Facts About the Coconut Tree - Detailed Description and Uses - godiva skin care products philippin

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Facts About the Coconut Tree - Detailed Description and Uses - godiva skin care products philippines

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-02
Facts About the Coconut Tree - Detailed Description and Uses  -  godiva skin care products philippines
Coconut trees can be called trees of life.
Every part of the coconut tree is used in some form.
Coconut trees need plenty of sunshineaerated soil.
They grow in tropical areas, where the climate is hot and humid and the rainfall is abundant.
They grow well in inflatable sandy soil near the coastline and resist the salinity of seawater.
They are grown in large numbers in India, Sri Lanka, the Hawaiian Islands, polynisia, the Philippines, Malaysia, South America, Brazil, Florida and California.
There are two types of coconut trees, tall and short.
Tall varieties mature slowly, the first flower appeared six years later.
Their life span is about 60 to 70 years.
The longevity of dwarf varieties is about thirty years.
They cut fruit early than high varieties.
The plant name of the coconut tree is coconut.
It belongs to arec ).
The tree has a thick trunk of up to 30 metres.
The coconut tree has a crown of leaves on the top of the trunk.
Coconut trees have shallow roots.
The leaves of coconut trees are feather-shaped in arrangement.
There is a thick central structure that grows to 4-
6 metres long.
In this structure, many long and narrow leaves grow on both sides, 60-90 cm long.
Male and female flowers are in the same spike on the same tree (a group of flowers arranged on a long handle ).
The flower is spread by the wind, and the color ranges from light yellow to dark yellow.
Coconut flowers are used for decoration.
The coconut is fiber --
Seed nuclear fruit (nuclear fruit is a fruit with a hard stone cover around the seed ).
It is oval and green when it is not mature.
When the fruit is ripe, the color changes from yellow to red yellow.
Coconut water is a good source of hydration for the body.
Low levels of fat and cholesterol.
Coconut water is rich in chlorine and potassium and contains natural sugar.
It is easily absorbed into the blood as an isopermeable electrolyte.
Coconut water promotes metabolism, helps digestion, cleans and detoxifies blood.
Coconut oil extracted from coconut pulp is used for hair and skin care.
The benefits of coconut oil for the skin-
Coconut oil is an important ingredient in many cosmetics.
The trunk of the coconut tree produces a wood called porcupine wood, which is used as a building material.
Used to make canoes, Poles, raf and fences.
Huge leaves are woven together to form a thatched roof.
The fiber shell of the coconut is also called the coconut shell, which is used to make mats, mattresses, ropes, brushes and filler fibers.
It is widely used in gardening to make potted compost.
The central midpulse of the coconut leaves is thick, used to make baskets, mats, and to tie logs together.
Thick white fleshy layers of coconut are used to cook a variety of dishes.
You can also eat ordinary food for salad.
Coconut has a juice called coconut water.
The top of the green coconut is cut off and a straw is installed through the hole to taste the delicious sweet coconut water.
The coconut water is sweet and refreshing.
It is the source of instant energy.
Coconut water is also rich in antioxidants, proteins and vitamins.
Coconut milk is extracted from the white fleshy part of the coconut.
This milk can be used to season soup, snacks and vegetables.
The remaining coconut cubes produced by coconut milk are used as cattle feed.
The juice of coconut trees is used to make alcoholic beverages (tuba ).
This SAP is also used to make wine and vinegar.
If the nuts remain on the tree and continue to mature, the outside will become harder, the lining of the meat will become thicker, and the coconut water will become tasteless. copra.
Coconut oil is used to extract coconut oil.
This oil is used for cooking, making margarine, cosmetics, soap and candles.
Make wooden bowls with empty shells;
They are used as cooking fuel and are used to make gas masks and air filters.
Roots are used to make natural dyes and herbs.
Coconut shells are used to make coconut jewelry such as beads, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and bracelets.
They also made coconut buttons for Hawaiian aloha shirts.
Shells are used to buffer the floor.
It is a good source of charcoal and is widely used as a fuel for industry and stoves.
There is also activated carbon in the coconut shell.
Coconut shells are also used to make musical instruments. , etc.
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