gb women's hockey team glam up on path to rio 2016 - facial mask japan brand

gb women\'s hockey team glam up on path to rio 2016  -  facial mask japan brand
When the British women's hockey team won the bronze medal in London's top 2012 victory over New Zealand-their first medal in 20 years-Kate Richardson --
Their captain, Walsh, managed to take control of his emotions in a jubilant scene.
It was not until later, when she was interviewed live on television, that her composure collapsed.
"If someone wins a gold medal because they are brave . . . . . . " The interviewer began to say, "more than a week ago, you broke your chin and started the game again.
Kate's face wrinkled, shook her head, wiped her eyes and did not respond.
For those who have seen it, this is an unforgettable moment in sports drama. • Richardson-
Walsh: I can now move on in the team's first game against Japan, and Akane Shibata accidentally bumped a stick into Kate's face.
Before leaving the hospital, she stayed in the hospital for two nights and was declared suitable for Dai's facial mask.
She said she can hardly remember that time now.
"I remember everything was very silent in 24 hours, but I thought, 'Well, that's the case, make good use of it with your head down.
"Her resilience and determination to return to the field is one of the great human stories of London 2012.
All of a sudden, Kate, her team and her beloved sport made headlines, an opportunity not to be missed, this is an opportunity to take a break from some lazy assumptions about the sport-a game played by short fat, intellectual challenge, happy people --hockey-
Stick to girls in the process.
Challenging Assumptions: Alex Danson, Madi Sinch, Sam Quaker, Kate Richardson
Walsh and Georgie Twigg were recently filmed [PHOTO: BY PIP]
"I think we might eliminate stereotypes if you look at us in London," laughed 24-year-old George trek. year-
He is now one of the most famous faces in sports.
"We are a good group.
A girl with a sports figure. .
Since then, there has been more interest in hockey.
The new charm look of the GB women's hockey team: of course, full shooting helps hockey become the best poster girl any brand would like to get.
March 2012 as part of pre-
During the Olympic campaign, the Duchess of Cambridge took on the Olympic Park hockey field wearing sneakers and bright orange skinny jeans to showcase the bat skills honed by Marlborough College. The country suddenly went crazy about the game.
Litterwoods reported a surge in the number of devices purchased, sales of hockey's bat increased by 238, and new guards that the Duchess did not even wear increased by 114.
Looks like it's time for hockey.
On March 2012, the Duchess of Cambridge played hockey at the Olympic Park.
Photo: Chris Jackson
When Richardson-
Walsh finally found her voice in that post.
The victory interview is to make this score clear.
"It's huge, it's huge," she said . " She grinned at the camera.
"We just showed hockey to the public, to the world public.
Now, we just want everyone, men, women, kids of all ages, to go out and pick up a stick and try it out.
Three years later, the sport is still breaking through the wind and waves.
At present, there are 180,000 official players in 900 clubs across the country, of which women have increased by 25 age points, less than 55 age points.
16 years old from 2011.
According to the latest data from the world's top 25 hockey players, hockey is the most sexual
Balanced team sports, the ratio of men and women is as high as 52: 48. . tg-
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