entrepreneurs treat your business like a baby | warrior - business plan format for skin care prod

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entrepreneurs treat your business like a baby | warrior ... - business plan format for skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-12-13
entrepreneurs treat your business like a baby | warrior ...  -  business plan format for skin care products
For those of us who are parents, we know the joy of bringing a new life to the world.
This is how to start a business.
From conceiving ideas, planning small details, delivering the final product or service, protecting it from competitors, raising funds, and sharing with the world, we have gone through many similar stages, let it go at last.
The concept is an interesting part.
The music is right, the candles are flashing at night, and the smell and taste of your lover are so delicious.
Then at the height, you realize that your life will change forever in 9 months, and you will add a strength to your family.
The idea of business is equally fascinating.
You may already be taking a shower or falling asleep fast, and when the idea hits you pick up the pen and paper and start scribbling down notes and drawing.
You know, it will lift your family out of poverty and create a legacy that your children will benefit from.
It's like after initially thinking about creating a new life and starting a new career, you need to be confirmed.
So the first thing you do is have a pregnancy test.
After peeing on a stick, you are sure to know if you will expect it.
The same is true of the business philosophy you want to confirm its effectiveness, so you seek expert advice in which a trusted friend becomes a sounding board, his "yes" or "no" determines the pursuit.
Once you give your thumbs up, you start to tell everyone you know about your upcoming success.
But I remind you to protect that little seed as much as possible from the negative and the dreamer.
The next step after finding yourself pregnant is to get professional help.
You go straight to a doctor you trust and you allow him to poke you where your loved one has seen it.
You give the life of your child to him/her and you believe they will lead you to a successful delivery.
Following the doctor's advice, taking folic acid can ensure you have a healthy child and increase your chances of happy results.
So many people miss the planning stage because of your business ideas.
Even if they do not seek professional help, they go straight from conception to delivery. Why?
I have never understood this process of thinking.
Will you fly without formal instructions, trying to take off without knowing the air?
Or will you sit on the boat and open the water yourself with any instructions or ideas of where you are going?
Then people have the courage to think about why their business has never landed.
You must seek professional advice.
If you know nothing or know very little about commercial or online presentation of your services or products, then you need professional help from AB Internet Solutions dot com, they help many large and small companies in their pursuit of economic freedom.
The most important aspect of the plan is to translate your ideas into the financial expenses needed for actual products or services.
If things don't go according to your plan, you also need to anticipate and exit the strategy.
The planning phase is the most critical aspect of a successful business as you are able to play the following roles
Play on paper before investing any time or capital to the project.
Oh, that's it. Do or die.
This is the most painful part of the process. Any process.
I remember my wife and I were in the delivery room.
Not very beautiful.
This is not for the timid. She was a mess.
The hair is not combed, the teeth are not brushed, and the man is upset about everything and everyone.
I am smart and live at the southern end of things (haha ).
I will never forget to watch the real birth.
She screamed and had difficulty breathing. this is not PG.
The head is like a cone, and everything is sticky.
Man, I hate it.
The nurse quickly grabbed the baby, took it to the cleaning station, washed the baby and wrapped it up with a pink blanket. It was done.
It's worth the 9 months of vomiting and grumpy. For her I mean.
When my wife was first born, I would never forget her face.
A company is very similar. But different;
You have to raise money before doing business.
Today's economy is like this: good luck.
But don't be afraid.
With a good business plan, you will have the ability to walk into any bank and show them a clear and concise plan.
It will tell them when you want to make a profit and when the bank will get the money back.
But there is a problem.
The banks don't know you, they have a lot of ideas people can't repay the loan, so they want something in exchange.
It is called collateral.
This means that if you are unable to repay the loan, they will take your house and you and your family will go to the streets. Not good.
Try to explain it to your wife.
Another way to raise money is through investors.
The problem here is that they want your child.
Most of the time, 50% of your company, so how do you raise money to start your company?
A good business plan will reveal other sources of income you can use, and can even break down the business plan into parts that can be used to raise seed money.
For AB Internet Solutions dot com, we decided to follow the blueprint of an online enterprise that has been established that has proven to be able to raise money: profit miracle, we are profitable in two days.
Now that we have multiple sources of revenue, we can keep debt-free and keep 100% of the company.
I know, and then hold my newborn in my arms, there's no more feeling than that.
I protect her very much.
You have to wash your hands, you have to sit in a chair and dad always reaches out his arms.
I look at my children like an eagle.
You can watch when we are in public, but you won't even think of touch.
I quickly stopped a hand that reached for the cheek.
I don't care if they think I'm rude.
You can't and won't touch my kids, especially when I don't know you.
I always followed her two steps when she started walking;
If she falls down and is ready to catch her, our house is baby proof.
You must try to protect your business.
Your competitors don't want you to succeed.
They will do anything to take you out.
I suggest you read Sun Tzu's Art of War.
The book describes business strategies with ancient military strategies.
The revised and updated business plan will stop your competitors by conducting regular competitor analysis and you will be able to get the upper hand in the competition.
You will also be able to conduct a comprehensive tracking of your financial situation, and with forecasts and budgets you will be able to keep your company profitable safely.
Raising children is not a joke. Oh my goodness.
If you let them do this, they will drive you crazy.
I remember holding my baby and wondering what her voice would look like when she started talking.
Now I know, I can't let her stop talking (haha ).
In addition to joking, you have to guide your children and give them the food they need to grow up, and encourage them to develop confidence so that they can do whatever they want.
It is much more difficult to start a business.
Now that you have another family, you have to feed them.
Many companies choose to hire employees in central locations.
The business plan will take you through every step of the way from the number of employees to the color of the compartment.
Or a business plan might indicate that it would be smarter to work at home and outsource some or all of the tasks needed.
The business plan will take into account the policies and procedures of any situation you can imagine and will be a guide to operating the business.
This is the difficult part.
Or, interestingly, it's hard because you have to believe that your child is with a stranger.
Some parents must return to work immediately after delivery and they must believe that their newborn is a complete stranger.
My wife and I will never do this.
We were lucky to have one with the kids until they went to the pre-school.
Sharing business means going out and getting new customers.
This is the deficiency of many companies.
They spend all their money on building or building a website, but they don't think about how to get people into their doors or click on their links.
The first priority of the business plan is the target market.
Who is most likely to benefit from your product or service?
Don't just think about it, make a business plan and define their demographics.
Where do they live, how much money do they earn, and what kind of magazines do they read?
The problem continues.
Keep an eye on your target market.
Once you find out who your target market is, you need to know how to chase them in the most cost effective way.
The last point is to know when to let your child make his own mistakes and learn from them.
Just like they go to college to explore the world in their own way.
I haven't reached that stage in my personal life or business.
But maybe you have and you are willing to share your experience with us.
We would be happy to hear your feedback on the article and make suggestions for future posts.
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