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Facts About the Sandalwood Tree - Description & Uses - facts about skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-03
Facts About the Sandalwood Tree - Description & Uses  -  facts about skin care products
Sandalwood has been used in India since 4000.
It is an important part of traditional Chinese medicine and Tibetan medicine.
The plant name of sandalwood is.
Santalum's album is known for its many names, such as white sandalwood, Mysore sandalwood, East India Sandalwood and Qian Dan.
Sandalwood trees are grown in large quantities in Mysore, Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu in eastern India.
The trees are also being planted in Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and northwestern Australia.
The value of the sandalwood tree is high because it is the sandalwood oil extracted from the heart of the tree.
The sandalwood tree can live to be one hundred years old.
Sandalwood is a parasitic evergreen tree that receives nutrients from other plants.
The following trees are suitable hosts for sandalwood trees-
Sandalwood trees grow to 12-
15 metres tall.
The bark of the tree is reddish brown.
The smooth trunk of the trees becomes rough with age and forms deep vertical cracks.
The leaves are oval, arranged relatively with each other.
Colorful green with tough texture.
The flowers are purple.
Brown without any fragrance.
Sandalwood grows well in dry, rocky and hilly areas.
The sandalwood tree is rich in sandalwood oil.
The center of the trunk is called the center of the trunk with the maximum concentration of this oil.
The Hearthwood is a dead wood and a pillar supporting the tree.
The exterior of the trunk is called "sapwood" and is alive.
The main function of the edge material is to transport water from the root to the rest of the tree.
How is sandalwood oil extracted?
The heart of the root of sandalwood is rich in aromatic essential oils.
Sandalwood oil was extracted by steam distillation.
In this method, the Hearthwood is first powdered, then the steam is passed through this powdered wood, and then the oil is carried inside.
Then cool the steam to get the sandalwood oil.
Oil can only be mined after about 30 years, especially during the rainy season.
Instead of being cut down, trees are pulled from roots so that the roots can be used to extract aromatic sandalwood oil.
The color of sandalwood oil is light yellow.
The fragrance is rich, with the fragrance of wood.
This oil has a strong smell and will remain for a long time.
Sandalwood oil has been used in Ayurvedic medicine since thousands of years ago.
It has soothing and relaxing effects and is used in aromatherapy.
Sandalwood oil is used for body massage.
Sandalwood oil massage to relieve pressure, has a calming effect.
In traditional Chinese medicine and Indian medicine, sandalwood oil is used to treat health conditions such as digestive problems, cough, throat inflammation, sore throat, neurological disorders, depression and anxiety.
Sandalwood oil is used for skin care to treat dry, cracked or cracked skin, rash and acne.
Suitable for all types of skin.
Sandalwood oil is heavily used in the perfume industry.
Sandalwood oil as the basis, helps to mix the separate fragrance of the oil used to make natural perfumes, also known as "Sandalwood oil ".
The sandalwood oil is mixed and kept with a separate scent of each essential oil used to make the perfume.
It helps to blend the two essential oils together without exceeding the fragrance of the other essential oils used.
Sandalwood trees are cut down in large quantities and are almost extinct in the wild.
The Indian government has banned the export of sandalwood to prevent further logging of these trees. http://www. edenbotanicals. com/sandalwood-essential-oil. http://aob. oxfordjournals.
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