get rid of acne facial mask Revealing Details On Stop Constipation Remedies

If you have constipation then you know you need to stop it now.Constipation is a serious disease that requires prompt attention.If you go to the doctor, he or she may tell you that it may be OK if you do not defecate in two to three days.
I'm here to tell you that's not going to work.Once the digested food reaches your colon, it is already a toxic substance.Digested food that stays in the colon for more than 24 hours is toxic.
When you defecate, look at your defecate, do you want them to stay in your body for two, three or four days?If they really stay there that long, is that OK?I don't think so.Just use your common sense.Every 24 hours, you should defecate once after the meal.This means that if you eat three meals a day, you should have three bowel movements a day and two bowel movements are better than one.
So how do you stop constipation if you only have one bowel movement every two or three days?It will depend on the way you live.Your lifestyle and the food you eat.In this article, we discuss only one way to stop constipation.Constipation is a sign of your lifestyle.This means that your life is out of balance.
Here's how you start to balance your life.When you wake up, you usually need to go to the bathroom to urinate and do exercise.After doing this, you usually have breakfast.
Now, here is the secret of getting rid of constipation.From the time you wake up to noon, it's time for your body to detoxify by urinating and exercising.Supporting this period with a light breakfast is a great way to stop constipation.
If you have a typical American breakfast of eggs, potatoes, ham, bread, orange juice, etc., then you are blocking your own need to eliminate toxins accumulated during sleep time.Therefore, you need to stop eating this breakfast in order to prevent constipation.
Now you can help your body remove these toxins by not eating a big meal.You can do this by eating fruit in the morning or fresh vegetables and juices.The juice purchased in the store contains too much natural sugar, and the juice you make contains more fiber, which helps your body gradually use the natural sugar in the juice.
Eating fruit in the morning helps your body to urinate more and activate the squirming effect, which helps you defecate naturally.Fruits and juices take about one to two hours to digest, and don't stop the natural trend of your detox because of elimination.It takes about four lbs or more to digest a big meal, which hinders your body's detox period.
Try this change in two weeks and you will stop constipation.Eat your fruit or green drink when you get up for the first time, and then eat or drink a glass of fruit smoothie around ten o'clock A.M., no sugar.You will stop constipation soon.Just help your body to do what it naturally does, you will have more energy, your body will be more alkaline and you will be able to activate normal bowel movements.
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