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google - is this hypocrisy? | warrior forum - the #1 ... - skin care products made in france

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-12-16
google - is this hypocrisy? | warrior forum - the #1 ...  -  skin care products made in france
Did anyone else see Google's blog post yesterday?
Man, am I tired of their tall and magnificent bull, just like they are moral arbitrators of the world!
They boldly created an "algorithm" claiming to measure quality, but mainly to measure it from popularity.
As far as I know, it has not been proven that the machine can detect the quality.
Anyway, what is the quality of Google?
In my opinion, the Google algorithm can't measure "quality" better than the smell that describes roses ". . . .
So they finally made the most popular competition in the world.
Then from above, boldly and arrogantly condemn those who try to become more popular in order to survive! !
Oh, you're guilty, you little jerk internet marketer, you're shameful, your family is broke! Whack!
Adsense has a lot of money to make, and more importantly, they are making money from it.
Is anyone trying to get customer service from them?
All I can say is good luck.
If you ask me, the whole business of the "rank" page is a ridiculous concept.
In my opinion, all it really does is say, "we will give more weight to those who already have it and take the if from those who are obviously not worth it;
Otherwise, they already got it.
"The Internet used to be cool because it leveled the venue. Remember?
Back to "after 90 ".
When you find interesting underground things in the past, when it is a refreshing breakthrough in the corporate hierarchy that rules the world in the post-80 s, when individuals or small companies are able to shine, maybe
Now, big companies have the biggest marketing budget, and therefore the biggest force that affects popularity --i. e.
Search engine ranking
So the big company made all the money on the Internet and the "little guy" who tried to keep his or her game going is playing "Whack-a-Mole\" with.
It's all sewn together, too right, you can't make much money with your crappy little website, try clicking.
I think what they said makes sense.
Don't get me wrong, I don't agree with the whole concept of dishonest products, false income claims and selling people's false hopes --
As far as we know, this is very popular in this industry. But. . . \"do no evil\". . .
For me, it always sounds like something both God and the devil would say. Is it just me?
Or does anyone else think I'm here?
Why does Google not go after the company that "participates in the link program" in Fortune 500?
Why is Google not clean, not named, but actually demonstrating how people should make money online?
Wait, they already did.
Our beloved Youtube has committed the crime of "Pilate"
Through clever legal contracts, wash the responsibility for large-scale copyright violations that occur every day, while happily profiting from billions of page views.
Out of your billions of dollars, pay back the artists who have their backs in order to help you get rich, your dog!
The emperor did not wear clothes, my arrow was fired when the sun hit the heart of The Archers!
Children, the main course is a boiled dog.
Are you blinking?
You can hire me to write your next algorithm because I evolved faster than you did --
But I'm expensive, you know.
Feels much better now.
Well, I think I may have my Adsense account?
Oh nonsense, Gmail is great, by the way.
It's beautiful. please don't.
So are maps, books, bloggers. . . . . . .
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