flowerboys and the appeal of 'soft masculinity' in south korea - how long to leave facial mask on

flowerboys and the appeal of \'soft masculinity\' in south korea  -  how long to leave facial mask on
A man in cosmetics
On the street it may cause unwelcome attention, questions about his manhood, and even his sexual orientation.
But in South Korea, as the BBC's Saira Asher reports, the idea of how to look like a man is changing people's attitudes and influencing the world.
When the BBC released a video about the production
On Facebook, the reaction of Seoul's old YouTube Uber has gone from curiosity to sharpness.
Some people think it means he's gay, while others warn him because of his choice that "real men don't wear make-up".
Of course, there are also some who argue that no matter how happy he is, he can live freely and oppose the "fragile masculinity" on the show ". But Kim Seung-
Hwan is used to it.
He said he was called Gay by some Koreans on the Internet, as long as he had been doing makeup --up tutorials.
When asked if he thought he looked feminine after putting on his makeup
He was confused by the question as if he had never thought about it. "No I don't.
"I don't think it's like a girl," he said . ".
"Looks good.
"For people who are uncomfortable with men wearing make --
The scene of a climax
The men's salon in Gangnam, Seoul will be a great thing.
But it points to an important shift in cultural expectations. Senior make-
Artist Han Xian-
Jae is skilled in applying foundation, eyeliner and lipstick to men.
He chooses from a range of products and brands that most women are familiar with and enters what he calls K-pop (
Short for Korean pop music)look .
This is a scene repeated day after day.
A group of confident young people walked into the salon and left with perfect skin and hair.
Many of them are singers or actors on their way to the promotion.
A man is there for his wedding.
Up is a common practice for Korean men.
He chose red lips for his special day.
"We make their skin color cleaner, their eyebrows darker, their faces more contoured, and show their masculinity in a way they can't do it themselves," Mr. Han said . ".
He says men come in and want to look like their favorite K-pop idols.
In the last few years, K-
Pop bands and Korean dramas have become the main influence of the country and last year on young people.
Pop music broke the mainstream of American and British music.
"I think Korea is the pioneer of male beauty culture, definitely in Asia, if not the world," said Joanna elfoping.
Huang Yuxi, from the University of Western Australia, has conducted extensive research on beauty and image in South Korea. "The way they (K-pop stars)
Playing with men, what it means to be a beautiful man in straight or non-straight
In a straight way, it opens up possibilities for men on the street and ultimately makes it more acceptable.
"It doesn't mean that everyone in Seoul is wearing makeup --up.
But in a young and fashionable neighborhood like Myeongdong
It's common for Dong to see men walking around with foundation or BB cream (blemish balm)-
A blend of moisturizing light makeup.
More importantly, it allows for a more relaxed explanation of what men can accept in terms of beauty.
Some young Koreans do not apologize for their efforts to improve their image.
This is not always the case.
In 1990s and 1980, the salary male is the popular male aesthetic.
Suits, luxurious watches and traditional male looks are the norm.
South Korea has a mandatory national service, which shapes and defines what people think will be attractive.
Sun said: "after the 80 s and 90 s, men in popular Korean content were portrayed as tough men in gangster and detective films, and in some TV dramas as rebellious young people, the author of male temperament and cross-cultural consumption in Korea.
But all the changes in the middle
Professor elfting said that when the music group Seo Taeji and the children came to the scene, they were already in their 1990 s. Hwang.
They use the influence of rap, rock and electronic music to incorporate English into their music. They kick-
She said she founded the fan culture and has now become an important force in the music industry.
Subsequently, large entertainment companies launched K-
The pop girls band and the boys band, their influence has not been like this before.
"Compared with the post-80 s and post-90 s, the current male temperament is much softer --
Beautiful boy image and gentle male image
"Media Representation, consumers welcome and consume them extensively," he said . ".
They're called Khonminam-
Combine the words of flowers and a beautiful person.
She says it needs to be inspired by similar concepts in Japanese Bishonen or beautiful boys and Shojo comics --girls comics.
But it's not female.
"I think this phenomenon should be explained by mixed or versatile masculinity --
Soft and Manly at the same time
This is different from effeminised, "said Dr. Zheng.
She quoted Song Zhong.
"Descendants of the Sun" is a very popular star in the Korean TV series "descendants of the Sun.
He may be a khonminam from his appearance, but as captain of the special forces in the Army, he is also a tough guy.
Descendants of the Sun and other Korean dramas have helped South Korea spread this view across Asia and now around the world.
This means that the way to achieve this look is needed.
Billboards in Seoul are filled with male idols selling products such as facial masks and moisturizers.
The company is actively recruiting men to sell women's products. up products.
Their fans in China, Thailand and Singapore will not be fired.
Their performances and product launches attracted a large audience.
"Men in China and Southeast Asia tend to think Korean men are typical beauties," Li said . "
Consultant Min of Korean beauty company.
"This has had a huge impact on Asian male consumers.
"In addition to Asia, Korean brands are also starting to sell well in the US and Europe.
Wal-Mart and Sephora now have K-beauty (Korean beauty)
The brands on their shelves and the American bloggers are talking about this 10-step K-
Beauty procedure for glowing skin.
Made in America and Europe
Up lovers quickly became familiar with brands that were previously only popular in Asia, such as tonmoly, Innisfree and Etude House.
The most interesting thing is that established beauty brands are producing products from Korea.
Like Clinique, Lancome and L'Oreal have both launched a cushion contract.
The pursuit of a perfect face has undoubtedly contributed to the rise of cosmetic surgery in Korea to achieve the desired chin or nose.
But it also stems from your deep-rooted focus on how to show yourself to others.
This is the general sentiment throughout Seoul.
People here really care about how they look and how they go to the world.
Whether it's a man or a woman
If you don't meet a cosmetics or skincare store and there is a salesperson outside trying to lure you with a free mask, you can't take a few steps and the company will definitely take advantage of this self
Caring culture for selling products.
But the man is also on the receiving end of that drive.
Or pressure.
Self-improvement that women feel for generations.
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