Filipino Inventions and Discoveries that Shaped the World - korean skin care products in the phili

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Filipino Inventions and Discoveries that Shaped the World - korean skin care products in the philippines

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-31
Filipino Inventions and Discoveries that Shaped the World  -  korean skin care products in the philippines
The Filipinos are the greatest imitators.
In other words, we copy existing methods, styles, or methods, and even surpass them.
The negative idea is around it, or you can benefit from it.
But when it comes to inventions and inventions, if you copy the patent, then it will be an obvious piracy if you do not have the proper permission to copy it.
More importantly, in hub pages, this will be repeated or plagiarism.
I strongly oppose this view.
Many Filipino scientists and inventors have contributed to improving the living conditions of people around the world.
We have been informed of their contributions and I am proud to be able to present them on hub pages.
Scientists in the Philippines have a long list of achievements that their compatriots will never ignore.
Although most of them are working abroad for higher salaries and scholarships, many Filipinos still benefit from their findings.
Inventor of fluorescent lamps.
He applied for a patent, but since the government did not support most of his efforts, he sold it to many in France.
GE, a national company, has the full power to benefit from his very clever invention.
During World War II, the intelligence of the Filipinos was tested, with a name from Sama.
Who invented Amali?
The US government has bought the patent so they can replicate weapons on a large scale.
But so far, the issue is still controversial because there is no credible answer on the Web as a "City legend.
However, in our high school Cats (Army training for citizens) and CMT/ROTC at the University (military training for citizens), this is what our officers taught us for two
Military Science.
Arguments about the authenticity of the topic can be read in many links that appear on the Internet.
When I was studying at the local maritime school, one of our lecturers shared the story of his cousin, who used to work at NASA.
A rover or Rover.
It was 1969 the first time a man landed on the moon.
Recently, the issue of where credit should go has again been debated. Karaoke Sing-? .
The dispute was submitted to the Superior Court and won the original case.
Ironically, Korea hosts karaoke competitions every year.
Back in the Philippines, karaoke units are often seen in luxurious restaurants and bars (with TV monitors, microphones and karaoke gadgets ).
During a holiday, birthday or anniversary in the countryside, it is rented out to enliven the celebration.
Filipinos like to sing, and even farmers sing karaoke every day.
Red chain bacteria.
A well-known Illonggo doctor/scientist at Iloilo found the strain of erythromycin from the soil in his hometown in 1949.
He sent it to Eli Lilli Co.
His employers in the United States are trying to separate the pressure.
They did it there, but the Philippine government never received any royalties or people who found it, Dr.
Aguilar himself.
Angel Alcala is behind the invention of artificial coral reefs in Southeast Asia.
Benjamin Almeida designed a food
Processing machine.
Julian bansong studied ways to produce alternative fuels.
Ramon Baba invented a practical method of flower induction treatment.
Dr. Benjamin Cabrera has developed innovative drug treatment for diseases caused by mosquitoes and agricultural soil.
Paul Campos established the first radioisotope laboratory in the Philippines.
Magdalena Cantoria is a famous botanist in the Philippines.
Philippine physicist comfino Comiso has warned the world about global warming.
Dr. lourde Cruz has made scientific contributions to the biochemistry field of conotoxin.
Philippine scientist Roland de la Cruz has invented an anti-cancer cream.
Philippine scientist Emerita De Guzman studied the reproduction of pure makapuno trees.
Dr. Fe Del Mundo is considered to be a hero in the research that led to the invention of improved incubators and jaundice mitigation devices.
Philippine chemist Rosario is known for his achievements in biotechnology and applied physical chemistry.
Roberto del Rosario is the inventor of the karaoke system.
Daniel Dingle claims to have invented a waterpowered car.
Philippine Scientist Pedro eskolo is known for its isolation of nine rice varieties.
Some praised Agapito Flores as the inventor of the first fluorescent lamp --is this true?
Pedro Flores was the first person to make a yo-yo.
You are in America.
Francisco Fronda is the father of poultry learning in the Philippines.
Food and nutrition researcher Carmen Intengan is a pioneer in helping improve the diet in the Philippines.
Amando Kapauan is a Filipino chemist specializing in environmental chemistry.
Hilario Lara has helped establish the National Research Council of the Philippines.
Felix Malamba made a coconut oil
Fuel generator.
Food inventor Maria Orosa
Also known as Maria Orosa
The invention of the orange race Soyalac.
William Padolina served as Minister of Science and Technology of the Philippines.
Eduardo Quisumbing is a famous expert in medicinal plants in the Philippines.
Philippine chemist Francisco Quisumbing invented Quink ink.
Dolores Ramires has promoted the development of genetics in the Philippines.
Jose rodeitz, a famous scientist and researcher in the Philippines, invented a way to control leprosy.
Eduardo San Juan works in the team that invented the rover or Rover.
Philippine chemist Alfredo Santos is a well-known researcher in the chemistry of natural products.
Philippine chemist Francisco Santos studied nutritional issues related to the Philippine diet.
Philippine scientist Gregory velask has conducted an in-depth study of blue-green algae.
Carmen Velasquez is a famous biologist in the Philippines. Gregorio Zara -
Prescillano Zamora is known for his research on plant anatomy
Including the classification of ferns in the Philippines and the discovery of more fern species.
The toys we played today were made in the Philippines as combat equipment.
In the 15th-century, when the Spaniards first came to the islands, they noticed that the locals had this weapon (made of hardwood floors) in addition to Boro, spear and archers ).
Yoyo is now a popular toy almost all over the world.
In Japan, this ancient Philippine weapon appeared in the storyline and animation.
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