skin care product reviews
Facial Toner, tonic, astring or freshener is one of the skin care products that go hand in hand with cleaners and moisturizers.
When I started in the cosmetics retail space, the 3 step skin care procedure was hot phrases and cleaning, conditioning and moisturizing were the daily skin care routine for millions of women around the world.
For example, detergent has changed and developed with the needs of modern life and consumers.
In the past days, heavy cream cleaners like pond cold cream are huge, and today we see more face washing, light lotion, even 1 product (central stage on the shelves of detergent and toner.
Skin Toner seems a bit redundant, usually a skin care product that can be removed, but it still seems to me to be an important step in skin care for all ages. on the label.
Up to 12 alcohol-
Tonic or toner for 15% + actually dehydrate the skin and damage the skin cells.
Alcohol in the astringent Toner is often considered necessary for oily skin, but this is misleading because oily skin can be dehydrated and alcoholic Toner can deprive the skin of its natural
Say no to alcohol at the skin care end. . . .
You don't need it.
, Skin toner must be used for all skin types.
I have sorted out four simple recipes that are basically the same, starting with a mixture of rose water, rose water, and witch hazel or an infusion of Yangju. .
What does skin toner do? Re-
Add a mixture of rose water or rose water/Witch Hazel to a clean, sanitized glass bottle.
Add essential oils of a specific formula.
Brew in hot water with pure ocean chrysanthemum tea or ocean chrysanthemum tea bag (sensitive skin only), just like drinking weak black tea.
Allow cooling and pour into the bottle.
Add a drop of German chamomile EO.
Tighten the lid and combine the oil with the base to give a very good vibration.
Store it in a cool, dark place and leave for 36 hours before shaking again.
Using coffee filter paper, pour toner into a glass bowl or kettle through the filter to remove excess essential oils.
Reload the bottle, remember to shake it every time before use. Anti-Anti-Anti-Anti-Anti-Anti-Anti-
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