French Wardrobe Basics - The Wardrobe Essentials of French Women - french skin care products bioli

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French Wardrobe Basics - The Wardrobe Essentials of French Women - french skin care products biolique

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-02
French Wardrobe Basics - The Wardrobe Essentials of French Women  -  french skin care products biolique
Many women around the world appreciate the dress style of French women and want to wear similar clothes.
Like you, many people want to know which is the foundation of the French wardrobe and the foundation of the French wardrobe.
In this article I will list them to give you an idea of the items you may want to get.
However, I will first share with you the principles that many French women follow when creating wardrobes and cultivating the overall look.
If you follow these principles, you will eventually learn how to get the essentials of a French wardrobe and how to dress like a French woman.
I will also show you which color French women prefer, and the reasons for the fabrics and patterns they like, tips on how to match your look and build a collection of shoes, take you anywhere and come up with ideas on how to wear hair and makeup --
The way to France. Simplicity -
French women prefer very simple clothes in style, almost minimalist.
They created very simple outfits but added accessories to make them more jazz. -
The style they like is an eternal classic that can stand the test of time.
However, these classic costumes are by no means tacky.
French women have a keen eye for contemporary classics or classics and will become avant-garde in order to keep the latest look.
Modesty and femininity. -
Elegant clothes are made of high-quality natural fabrics.
Make sure the clothes fit.
Less is More/mix-and-match-
The French wardrobe is small and is based on a small number of simple and widely used clothing that is easy to match.
Ongoing review and editing process
In order to keep a good dress for a lifetime, French women often check their wardrobes and discard worn or inappropriate items. and style -
French women like to keep in sync with fashion and may incorporate some current trends into her wardrobe to update her look.
French women prefer clothes in neutral colors.
Examples of neutral colors include black, white, gray, cream, camel, Navy and cowboy.
They are easy to mix and match.
They are a blank canvas and you can personalize your look with accessories like scarves. They are non-memorable.
They are not as prominent as red, and can be worn more frequently without notice.
French women often wear the same outfit for two consecutive days, but to make it look different, they change accessories.
A French woman's wardrobe is based on some simple basic items.
French women create a minimalist wardrobe by shrinking the wardrobe to meet the necessities of a lifestyle.
French wardrobe base includes items such as jeans, black skirt, black jacket, LDB, white T-
Shirt, white shirt.
As you can see from above, many French women choose to wear clothes in basic neutral colors.
They may add some items to printed fabrics or fabrics with textures, but they are very careful about what they choose because it requires versatility and a matching base.
French women rarely wear prints and love Breton stripes (see photo on the right ).
If they are wearing a texture, then it will be a simple neutral color, such as a black lace, a flower in neutral colors such as black, white and gray, knitted in neutral suede lint or leather or simple texture.
These textured fabrics are not as complex as French women like to keep their clothes simple.
Make sure they fit when you buy clothes.
They change if they are not a perfect fit.
The idea is almost to make your clothes look invisible so we can see you instead of clothes.
How many times did you notice a woman's clothes before you noticed her because they were too tight or too loose and totally unflattering?
Find a good tailor who can wear the length that suits you best in a skirt and pants, or a jacket and skirt to give you a more customized and slim figure. Scarves -
For French women, scarves are important accessories they wear all year round.
They are French wardrobe necessities.
In the winter, a French woman will wear a winter coat and a warm and comfortable heavy scarf, and in the summer she will wear a thinner heavy scarf with a t-
A shirt, a cotton shirt, or a light sweater.
The price of the scarf is cheap, beautiful color, interesting pattern or texture of the scarf can add spice to the original simple dress.
French women wear scarves in a variety of ways
On their necks, as belts, on their handbags, on their heads.
French women are also very creative in wearing scarves.
Many women tried to imitate their scarf binding skills but did not succeed.
So, what is the secret of how they tie their scarves?
I have written a few articles that will show you several creative ways of wearing your scarf.
Just click on the link below to learn how to tie a scarf like a French woman.
There are not many shoes for a French woman.
However, she has a small number of shoes that she has carefully considered and edited to perfectly meet her needs.
For maximum diversity, her shoes are usually neutral colors such as black or brown, so they can be mixed and matched with her clothes.
In winter, she chose a pair of fashionable winter boots with winter clothes.
Of course, women also need shoes on other occasions such as weddings, parties and holidays.
I wrote an article about how to create a small and simple shoe cabinet, like a French woman, considering your lifestyle.
I hope you will find it useful. here.
In addition to scarves, French women have some other high quality accessories that they can use to change the look of the dress, pull it together and make it look more personalized.
Accessories only wear a few at a time-
Keep it simple again.
Coco Chanel is known for advising women to look in the mirror and take off an accessory before going out. Hair, Make-
French women love the natural look of hair and makeup
This is a key component of their overall "look.
You rarely see a French woman in fancy clothes.
Hair of unnatural color. -
Fond of natural colors and chic hairstyles that are easy to care for, such as bob with shoulder length, it stays in good condition and wears various styles, for example, to wear down or tie into a ponytail during the day, wear it at night or on hair non. -
To keep the face looking young, French women spend a lot of money on skin care.
They avoid sunlight, apply foundation with sunscreen, regular facial care, regular cleaning, tone and moisturizing. Make--
They prefer the natural "no makeup"
Look up, apply a little foundation, lipstick and eye makeup --
Neutral color.
The idea is to enhance what you have, not to change it.
They often wear bright red lipstick or enhance their eyes with gray eye shadow and eye mask.
Last but not least, French women like to treat themselves with beautiful underwear and wear them all the time.
Don't believe in keeping it on special occasions and enjoy the feminine feeling it brings to them. -
The article was written according to Jennifer L Scott's best seller
\ "The Secret of fashion lady-
20 fashion secrets I learned when I was in Paris ".
Jennifer studied in Paris for a year and lived with a wealthy host family.
To Jennifer's surprise, she calls it the fashion lady's family mother, who has only 10 pieces of clothing in her wardrobe at any time, but always wears well on any occasion.
Read the full article to learn more about Mrs. Chic's 10 items wardrobe and how to create your own 10 PCs of chic's daily wardrobe.
Scarf binding method
French women are known for wearing scarves in a stylish way and learn how they do it.
These articles contain Youtube video clips. How stylish--
Maintain fashion in life, health, family, interpersonal relationships and other fields.
Simple shoe cabinet-My Blogs -
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