estée lauder's origins capitalizes on cannabis - organic plant based skin care products

estée lauder\'s origins capitalizes on cannabis  -  organic plant based skin care products
Origin is the latest mainstream company to take advantage of the booming cannabis beauty market, which has launched a new celadon green mask containing cannabis seed oil from cannabis.
According to data from the Brightfield Group, a major market research firm in the industry, cannabis beauty business is booming.
Their latest research says, "Thanks to the extremely extensive use of cannabis CBD, the company has begun to inject it into a variety of products such as facial scrubs and deodorant.
However, its efficacy in this product is sketchy.
"Cannabis phenol is rarely found in seed oil;
Almost no, "stressed Chris Bonka, CEO of Lexaria Bioscience.
"That's why seed oil is allowed to be sold at grocery stores as edible oil.
Even if refined/distilled, the number of CBD is negligible. Seed oil (
"Marijuana" or "marijuana ")
Is a healthy diet program with few CBD or THC.
Skin care and beauty products are usually classified as "goods" and are products such as facial masks, eye drops and CBD
It is injected with mascara and is usually applied locally, but is not usually used to treat the disease.
These products are most frequently purchased online, but are often found in health food stores.
As expected, the buyer group for skin care and beauty products is mainly composed of young women and is particularly attractive to older, older womenincome women;
But there are also quite a few men buying these products.
There is a lot of room for innovation in this industry, and with the entry of legalization and major consumer goods, goods and beauty products are expected to surge (CPG)
According to the report of the Brightfield Group, "the company.
In the 1990 s, Estee Lauder initially used its origins to compete with the independent phenomenon Aveda.
Aveda's CEOHorst Rechelbacher is interested in developing products that do not contain toxic chemicals and has launched a mainstream market for natural beauty products in the United States.
Original has never succeeded in surpassing Aveda;
However, it became a quasi-
A natural brand comparable to a body store.
In the end, Estee Lauder purchased Aveda from Rechelbacher in cash of $0. 3 billion, followed by a "natural plant-
"Beauty Company ".
Once Estee Lauder acquired Aveda, they eventually began to destroy the indigenous community, downplay the formula of Aveda and make chemical injections away from the foundation of the brand.
Estee Lauder uses onAveda's proprietary hair salon as a new product distribution channel as physical retail stores begin to decrease.
Aveda is mainly committed to hair care while phasing out many major skincare products.
Aveda is the abbreviation of Aruveda, implying the ancient holistic treatment, which is the essence of the brand and allNatural origin.
The essential oil went out and the palm oil came in.
According to ethical consumers, the relevant league of scientists reported that "Palm oil production leads to climate change by destroying carbon emissions --
Rich tropical forests and woodland.
It also highlighted exploitation in the industry, particularly child labor, poor wages and dangerous working conditions, as well as violations of indigenous land rights.
"UCS believes este Launder has little commitment to the sustainable purchase of palm oil.
Estee Lauder seems to be trying to beat the competition and pull an eco-friendly bait --and-
Switch again through Origin.
With Sephora's exclusive launch of the "Hello, calm" mask.
Today, the First Nations are trying to take advantage of the hustle and bustle of cannabis culture-
Ideal based on beauty is as aggressive as trying to take advantage of everything
21 years ago, the concept of natural and organic "new era" beauty.
Hello, Calm represents cannabis's first foray into cannabis beauty, according to Glossy.
Meanwhile, over the years, the shemp facial products of the body store and the kitschy green "paint on the rope" soap in the shape of the pot leaves have been on the market.
In addition, the greedy fresh brand gathered a cult
Like its cannabis rose mask, unfortunately it was deactivated for unknown reasons. (
The new devotees ransacked the seller who sold the last can on Ebay. )
In its product line, the fresh ones still have the aroma of cannabis rose and cannabis sandal.
Last summer, milk cosmetics launched the Kush brow gel in Sephora and used marijuana marketing.
"While cannabis seed oil has been a beauty product in stores like body shops for many years, the popularity of beauty products in CBD has surged in the past year.
We have seen the CBD enter the counter.
"Aging Creams, sleep masks, soap, scrubs, and even mascara and bed bug bite creams," said sbethany Gomez, research director at the Brightfield Group . ".
What's the difference between Origin's New Hello, Calm mask and marijuana?
Sephora aisle peers believe it was created in partnership with Sephora, not just by cosmetics giantsmart.
Oriins claims that cannabis seed oil is rich in nutrients and helps improve skin condition through fatty acids rich in seed oil.
They also claim that it can calm and soothe the skin while protecting it from irritation.
Because a strong skin barrier is important to help protect the skin from stress such as irritation and dehydration. Omega-3 and Omega-
6 essential fatty acids are also included as an-irritants.
Cannabis, cannabis and cannabis diol (CBD)
It's local.
Inflammation can slightly relieve acne, eczema, psoriasis and scrumpus, and mixing them with other ingredients may reduce their efficacy.
Many DIY beauty bloggers and enthusiasts make their own cannabis
Inject the mask with a strong Nova decarbo factor, Revo oil infusion or a pot of boiling water, some hemp and cheese cloth filters.
For those of you who like premium packaging instead of lifting your fingers, the origin mask may be worth a try.
Origins doesn't seem to be interested in embracing the cannabis community to make a splash, preferring to post through compensated Instagram influencers and Sephora's built-in products
Instead, in the hive of the online "Beauty Insider.
According to Sephora beauty industry sources, this mask is very popular.
Many of them, however, are millennials and they are happy to receive a pre-
Free samples marketSephora.
Com beauty insider Shosh85 commented on the Internet, "This is a creamy smooth mask with a green color and a faint herbal smell, which is very relaxing.
The mask has a nice cool feeling.
As instructed, I open it for 10 minutes and wipe it off with a paper towel.
My face is refreshing, energetic and even a little glowing!
My face did feel a little tacky/wax at first, I know a lot of people don't like it, but it doesn't bother me at all.
This feeling finally disappeared, leaving me with soft and moist skin!
One thing I should mention is that this mask does leave a very light green shadow if you are fair --
Skin like me will make you look uncomfortable.
I don't have any plans to go anywhere for the rest of the day, so it doesn't matter.
"Perhaps if the origin is more forward-looking to consider addressing the problem of cannabis community in which they are involved together
They chose the product concept, and today they may have launched it in the Flower Hall in Sonoma, California, and launched a firm cannabis beauty brand such as Apothecanna.
By the way, Apothecanna's management team includes the former
Executive of Estee Lauder.
According to a representative of se'hello Sephora, the store will provide a calm mask on October 5.
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