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European Beauty Secrets - lipids in skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-30
European Beauty Secrets  -  lipids in skin care products
The Roman philosopher Plautus once wrote: "A Woman Without paint is like a food without salt.
"I'm not sure if he can get away with it today.
Women have tried to enhance their natural identity throughout their time.
They have also tried different cosmetic methods to slow down the aging process.
In the Middle Ages, European women even bleed to make themselves look pale, which was popular at the time.
Thankfully, fashion has passed.
Some European women pulled out their hair on the hair line so that their forehead would be higher. Oh, my!
Nowadays, many European women look for natural beauty products in food storage rooms.
To exfoliate the rough skin, some Greek women use body scrubs made of olive oil and sugar.
They took 1 cup of sugar and 3 out of 4-
4 tablespoons of olive oil to form a thick paste.
They then apply it extensively and massage it when using circular motion.
Then wash it off.
This oil can effectively relax the dead skin layer, and sugar will peel off the dead skin layer.
Some Polish women often apply a thin layer of honey to their faces, an enhanced moisturizer.
Honey can maintain moisture and slow down the aging process.
It also works as a sunscreen.
Some Polish teenagers use honey to plump and soften their lips.
Some French women use clay as a mask to improve blood circulation and detox.
It does not dry or irritate the skin.
Powdered foods can be found in grocery stores or health food stores.
It blends with water to form a paste that is smooth on the face and body.
After drying, rinse clean.
French women also use almond oil to remove makeup.
This makes the eye area smoother.
Some people also use hot water to relieve irritation and dryness.
Hot water contains known resistance
Effectively reduce inflammation of redness of the skin.
Tap water can peel off the lipids in the skin, causing redness.
Dermatologists in Belgium indulge in the use of mink oil as an-aging solution.
They found that is the most compatible and absorbent oil on human skin.
Effective for wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, blemishes, scars and stretch marks.
It can also be mixed with the base to set it up. .
Beer is more than just a drink in Belgium.
This is also the last rinse to tame thick curly hair.
British women get glycerin from local chemists during the stormy and harsh winter months to soften lips, hands and other problem areas.
They also use Witch Hazel as a natural astring agent.
It will dry and reduce the oil on the surface.
You can make your own astring agent with a part of witch hazeland two parts of rose water.
Hungarian women clean oily skin with carrot oil and eliminate ugly flaws.
Carrot oil has been used since the 16 th century.
Rich in vitamin A and beta-starch, it is ideal for nourishing new cellscarotene.
Spanish women realize that stress and depression will accelerate the aging process, so they improve their emotions by taking a bath, adding three drops of sesame oil, six cloves and two cinnamon sticks to the bath, A bay leaf and a bit of black rum.
Combine in a dark glass bottle to make it steep for an hour.
Romanian women share the secrets of their charming lashes.
Use castor sesame oil to strengthen and stimulate the growth of eyelashes.
It also helps to regenerate sparse hair.
Romantic women with dark skin will also use soaked walnut leaves to keep their hair.
Russian women realize that Daisies can beautify blonde hair.
They soaked the flowers in a pint of hot water for thirty minutes.
After filtering, they use water as the final rinse to show the bonding highlights.
I'm sure there's a lot more to share if you know. Thanks.
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