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from coast to coast to coast  -  organic skin care best organic skin care products reviews
Hudsons BAY: Iconic retailer in CanadaHudson’s Bay —
Announced a commitment to connect the cross-Canada Trail to celebrate Canada's 150 birthday through its Grand Portage fundraising program.
This is the longest leisure trail in the world, and will eventually connect Canadians from coast to coast, leaving a great Canadian heritage for future generations. The multi-
Multi-faceted projects include a collection of commemorative fundraising items to be launched this month, as well as an adventure team trip to be held across the country from June to August 2017.
As a symbol of Canada's pride and adventure, The Big Portage team will depart on June 22 and travel from Victoria to Nova Scotia from west to east.
Their adventure tour will culminate at a special celebration in Ottawa on August 26, 2017.
Canadians across the country can participate in the adventure of helping raise money by purchasing two new limited companiesedition items —
Souvenir of mini canoe paddle ($20)
And paddle Keychain ($5)
The net income of 100% will be used to fund the connection of "size roads.
Souvenirs will also be prepared for the whole family, including T-
Shirts, jerseys, hats, beach towels, diary books, iPhone case for $4 to $119.
99 CA, a part of each purchase supports the connection of The Big Trail.
"As the oldest company in Canada, we are very proud of our tradition and it is important for us to find a meaningful, long-term company.
Liz Rodbell, president of Hudson Bay, said: "In honor of our country's landmark birthday, we encourage Canadians across the country to join us to celebrate this huge birthday, the beautiful country we call home.
"IDEALIA's ideal: Just recently, Vichy Canada launched a new range of Idealia skin care products that are rich in antioxidants and natural ingredients and focus on the initial signs of aging.
The first signs include darker skin, larger pores, and fine lines that many people look at for the second time in the mirror --
Even in their early 30 s, changes began.
The Idealia collection includes special Idealia Radiance from refined day care cream to special skin serum, night care cream, and activation of night peeling care for all skin types and even sensitive skin.
A place to sell premium cosmetics, cosmetics and skincare products. BARBIE’S BIG B-
Of course, this is not a milestone birthday, but a most legendary trend --
Today, the world leader is 58 years old!
Although Barbie looks no more than 20 years old a day, since her debut in 1959, the doll has entered the hearts of millions of people and has been a fashion icon for years.
Popular products in Barbie
Today, many Canadian shoppers are looking online for their favorite Barbie dolls of the past and present.
In fact, over the past five years, Canadians have bought Barbie dolls worth more than $6,500,000 on eBay in Canada.
To celebrate the festival, eBay Canada studied the habits of Canadians buying Barbie dolls and found some very interesting statistics: first, a Karl Lagerfeld Barbie doll is currently available on eBay.
Over $6,000. Also:A one-of-a-
The Moonlight mist Barbie by Robert best is about $16,000. A rare mint-
Condition 1959 2 brunette Barbie for over $8,000.
A vintage 1959 Ponytail Barbie doll costs about $8,000.
The 2009 limited edition Garcons x Barbie jingle collection of flowers for about $11,000.
1999 Paris Convention Fair-
More than $6,000 more than Barbie.
Birthday celebrations are good.
Imagine what the price would look like when she was 60!
Start browsing your old toy box and closet for others
You might be sitting on the Barbie gold mine.
Vita liberata: you can see the pale, pale look of a Canadian from days when there is no natural sun and layers of clothing to resist the cold.
Spring is in front of us-
More sunshine from this weekend, thanks to an hour
We all want something fresh. from-a-day-on-the-beach look.
Vita Liberata enters the final light --
Other items include suntan mousse and selfietanning, anti-
Facial Aging Serum.
You can see the look of these products in the new issue of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit magazine, and Vita Liberata is behind the scenes helping models take picturesperfect.
Available online only in Sephora and Sephora. ca.
Maple syrup moment: once a year, Cape York Durham celebrates the tradition of all maple syrup in Canada, starting with the maple syrup festival in the Terracotta Warriors reserve and now until the beginning of April.
There's a lot of family fun with maple-syrup-
Make a demo, all-
Pancakes for the day, entertainment and more.
There are also the Horton tree farm Sugar Grove Festival, the purple Grove Festival, the Sugar Grove maple syrup festival at the Island Lake Reserve and the special maple syrup under the lights of the same area, as well as the Sunderland festival in downtown Sunderland.
Bring your friends and family and enjoy this wonderful experience minute from GTA.
Note: There are also famous Toronto and regions (TRCA)
Woodbridge Kortright Conservation Center's Sugar Bush Maple Syrup Festival, the Bruce Mill sanctuary in storvville, The Island Lake in olangeville and the Terracotta Warriors in Mount Halton.
Spring Savings returns in a strict sense.
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