golden globes 2017: nicole kidman’s glam squad spills the details behind her look - feel bamboo charcoal facial sheet mask

golden globes 2017: nicole kidman’s glam squad spills the details behind her look  -  feel bamboo charcoal facial sheet mask
At the Golden Globe Awards ceremony on Sunday night, Nicole Kidman continued to serve as the red carpet queen, choosing a metallic, sequined Alexander McQueen gown with a statement
Because we need to know exactly how to re-
Create what she looks like, we dig into her strengths
People who share their secrets
Make-up artist Charlotte Tilbury tells the source of inspiration behind her makeup, "she looks dreamy, ethereal, and kind of rock girl's edge.
She was dressed in a beautiful Alexander McQueen dress with tulle and silver in it, which was fantastic.
To prepare Kidman's skin, Tilbury put a layer on the new sheet mask that will be launched next month, which she calls "instant celebrity face ".
She then applied the magic cream and then the magic Foundation.
Next, the pro filled Kidman's eyebrows with eyebrow gel before entering her eyeshadow. First up?
The champagne tone on her upper city girl's eyeshadow palette, followed by a beige gray tone off her eyelids and under her lashes.
Related Photos: These Golden Globe Award beauties look to deserve their own rewards, and in order to create a metallic luster on Kidman's eyelids, Tilbury uses the glittering silver shadows on the rock chick palette, apply it to the lid with her finger.
"It really plays with the light and picks up the light very beautifully," she said . " She added that she then added a wing with a charcoal gray eye mask, marking her water line with a shiny brown pencil.
Most importantly, Tilbury has applied whole fat mascara several times, with a little outline on the cheeks and temples, and the apples on the cheeks blush. On her lips?
"Kidman's kiss
I mix colors specifically for her.
This is her favorite lipstick . "
Hair stylist Kylee Heath also designed an ethereal rock style for her hair. and-
Rolling atmosphere, creating loose waves, she pulled it back to half of the weaveupdo.
"I started making a low, messy bread.
"The Cross effect at the top has the feeling of a fish tail," Heath said, adding that she first used it before blowing dry the star's hair and using a curling stick to create the texture
"By the time we walked halfway, everyone in the room agreed that we should stop!
Half perfect. up, half down.
The loose part is just the edge we need.
Tilbury told peoplstyle star to "like" her appearance --
According to Heath, keidman's husband, Keith Urban, was also approved.
Heath said, "when her hair was done and Nicole was dressed, her husband Keith came in and had a quick hair touch --up himself.
When he saw Nicole, he looked at me and Charlotte and said, "Well done, girls!
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