- facial mask manufacturer in usa

  -  facial mask manufacturer in usa
Maysa Rawi updated: 06: 17 on September 15, 2011, a new "sticky" facial package made of honey, claiming to shorten the aging process by 10 years and start selling today.
It is said that the active Chilean rainforest honey will smooth fine lines on the face, neck and hands while tightening the skin.
Used twice a day for 20 minutes, it is said to be twice as much as a regular moisturizer in terms of reducing stretch marks and preventing sunburned skin peeling.
Research shows that honey
Can also be eaten
Obviously more effective than Manuka,
Promote "super food" from New Zealand ".
In the United States, the active honey of the Chilean rainforest has become a phenomenon.
The world's fat and sunbathing capital-
Sales have increased by 400 since April.
Boots and high street health food stores say they expect "unprecedented peaks" in the coming weeks ".
Jamie Christie, an active honey company UK manufacturer, said
Aging property is a surprise.
But he added: "The active Chilean rainforest honey is a great product because it can be used in many ways.
It looks like the latest product is a mask.
"It is very popular in the United States, and from the feedback we have received, it seems to be a" killer "in the UK as well ". ' The honey -which costs £8. 49 a jar -
Nectar from the Calais, Tino and Urmo trees in the Valdivia rainforest in southern Chile.
Unlike normal supermarket honey, it is rich in vitamins and minerals and has "original" nutritional value.
Local tribes in Chile have been using it for centuries to treat wounds and common skin diseases.
But modern practitioners also recognize its value.
It is naturally acidic, rich in antioxidants and releases a small amount of hydrogen peroxide, and has been shown to fight against three bacteria that usually infect wounds --
Including the notorious "super bacteria ".
A clinical study by the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin in 2009 found that active honey from Chile kills more bacteria than "rival" malucar.
Secrets of Chile's rainforest honey
The properties of aging may lie in the presence of enzymes that break down scar tissue and make aging and sunlight
Damaged skin is more resilient.
There is no clinical research yet, but the company claims that it is reported that users look 10 years younger in a few weeks.
Christie's said that in the past two weeks, British consumers have ordered nearly 1,000 orders online.
There is no doubt, he said, that this is one of the most exciting skin care products in the UK in a decade.
But he admitted: "Chile rainforest honey does have a small drawback when it is used as a cream --
A little sticky.
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