gift ideas for the serious athlete on your holiday shopping list - organic honey skin care products

gift ideas for the serious athlete on your holiday shopping list  -  organic honey skin care products
Even for those you are familiar with, holiday shopping is challenging enough.
But when you have a serious athlete on your list, finding the perfect gift can be very confusing.
You know that kind-they don't eat dessert, have the willpower to say no to seconds, or even refuse midnight karaoke so they can sleep a few more hours before their early morning yoga class.
Wherever they go, they bring a water bottle and bring avocado and vegetables to the dinner party to celebrate.
Maybe your spouse is a marathon runner, or three.
The athlete, or perhaps your niece, is on the college volleyball team.
In any case, finding the right gift for serious athletes can be a challenge.
To help, I sorted out one of my favorite
10 holiday gift ideas for serious athletes on your list: 1.
-There are a lot of health benefits to drinking tea, especially green tea.
I like organic matcha, but I like other ones too.
Look for tea that does not contain artificial ingredients and sweeteners.
: Matcha comes from the same tea tree, but is covered with matcha before picking to highlight bright green and antioxidant ingredients.
A cup of matcha provides five times more antioxidants than other foods.
Antioxidants help protect athletes from cell damage.
Table alloc tea is contained in green tea (EGCg)
-Special Q & A known for its strong cancer-
Combat attributes.
Matcha tea contains 100 times more tea than any other tea.
Matcha also contains amino acids, L-
Tea, helps to improve attention without tension.
Matcha can also help the body mobilize fat as a fuel to preserve precious liver sugar reserves. 2.
-You won't be wrong with this delicious gift!
Dark chocolate is rich in healthy ketone alcohol and opens blood vessels for better blood flow in muscles and brains.
Avoid buying dark chocolate with more than 10 grams of sugar.
Sugar should be the last ingredient on the label, not the first one.
Cheap chocolate brands add sugar and other ingredients such as palm kernel oil.
Also make sure your bar has at least 70% cocoa.
Avoid alkaline cocoa made.
Please remember to keep the portion size at 1-
2 ounces per day and pay attention to the extra calories consumed.
My favorite fruits include:
Pods/beans for cocoa)
Rich in cocoa can improve mental alertness and help to resist fatigue.
Cocoa beans also contain a chemical that calms the brain-amino acids, so you can feel a relaxed energy and a pleasant mood.
Flavonoids help to optimize blood flow so as to better deliver oxygen and nutrients to the muscles.
This reduces blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
It is also found that dark chocolate can reduce the inflammatory response during strenuous exercise. 3.
-Running gum is the perfect product for athletes who need to be promoted for the 22 mile marathon, but do not want to consume nutrients that may damage their GI area.
Fast running chewing gum
It absorbs caffeine, B vitamins and butter.
No need to digest or wait time.
These ingredients are absorbed through your cheeks and gums to enhance the ability to resist fatigue.
: Caffeine can reduce physical fatigue and improve mental alertness.
Caffeine helps mobilize fat storage as fuel and encourages muscles to use fat instead of precious liver sugar.
As long as there is a liver, the working muscles can use fat as fuel.
Caffeine has been shown to reduce muscle sugar by 50%.
Ultimately, this means that your athletes will be able to train for longer periods of time before fatigue occurs. 4.
-UCAN mixed drinks are the perfect gift for endurance athletes.
UCAN is not a supplement but a food.
In fact, UCAN is a super starch drink that can help control blood sugar without a surge in insulin.
: This drink improves metabolic efficiency by allowing your body to use more fat as fuel, thus maintaining the storage of sugar yuan.
Blood sugar levels remain stable to prevent early spikes or late declines.
This allows to extend energy without feeling the need for frequent refueling. 5.
-Because you feel alive when you eat vibrant and nutritious food!
Refresh with cold pure ingredients-pressed juices. Cold-
Pressing means that the juice retains the maximum amount of nutrients, allowing your body to instantly get the nutrients that have been depleted.
For many of us, it is not easy to eat 3 pounds of green vegetables-and the corresponding nutrients that follow them --
But it is possible to add this amount to the juice.
Simple and pure taste also helps you to re-cultivate your taste buds and reduce your desire for processed food and added sugar.
Many local shops and restaurants offer fresh, coldpressed juice.
Creative juices, drought and impulse are my favorite.
I like to use the shot of beets pushing in front of the long run and then enjoy the shot of turmeric ginger to recover.
Look for fresh perishable juice of the day and you will drink it.
Enjoy a delicious mix with cocoa beans, fragrant leaves, kale and pears.
Great food and drinks for you should also be attractive.
Pay attention to incorporating calories into your day.
Remember, drinking juice occasionally does not replace the need to eat fresh fruits and vegetables.
: Select key components that benefit performance and recovery.
Ginger and ginger powder, for example, can reduce inflammation and help build the immune system.
Other ingredients, such as honey juice, can increase blood flow and reduce blood pressure.
Sugar beet contains a high level of sugar beet alkali, a methylation substance that helps to improve testosterone levels.
Beetroot juice also contains a high level of healthy dietary nitrate, which is converted into nitrogen oxides in our blood and eventually leads to better oxygen delivery to our hard-
Work and restore muscles.
Sour cherry juice can also reduce inflammation and provide a natural form of melatonin, which can lead to better sleep. 6.
-Find credentials RD and CSSD.
Sports roads can improve performance by providing a meal plan with key functional components and appropriate meal times.
Sport RD can also provide grocery shopping lists, great recovery plans, recipes, hydration targets, electrolyte needs, lab explanations, and suggestions for micronutrients and macro nutrients.
In addition, RD can help in offseason, competition
For those who need help, such as heart disease, diabetes, anemia, allergies and stomach problems, daily strategies, guidelines and education to cure injuries.
Ignorance is not happiness!
Developing a plan and implementing reasonable nutrition principles will produce the best performance.
We like to share all the secrets of success. 7.
-While this may seem extravagant, the information obtained from the exercise performance blood group may mean a difference in achieving performance goals.
For serious athletes looking for the best performance, we know that the results of various blood values will affect your performance.
For example, athletes with low serum vitamin D levels have a higher risk of fracture.
Athletes with low serum iron or iron levels can get tired.
Athletes may look healthy outside, but their appearance can be misleading.
If your athlete's primary care insurance does not cover the sports group, then I recommend a gift card from one of the following companies: As the saying goes, no one is perfect.
The same is true for laboratory values.
While the normal range may apply to the general population to prevent defects, certain laboratory values have the best range for those who wish to perform at a high level.
For example, a professional runner who can't increase muscle quality may not know that there is a problem with his testosterone level.
Knowing your numbers can find out the result of the guess from the equation. 8.
-Athletes need a reasonable nutrition method to replenish the body in training and competition.
Here are some of my favorite books that are perfect gifts for a serious athlete: athletes who know how to cook and understand the basic skills of the kitchen are able to develop meal plans to drive their sport.
Many athletes who rely on takeout often find too much salt, sugar and fat in their food to meet their training needs. 9.
-Instead of eating cookies, brownies or cakes, try healthy energy bar recipes and place food in beautiful BPA
Free containers that can be placed in the refrigerator.
These bars are delicious, practical and do not require baking!
Our team always has these because a lot of athletes get taste fatigue from the commercial energy bar.
These can be customized according to the athlete's favorite ingredients.
: The functional components provide the best fuel for your athletes to work harder.
There will be gains during training, and the faster you recover from hard training, the stronger you will be the next day.
These portable and delicious energy bars provide the right fuel mix to help rebuild stronger muscles.
When your athlete grabs one from the refrigerator to cheer for a long run, ride or swim, he thinks of you. 10.
Everyone likes to go to the new market.
If you do not actually purchase ingredients, you will not be able to successfully implement your meal plan.
Five of my favorite local hotels include the Italian market, San Nong Chang.
Joe's farmers market, Whole Foods supermarket, Costco supermarket and Joe's dad.
For those who are too busy to shop, I highly recommend giving gift cards to highly recommended members
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