Facing The Lupus Giant: My Aromatherapy Journey To Healing - doterra essential oil skin care produ

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Facing The Lupus Giant: My Aromatherapy Journey To Healing - doterra essential oil skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-04
Facing The Lupus Giant: My Aromatherapy Journey To Healing  -  doterra essential oil skin care products
Healthy lifestyle. .
To heal my body.
Today, I will share with you my journey of essential oils and become an aromatherapy consultant to share with others what has helped me on my trip to lupus and share a healthy life with others
In the course of my herbal research, I have started to use essential oils very effectively and have decided to be certified as an aromatherapy consultant.
I immerse myself in as many classes as I can find, and then do more advanced research at the Aromahead Institute, where I have been certified as a natural life aromatherapy and aromatherapy consultant.
I still learn as much as I can and keep abreast of new research related to the use of essential oils that are sometimes controversial.
What can I do with essential oil? ?
This is helpful for my trip to lupus.
Please feel free to try these blends, let me know if you wish, and the way you like them.
I appreciate your comments.
As many as half of patients describe the feelings of confusion, fatigue, loss of memory, and difficulty in expressing ideas.
This symptom is called cognitive dysfunction, although many people with lupus call it "lupus fog ".
If you have lupus, you may experience lupus fog from time to time. I sure did.
I have done a lot of research on herbs and essential oils that help with memory, and found that Rosemary has been tested and proven to be effective for memory problems.
Rosemary has been considered by ancient Greeks to improve memory, and according to the herbal Association, Rosemary is considered a symbol of love and loyalty and a symbol of evil.
I decided to study some more and found other herbs and essential oils that also help with memory, such as rat plum and basil.
I need some basic help some days.
On other days I needed a lot of help with concentration, so I came up with two different blends. . . .
One for memory and the other for concentration (my brain enhances the mixture ).
Compared to the general population, people with lupus may be twice as likely to have a headache as a migraine or mild headache.
It is often called a lupus headache.
The features of Lupus sex headaches are similar to those of migraine, and may be more common in people who also have raynaud symptoms.
However, headaches may also be caused by vascular inflammation, a symptom of active lupus caused by vascular inflammation.
One of the easiest ways to relieve headaches for me is to breathe in essential oils, so I specifically designed an inhaler for a special mixture for headaches.
The headache mixture consists of 5 drops each of mint and frankincense, 3 drops of lavender and 2 drops of eucalyptus.
: I will use this special "dirty air" mixture if I travel or have to go to a doctor's office or hospital.
This mixture consists of 4 drops of lemon, 4 drops of cedar, 4 drops of eucalyptus and 3 drops of balsam fir needles.
Lupus can cause a wide range of inflammation, usually involving your skin, especially your face and scalp.
While some people have lost their hair bundles, Lupus may lead to a gradual thinning of the hair on the scalp.
Eyebrows, lashes, beards and body hair may also fall off.
Shortly after I was diagnosed, balding appeared in the back of my head.
After I found out how to get my hair to grow again, I had to cut it short.
Vanity didn't allow me to wear a wig, so I did more research and found many herbs and essential oils
Hair and design a mixture for yourself.
In addition to the serum, I also designed a herbal shampoo that stimulates hair growth with my serum.
Based on Castile soap and mint essential oil, this shampoo contains several essential oils in my serum, such as rosemary, romaine and basil. Hypo-
After being diagnosed with lupus, the first factor I noticed was that my thyroid was also affected.
In order to support my thyroid in a healthy way, I started working on a mixture that supports the thyroid and fight against thyroid deficiencythyroidism.
It consists of essential oils known to be beneficial to the thyroid gland.
This mixture can help stimulate the brain and endocrine system, balance the production of thyroid hormones, stimulate and oxidized the lower lobe of the brain and the visual Hill.
Myrtle was studied for its effect on the imbalance of the gland, including the thyroid gland, while sandalwood could stimulate and add oxygen to the lower and lower brain leaves.
It will be applied directly to the thyroid region, as well as to the base area of the foot corresponding to the thyroid gland.
About two-
People with lupus will have a skin disease called skin lupus.
Lupus skin diseases can cause rashes or ulcers (lesions), most of which appear in the sun
Exposed areas such as the face, ears, neck, arms and legs, and even the exposed areas on the scalp.
I have a serious rash on my face.
I was determined to control the rash, avoid scars and slow down the aging that I noticed my skin was going through.
After extensive research and testing, I made my strong facial serum mixture in addition to lavender, Cypress, no medicine, sandalwood and geranium rose
Olive oil.
It turns out that this mixture is also well suited for scars, coloring, tightening, eczema, and malamabs designed for it.
Joint pain, or arthritis, is experienced by 95% of people at some point in the course of their illness.
Joints can be painful, red, warm. They may swell.
May also feel the stiffness of the morning.
Lupus arthritis often occurs on both sides of the body at the same time.
The most common feeling is the wrist, the small joints of the hand, and the elbows, knees and ankles.
I have a lot of joint pain on my wrist, knee, hip and neck.
The mixture I developed was designed to help relieve joint pain, and in addition, I experienced nerve pain caused by severe nerve damage associated with peripheral nerves.
The basis of most of my essential oil mixture is Arnica, gold calend flower and St. 's traumatic oil mixture
Add the olive oil to John's wort.
Mix with some of my favorite essential oils and trauma oils.
What is the help of trauma oil?
I have released a recipe mix for treating nerve and joint pain, so you can try it if you want.
Please comment and let me know how it works for you.
This mixture is also the one I used for the Abhyanga massage. .
I also made different luxurious butter with essential oil, including this pain
Essential oil to reduce pain is
Essential oils can improve the body, reduce pain, reduce inflammation, and support the immune system.
Calm, reduce pain, is
Inflammation, relieve muscle cramps.
Obviously, there are more benefits to each oil, but they are chosen for the oil mentioned above.
In all my studies, frankincense has always been considered the best option for DNA repair.
Although I have heard of frankincense, who has not heard of it?
), I didn't pay too much attention to the benefits of it.
However, it has become an important part of my treatment plan.
I take a bath with soap made of frankincense and no medicine.
I also made a lotion with frankincense and no medicine.
My hormone balance mixture also contains frankincense.
I believe everyone should have this essential oil in their medicine cabinet.
This is a mixture of soap for my daily bath.
Fragrant essential oil.
A friend of mine just had a big surgery and he was worried about the scar.
She asked me to put together an essential oil mixture that helps reduce scars. Here it is!
Soaked in olive oil.
I'm not a huge fan of hand sanitizer, so I came up with my own hand sanitizer with essential oils.
Essential oils of mint, balsam fir, clove, tea tree, oregano, Rosewood and Cypress.
I always run into something, and sometimes I get bruises mysteriously on my skin.
I created this mixture and it works beautifully.
I believe this will let you know what essential oils can do for you.
They, along with my herbs, certainly helped with my trip to the red spot.
If you have tried these blends, please comment below and let me know how they work for you.
I like your letter!
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