every bride-to-be's must-have skincare guide - organic professional skin care product lines

every bride-to-be\'s must-have skincare guide  -  organic professional skin care product lines
Many brides --future-
Royal Meghan Hotel--
Start wedding planning a few months in advance to make sure their big day is perfect.
But what should they do to make sure their skin looks perfect as well?
"Good Morning, USA" interviewed dermatologist Whitney Bao and celebrity facelift experts Joanna Vargas and Sonia Dakar for tips and tricks to fix the perfect skin tone. 1.
Prepare in at least a few months: the bride is advised by Bowey, Vargas and Dakar --to-be (
Or anyone looking forward to a big deal! )
Prepare your skin in advance.
Bao said: "In the months leading up to your wedding, I suggest introducing a vitamin a product in your skin care program to eliminate the tone and texture and keep breaking through.
"The key is to start slowly.
You want to start using this product only twice a week, every other night, and eventually use it every night if your skin can stand it.
One of my favorite products is the nightly vitamin a repair for dermalogica. "A skin-
Whitening Serum with vitamin C is also a great addition to skin care procedures, she added.
Some brides say a month laterto-
Be may consider deep cleansing of pores to ensure smooth skin during wedding.
"After four weeks, there will be time for the skin to heal.
"I will sleep under LED lights so pores will start to shrink and you can make the skin more bodybuilding and perfect on big days," she said . ".
"After three weeks, the bride should have the first of three [de-puffing]micro-Face now
Two weeks before the wedding, I will do a treatment with LED lights and oxygen.
LED series products.
The more you do, the more pores shrink, the better the skin looks.
Oxygen brings a great glow to the skin, which is very important for all the stress and pollution we are subjected.
"Vargas added that the day before the wedding was another Micro
The current face, like her triple crown face.
"Although you should avoid, many brides tried to use wine last week to relieve stress, which caused edema," Vargas explained . ".
"Micro-current will make you look uncomfortable. puffed.
It will make your cheekbones high and the chin and neck are perfect for taking pictures.
This is my favorite facial expression to give to anyone before a big day like a wedding or red carpet.
"Both Vargas and Dakar recommend the use of exfoliating products such as a Exfoliating Mask and Flash Facial care.
"Once the top layer of the dead skin falls off, the exposed new skin is very smooth and soft, the makeup will go on easily and sit well all night," Dakar said . ".
"It really creates the perfect canvas for your makeup.
Vargas also recommends using something like the daily serum when she makes up to fill the skin with oxygen and provide a "rose-colored glow ".
Some women may want to try using a sheet mask as a "quick mask", Bowe added"
The fire that brings moisture into the skin.
But be careful not to overdo: "They can lead to an outbreak of acne --
"The skin is vulnerable," said Bowie. 2.
Stop in two experiments.
Zhou Ji: two weeks before the start of the event, Bao said that women should be in the "maintenance mode" and the focus should be on hydration.
Now is not the time to start trying new products, she added.
"It may also take 14 days to show signs of allergy to perfume or preservatives," she said . ".
"I received a panic call from the bride --to-
Started a brand new product two weeks before the wedding, only when they wake up on the day of the event, they will have itchy red bumps on their skin, because they are allergic to one of the ingredients in the new product, but the rash took nearly two weeks to come out! "3.
Nourish your skin from the inside out: Bowe recommends a diet rich in antioxidants to keep your skin healthy and fresh. Vitamin C (
Found in oranges, red peppers, kale and broccoli), lycopene (
Found in tomatoes, watermelon and pink grapefruit), polyphenols (
Found in green tea, dark chocolate and BlackBerry), zinc (
Found in meat, beans, nuts and whole grains)and vitamin E (
Found in spinach, almonds, sweet potatoes and avocado)
Is one of the most important.
She also warned against eating processed or high-sugar foods. 4.
Exfoliating, exfoliating, exfoliating: "exfoliating is my secret weapon to have great skin.
"This is the most often skipped step in people's daily lives, but it does have a huge impact on how your skin looks and feels," Vargas said . ".
"Think of exfoliating as a way to create the perfect canvas for your products and makeup.
You can invest in the most expensive magic skincare products at home, but if you don't exfoliate, the ingredients don't penetrate and have any impact.
She added: "One way to incorporate exfoliating into daily life is to open the brush before taking a shower.
"It's actually incredible to treat and increase elasticity as a fat mass," she gushed . ".
"You can exfoliate twice a week, but the way you exfoliate should be much more gentle than the way you exfoliate, especially in rough places such as elbows, knees and soles of your feet, "Bowie added in her new book:" The beauty of dirty skin: The Surprising Science of looking and feeling radiant from the inside out.
"While DIY sugar scrub is too harsh for most people's faces, I like this extra scrub
Thick skin areas on your body.
My favorite recipe has two ingredients: brown sugar and almond oil.
Just mix a cup of brown sugar with a cup of almond oil and apply it to those rough places by hand.
Rub gently for a minute or two in a circular motion.
Then rinse and dry before moisturizing! ”5. Try an at-
Home facial massage: Markle relies on facialist a Joss's facial massage to keep the skin looking the best, and Vargas says there is a reason for this.
"Lymphatic drainage massage is a lost art and of course a tool that anyone can use to make the face look vibrant and radiant," she said . ".
For dry skin, massage the skin upward circulation.
Start at the bottom of the neck, on both sides of the artery.
Massage upward, toward the chin, upward face and gentle circles around the eyes.
This will help absorb nutrients into the tissue.
If you are prone to bursts, you want to do the opposite movement, starting at the top of your eyes --
This will take the waste away. "6.
Don't pick flaws, Bowie said: If you break through a few days or weeks ago, resist the urge to pick.
"Instead, go to your dermatologist and quickly inject Komatsu!
Your zit will expire in a few hours.
I have saved a lot of bride's flawless glow with this technology! " she said.
Vargas added that the exfoliating mask from the previous day can do wonders.
"It will reduce inflammation so you can cover the red marks with a little cosmetic," she said . ".
"Another quick way to treat pimples is to apply a little yogurt on it.
Together with probiotics, lactic acid will soon calm down and heal it! "7.
Apply sunscreen: Bowe wrote in her new book that, in addition to being harmful to health, not applying sunscreen can also cause skin damage, resulting in uneven overall skin tone.
Even so, she continued: "sunscreen alone is not enough . "
"I always wear a soft sun hat and stay away from the sun between 12 and 2 hours, and I'm a fan of UPF swimwear and covers --ups!
"Dakar produces its own brand of sunscreen, and she recommends not wearing sports bras or swimsuits that may cause suntan.
For those bridesto-
All three experts suggested tanning her wedding.
Bowe added that it is important to stick to the real products that have been tried or to get professionals to use.
"The bronzed skin looks more flat and smooth," Dakar explained . ".
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