from david beckham’s tattoo cream to ronaldo’s go-to mask, we reveal how you can look as good as the stars - every man jack facial sheet mask

from david beckham’s tattoo cream to ronaldo’s go-to mask, we reveal how you can look as good as the stars  -  every man jack facial sheet mask
The days when men do not ask for a man's zone on their shelves have passed.
There are combing lines like Adam Levine (YSL Beauty Y)
Game of Thrones star Nicolas CosterWaldau (
L'Oreal, male expert in Paris)
And Dermot O'Leary (24.
Marks & Spencer's hr)
Now the boys hog the mirrors in the bathroom become cool.
Surprisingly, the latest study found that men consumed £ 40.
On the product, £ 90 per month-almost £ 5 more than the average woman. Who’s high-Repair now? !
But what are men working on? earned dosh on?
Let's take a look at the main trends and leading celebrities in the beauty world . . . . . . Gym --
The main muscle that inspired beauty is now growing, perfume advertising advocates Super
Dolce bods-the light blue thread of ducabana David Gandi and Nick yangger of Paco Laban invix (
Ladies, we urge you to search their research with Google).
"The growth of the male beauty market can be directly linked to the prosperity of fitness, health and health," explains Helen dukesbury of npd uk beauty.
"It starts with improving its physique and continues to hone traditional grooming instruments such as high
Technology skin care and defense
Aging products to adjust and improve the skin, as the gym does for your body.
"Guys, is it time to get your face back healthy?
Tech companies are beefing up your beauty games with smart gadgets like a personal trainer on your face.
Try Clarisonic Alpha Fit, £ 170, which has oscillating bristles and moves 300 times per second, designed for a tougher skin for men (and stubble)
Clean, remove dirt and prepare for a more careful shave.
Quiff, Mohawk, man bun . . . . . . There is no doubt that the original urbanite, Mr. David Beckham, was the latest celebrity to launch his own beauty collection.
House 99 popped up on site earlier this year, including everything from eye cream to beard oil, and was available on Harvey Nichols and online.
One of the hero products is sales-
Bold statement tattoo moisturizer, £ 22.
Of course Beckham is synonymous with him.
Copied the sleeves and chest tattoos, he created some fanatic products that people could imagine they would find in DB's own bathroom cabinet.
Now, there is no taboo to book a serious man to enjoy it-especially when spa and treatments become more neutral to meet their growing clients.
Nearly half of the 16-year-old men
Over the past year, 24 people have registered for a fluffy robe spa meeting or treatment-an increase from one of every three people in 2015. Long-term de-
Hair starts are also on the rise, with men calling on experts for ongoing laser hair removal treatments.
"The boom in social media and celebrity participation does encourage men to be more open --
"I would love to be treated and treated," said esther fileglass, founder of EF Medispa . ".
"This may be why we see men choosing gynecological diseases (man boob)
Laser hair removal and Botox.
"Want to be vague-
Free without going to the salon?
Investing in Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X on graphite, now from £ 285 to £ 375, will kill excess hair and reduce it permanently by 70% over four weeks. The best bit? It’s pain-
If you're not ready yet
For the semester, try the 20-year-old gru um Oska, the smoothest blade around.
Custom colors can be coordinated with the bathroom, and you can design custom Shaver packs online through quick surveys based on hair needs.
Try zinc for a clean shave
Coating accuracy 6 V
Blade and trimmer group.
To prevent pore blockage and hair from growing inward, Massage soap with Jack Black charcoal body stick for £ 12. 95.
The shelves are almost static in the grooming aisle, but there are also changes in what people actually buy. On the rise?
A recent analysis of sales trends found that acne treatment increased by 66% in 2017, body exfoliants increased by 63%, and facial masks increased by 45%, proving that men want more skin care products, not just simple cleaning. South-Korean-
Inspired sheet masks are already very active in the women's beauty market, so this can also happen as a quick personFix the sofa.
Justin Bieber and Cristiano Ronaldo are already involved in the selfie craze.
The competition of the day plus pore dredging, anyone?
Look at this space.
Our favorite stock: Barber Pro (Barberpro. com), Clarisonic (Clarisonic. co. uk), Grüum (Gruum. com), House 99 (Harveynichols. com), Jack Black (Mankind. co. uk), Starskin (Feelunique. com), Tria (Currentbody. com).
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