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Fluoride by Any Other Name - hindustan unilever skin care products

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Fluoride by Any Other Name  -  hindustan unilever skin care products
"Fluoride is a combination of any element that contains fluoride.
Fluorine is a light yellow, highly toxic and corrosive gas.
In nature, it is found that fluorine is combined with minerals to form fluoride.
Under the action of hydrogen, it will form a fluorine hydrogen body. in the aqueous solution, fluorine hydrogen will become hf. . .
The US Registry of Toxic Substances and diseases (ATSDR) lists fluoride or fluoride as the top 20 of the 275 substances that pose the greatest threat to human health.
While fluosilicate and sodium fluosilicate are more commonly used additives in the United States, fluoride is often used to provide fluorescence for public water supply.
For people weighing about 154, the lethal dose of fluoride is estimated to be between 5 and 10 grams.
At high doses, it has been shown to affect the heart and circulation system.
A 154-pound weight estimate is a serious problem for children and a large number of underweight adult women.
In 1940 seconds, the optimal level of fluoride added to the water supply is 1 ppm, equal to 1 mg.
This is based on the assumption that if 4 glasses of water are consumed per day, the total amount of fluoride consumed per day will be 1 mg.
This is interesting because it is now recommended that humans drink at least 8 glasses of water a day for the best health benefits.
In addition Iowa University (American Dental Association magazine reported) of research personnel of a study found that more than 71% of soft drinks in 300 containing soft drinks. Fluoride 60 ppm.
We now add fluoride to toothpaste, drinks, processed foods, vitamins and mineral supplements.
There are also some naturally present fluoride in fresh fruits and vegetables as they grow in fertilizers.
The estimated fluoride intake is now about 8 mg.
This is 8 times the initial estimate for the optimal dose.
Most studies have studied adding fluoride to water by using fluoride, rather than focusing on cheaper forms of fluoride that are more widely used.
They are fluorine Silicon, fluorine Silicon hydrogen acid and fluorine Silicon sodium.
The study was completed in 1999, 280,000 Massimo usettes, showing that the lead content in the blood was significantly higher than that of sodium fluoride in urban areas communities using these cheap compounds or there was no chance at all.
When added to water, the interaction of fluorine compounds with other water additives has aroused great concern.
Aluminum compounds, for example, are usually added to the water as clear agents.
Aluminum itself is not absorbed by the body, but they form aluminum when fluorine is present
Easily absorbed fluoride.
A long-term study published in 1988 shows that even compounds with low levels in drinking water deliver more aluminum to the brain than concentrated aluminum fluoride.
It also found that both types of aluminum were very low.
Fluoride and fluoride can cause serious kidney damage and damage to the brain, similar to Alzheimer's and other types of dementia.
Then there is a thyroid connection.
Fluoride has been used for years to treat thyroid dysfunction, but is below the current level of 1 mg of fluoride per day.
Fluorine has the ability to simulate thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH.
There are more than 150 symptoms and associations of hypothyroidism.
Almost all symptoms of fluoride poisoning.
Quite a few experts and researchers believe that fluoride may be part of the prevalence of hypothyroidism.
In an interview on 2001, researcher Andreas Schulz said, "in the liver, all fluoride interferes with the metabolism of thyroid hormones, leading to thyroid diseases and related diseases, such as muscle heart disease.
Obtaining raw data from a large study conducted by the National Dental Institute (NIDR)
John Yiamouyiannis believes that fluoride is not suspected of successful tooth decay prevention.
The difference in DMFT values (average number of rotten, missing or filled teeth) was small for about 40,000 children.
It doesn't matter if they grow up in a fluorine-plus, non-fluorine environment.
Areas containing fluorine or some fluorine.
Until he died in 2000.
Yiamouyiannis is the world's leading authoritative influence of fluorine on organisms.
Although there are many concerns about excessive intake of fluorine, the most important concern is dental fluoride. in dental fluoride, enamel cannot crystallize normally on permanent teeth.
Yet another less well-known problem is its effect on the human brain and other organs of the body.
According to her own research,
According to Phyllis Mullenix, fluoride reduces children's IQ.
The studies carried out in the 1950 s seem to support her studies because they show a link between Down syndrome and natural fluoride.
This is another example of the information removed from the public view. There is wide-
Dissemination of information that could harm companies such as Monsanto.
To protect the image of the companies that are damaging our health, this video was removed from the publication.
In the second half of 1950 and the first few years of 60, France-
Ionel Rapaport, a trained endocrine scientist, provides evidence that fluoride is linked to Down's syndrome.
His study shows how the age of women with children with Down syndrome is reduced, which is directly related to an increase in fluoride in water supply.
With the increase in fluoride levels in the water, the age of women who gave birth to affected infants decreased.
For those who died
Hards, those who can't believe that fluoride is not something that should be consumed for any reason, consider Dr.
Until 1991, William Marcus was the chief toxicologist at the EPA's drinking water office.
After reviewing Battelle's study on fluorine toxicology for the National Toxicology project, he concluded that there was a dose-
An increase in bone cancer in male rats.
He is particularly concerned that the fluoride levels that lead to cancer in rats are lower than those of humans with low long-term intake.
Since fluorine is not secreted from the body, but accumulated to a toxic level, this level is produced.
In 1991, he was fired after he insisted on a fair assessment of the potential of fluorine-induced cancer.
After three years of legal struggle, he returned to his original post, revealing the truth behind one of the most sinister secrets.
Secretary of Labor Robert B.
Reich, he ordered the Environmental Protection Agency to recover.
Marcus said that the real reason for leaving the hospital was revenge, "specifically because
Marcus wrote and disseminated a memorandum criticizing a draft report on toxicology and cancer-causing studies, which EPA considers to be used in regulating fluoride levels.
His superiors ordered an EPA investigator to shred the evidence collected during the investigation.
Robert Reich also pointed out that the Environmental Protection Agency withheld evidence in support of Dr.
Marcus in court.
Although the following information was not mentioned by Mr.
Reich, recorded this at a hearing by a judge, Clark: clear evidence that EPA tampered with witnesses and threatened EPA employees if they testified in support of Dr. Marcus.
EPA management falsified his time card to accuse him of abusing official time.
Why did the Environmental Protection Agency take this action against the doctor? Marcus?
Because his valid concerns would remove the ability of EPA to take advantage of their fabricated research conclusions.
They also want to punish him for criticizing the Public Health Service for misrepresenting the results of the yiamouyiis is/Burk study, which shows that more than 10,000 cancer patients die from fluoride every year. Also, doctor.
Marcus found that there was a problem with the design of the study, as animals used as controls should not receive any chemicals given to treated animals.
In this study, control animals were given 6 to 7 times more fluorine than humans had obtained from fluoride-containing water, which may be to balance the incidence of cancer. Who is Bateer?
On their website, they claim that the Bateer Memorial College is a 501 (c) (3) charitable trust based in Columbus, Ohio.
Our 22,000 employees in more than 130 locations around the world are committed to the efforts and investments of science, education, technology and communities to achieve a safer, healthier and more efficient tomorrow.
93% of their total funding comes from industries seeking product approval and the US federal government. --
We are applying a strong foundation of science and technology to help address the most complex challenges of human health through advances in medicine, healthcare and agriculture.
Of the top 100 government contractors
S. Air Force, Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security.
Contracts purchased in 2011 totalled $1,330,333,000.
You might want to know why I included information about the Bateer Memorial College and specifically recorded the two service areas they listed.
Battelle is the company that produced the preliminary study, which was commissioned by the National Toxicology Program (government agency) and, in fact, the Environmental Protection Agency (another government agency) is trying to support
The results of fluoride manufacturing suggest that healthy teeth are not the real purpose behind these actions. Fluoride -
I have introduced some information that may point to the government agenda for more evil purposes.
None of the information contained is an easily verifiable fact.
An internet search of any individual presented will bring many articles about their background and their field of research or practice.
The last message I left was that fluoride was another weapon for Arsenal, with the aim of disappointing the United States.
Through her extensive research
Phyllis Mullenix found that fluoride actually reduces IQ in children and leads to ADHD in many factors.
When she presented her findings to NIDR (National Dental Institute), a division of the National Institutes of Health, she was severely punished.
She was out of work, her personal research equipment and computers were destroyed, all the grants and funds for research were vacated, and she was told that her research was not their kind of science, although she was given the task by the director of the Forsythe dental institute for whom she studied.
After being fired, Forsythe immediately received a $ Grant from Colgate. http://www.
Fluorescent facts.
Chaired by Australian Liberal MP Harley rivers Dickinson.
In my opinion, fluoride institutions are more influential and misleading than the uranium/nuclear energy industry. âx80x9d ~ Dr.
Dr. George waldebot
D, working with Dr. Albert Burgess TalleD, and H.
Dr. Lewis McKinney
There are many sources of information on the use of fluoride in drinking water and many other products.
What I found very interesting is that I didn't find much in my profession.
Fluoride articles with different information and even methods.
In one example, a commenter posted the information to be found on the website of the National Library of Medicine at the National Institutes of Health.
The author of the cited work is C. Parnell, H. Whelton, and D.
O \ 'mullane, College of University, Cork, Ireland, College of Dentistry.
Ireland has been fighting water and fluorine for many years.
Their struggle is the same as that of the United States.
They are the only country in the EU that still enforces water fluoride.
Helen Wilton and Dennis o Mulan did not do any research on the effect of fluorine on anything other than dentistry.
They have no expertise in medicine and nutrition.
They are certainly not experts in fluorine, except for things that may or may not be done to human teeth.
If you find this information helpful, please pass it by clicking on the tweet or 1 button provided at the top of the page.
There is too much information about Wilton and O \ 'mullane to enter at this time.
But O \ 'mullane has always been associated with big business, he is pro-
Unilever Dental College fluorine website.
(Click to learn about the company) is a British company
A Dutch multinational company with many consumer goods brands of food, beverages, cleaners and personal care products (toothpaste, mouthwash, etc. ) in the world.
If you want to have a comprehensive understanding of the professorwebsite page. They are a non-
Profitable health organization
"Fluoride is the biggest scientific fraud case of the century, if not all the time.
\"~ Dr. Robert Caton, a scientist who has worked in the US Environmental Protection Agency for 20 years.
Since more than 1990 U. S. cities refused to add fluorine.
In 1990 cases, 40 American dentists filed a lawsuit with the American Dental Association claiming that the association deliberately protected the public from data linking fluoride to genetic defects, cancer and other health issues
All fluoride toothpaste in the United States must have a poison symbol, and if toothpaste larger than the size of the pea is swallowed, the nearest poison unit is warned to be contacted.
On 1997, the coalition of government scientists of the US Environmental Protection Agency unanimously voted
Sponsoring a California no-fluoride initiative, stating that "our members" have reviewed the evidence system for the past 11 years, including animal and human epidemiology studies, indicates a causal [NB causal relationship] between fluoride/fluoride and cancer, genetic damage, nerve damage, and bone pathology ".
Fluorine is poison.
Aside from queuing up for the pockets of a few people, this is not of any benefit to human beings.
"We have an evil network in this country and we can no longer hide it. \"---
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