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everything you need to know about beauty oils - can avocado be used as a facial mask

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-12-21
everything you need to know about beauty oils  -  can avocado be used as a facial mask
When you mention oil in a conversation, people tend to have opinions.
"They are the best thing ever!
They will clog your pores!
"No, wait, you will die of cancer!
"They are a little confusing, to say the least.
To accurately analyze the effects of oil on your hair, face and body, the wound selects the dermatologist's brain
Elizabeth tamz and celebrity ticket friend Joanna Vargas
Together they laid the ins and outs of oil.
See if they will break you out, if mineral oil will leave you early and late, and if coconut oil is really worth the hype, our favorite beauty oil will be picked out. 1.
You can't moisturize your skin with oil.
Moisturizing with oil is like sitting in the car when it rains and expecting to get wet: this will never happen.
The moisturizer consists of three factors: moisturizer, occlusion, and moisturizer.
Only moisturizers like glycerin and hyaluronic acid can breathe water into the skin and moisturize.
Oil, on the other hand, belongs to occlusion and moisturizing. As Dr.
Tanzi explained, "they applied a sealant to your skin by applying the top layer.
This is different from water and moisturizing skin.
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There is only one way to really benefit from oil.
Save to last.
If you apply oil first, no subsequent moisturizing or therapeutic product can penetrate, leaving your hair or skin to wither in a desperate dry coffin.
Keep in mind that the oil is just the doorman for hydration, not the producer, so start by loading the moisturizer and then pile up on the oil afterwards to prevent moisture loss. 3.
Yes, oil will clog your pores.
But not all the oil.
Dr. Vargas warned that mineral oil was a long-term criminal.
Olive oil and coconut oil can also easily clog pores, Tanzi explained.
In addition to this, it is difficult to predict the reactivity of your skin to oil due to different brands and concentrations.
Find what works best for you from trials and mistakes.
Now 25 celebrities are talking about their pimples.
Good Oil filling-for-your-
Skin antioxidants
One reason the beauty industry relies on oil is that they are rich in vitamins for repair and protection. Dr.
Both Tanzi and Vargas agree that argan, while expensive, is rich in antioxidants
Delay vitamin A and E
The content of vitamin C in marula oil is four times that of Orange, and marula oil is an antioxidant that can fight against pigmentation, while sunflower oil, which is not sexy at all, also has the benefit of vitamin E.
Another good option is Rose fruit oil filled with vitamin C.
"It's amazing to protect the environment from damage," Vargas said . ".
"I have this substance in my serum. "5.
There is an oil that specializes in acne treatment. prone skin. Dr.
Recommended tea in Tanzi
Tree oil for acne treatment
For good reason, the skin is easy to bend.
A lot of scientific evidence has proved its antibacterial and anti-bacterial properties.
Inflammatory Properties-
It stom foot acne bacteria, reducing the size of pimples.
But be cautious. Tea-
Tree oil can irritate the skin, so it's better to test an inconspicuous area first.
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For the most dry skin, contact the heaviest, most blocked oil.
Vargas says pay attention to avocado and sweetness
Almond oil is rich in fat. “Sunflower-
Seed oil is also a potential . "
"Although it may be a little greasy. ”7.
The oil on the face should be lighter than the oil used on the body.
Note fast-
Dry grapes, apricots, argan and marula are ideal for most skin types. Really dry?
Think about sweet again. almond oil.
"At the other end of the scale, jojojoba told the body to stop excessive secretion of sebum, thus controlling oily skin," Vargas explained . ". 8.
It doesn't matter what kind of oil you use on your hair.
But the avocado, the poached, the Agen and the almonds are all great, Vagas says.
The main problem is quantity and location.
Start with a small amount-
Only one or two drops-
Sealing moisture and shine through your ends is the last step in your daily life.
Even if your hair is thin, a small amount of oil can significantly increase its shine.
If your hair is thick and dry, consider: apply a layer of your hair from the middle
Shaft to end before entering the shower.
Shampoo and conditions like you usually do.
This oil can protect your hair from the drying of shampoo. 9.
You may not be killed by gutter oil, but it's still terrible. Baby oil, sorry).
Yes, it is a derivative of the same oil used to make gasoline;
Yes, it's a cheap McDonald's skin care product, but you should stay away from it because it's useless, not because it's dangerous.
"You don't use that much of it because it's bad for your health," the doctor said . "Tanzi.
"The main problem is that it just didn't do anything for you. ”Vargas agrees.
"50 years ago it was a common ingredient in the product because we didn't know anything about it.
Now, however, with so much wonderful oil, it's out of date. ”10.
Oil is also good for cleaning.
It's strange to imagine that the same composition, sealed in moisture, can also be cleaned, but this is true.
Vargas explained, "The oil cleaner breaks down the makeup on the face in a gentle way, rather than peeling off the skin, so the skin doesn't get annoyed after that.
"They work because the molecules in the oil react specifically to cosmetics and your own natural oil, which is similar in chemical composition.
There are a few swirls around your face and it starts!
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