fire up the crock pot — the baby has eczema and mom has the answer - organic professional skin care product lines

fire up the crock pot — the baby has eczema and mom has the answer  -  organic professional skin care product lines
When you look back on 2017, I hope this year will be half of Patrice Musso for you.
Murso is the founder of Vancouver.
Satya organic skincare, the best year anyone can expect.
Its only product, an-
Inflammatory skin cream is currently sold in 600 stores in Canada, up from 400 a year ago.
In the past year, Muso's sales have tripled and online revenues have increased tenfold.
She has also developed several new products that will be available on 2018.
In addition, Musso has won awards this year, including two outstanding Aboriginal Enterprise Awards (
A native of the Soviet watch team, Ont.
, Mousseau is Ojibwa from the first nation of Fort William).
She also won by three CBC-TV dragons.
Most importantly, SHeEo's radical and generous community chose Satya as one of five companies to share $500,000 in low-yield situations
500 female investors and executives not only supported off-site, but were eager to step in and help.
As a former broadcaster without any business training, Musso doesn't want to make you think everything will be good.
Like many entrepreneurs, she also faces problems such as retail rejection, production bottlenecks, and often falls intodoubt.
Nevertheless, the speed at which Satya certifies its products and obtains shelf space suggests that Canada is not only becoming a country that respects startups, but also knows how to nurture them.
This is good news for the next generation of entrepreneurs.
Satya's story, like many businesses, begins with a resourceful mother.
Musso gave up the booming news business.
She hosted national news for the CBC News Channel and the Indigenous People's Television Network)
Raising her daughter, Esme.
At 8 months, Esme developed eczema and skin pain and inflammation.
Between a crying baby and a bloody sheet, Musso is eager to find a remedy-but she has reported enough news about the harmful side --
Avoid the effects of steroids
The cream prescribed by her doctor. (
For the record, a medical Place, a patient.
Local steroid creams and lotions are "usually" safe, noted Info.
But it says continued use can affect children's growth or cause problems such as skin thinning, bone damage, and high blood pressure. )
The news background gives people the confidence to tackle research projects that will deter most people.
Mousseau searches the library and the Web for more benign skin treatments and finds a complete plant worldbased anti-
Including the deinflam of nuts, flowers and other organic products.
She ordered ingredients such as golden calend flower (
Basically, Wan Shouju)
There is also almond oil, mixed in a jar on her stove.
A few weeks later, she came up with a creamy substance that was applied to the tender skin of the baby.
Two days later, Esme had a rash.
This makes Musso want to know how to deal with all of her remaining products.
So she asked her Facebook network if anyone was interested in some free homeSkin cream. (
She clearly had no concerns about providing a remedy to her friends: "It was all made of food.
You can eat. ”)
Musso's friend turned out to be very eager to try, and she had to go back to the stove and make three more pots.
She thought it might be a business.
The best start-up companies come from research.
Mousseau attended business meetings to learn how to build a company and meet with mentors;
She found out how to apply for USDA organic certification and even found a young designer who agreed to design mu Su's products for free.
She calls her career Satya, a yoga term that means true.
"I decided to make the best and highest choice forever," Musso said . ".
"I want to create a business where I can be an example.
In the fall of 2013, Musso began selling through the farmers market.
Her first day: $110.
Satya is made up of eight parts today. Time staff (
4 increase from a year ago)
They are all mothers with flexible working hours.
Funded by Vancouver tale 'awtxwaboriginalcapital
Mousseau and local bank Vanke Chengpin Doodles where she can (
"Everything in my trade
Booth from Value Village ")
According to Satya's ethics, she pays all employees a living wage of at least $22 an hour.
With the help of akton, Ontario-
Purity Life Health Products, Canada's largest distributor of Health Products-
Satya now sells food to more than 600 retailers, from independent retailers to giants such as Metro, Rexall and Whole Foods.
Its cream is now produced by a colleague.
Packaging facilities in Vancouver.
While Musso strives to make its products affordable, she says profit margins are healthy between 84.
Mousseau is launching a push-for 2018-
Apply the applicator for people who don't like to dip sticky substances with their fingers, and also apply body butter and new preparations for tattoo owners and patients with psoriasis.
But her biggest dream now is to go beyond the example and become a catalyst for the economy.
She wants to set up her own cooperative.
Packaging facilities, preferably on indigenous lands near Vancouver, help other entrepreneurs develop new products and build businesses in an environment built for untested and unsafe innovators.
"Entrepreneurs are actually very vulnerable," she said . "
"We have achieved sustained success in this regard.
But sometimes it's good to have someone you can share your failures in a safe place.
This is why starting a business is so important.
Today's award-winning entrepreneurs have created better conditions and opportunities for tomorrow's start-up.
Just tell us your requirements, we can do more than you can imagine.
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