great herbs for skin - organic herbal skin care products

great herbs for skin  -  organic herbal skin care products
There are two important facts to remember when you stop to think about your skin.
First, it's the biggest organ in your whole body, and second, it's all over your body.
Both men and women want healthy skin, as evidenced by the large volume of cosmetics and skincare products sold worldwide each year.
According to the cosmetics industry trade organization, global cosmetics and cosmetics sales last year exceeded $333 and are expected to grow.
In addition, in the competitive skin care business, the sales of natural ingredients are very good, and the sales of real natural cosmetics in the United States are as high as $8 billion. S. alone.
You really don't need to spend a lot of money on skin prep.
For many it sounds like heretical, but some herbal preparations can bring a beneficial world to your skin and help greatly improve its strength, cell health and hardness.
Witch HazelFirst off, this is my personal confession of throwing witch hazel on my face every day since I was a child.
This refreshing liquid is distilled from the bark and leaves of the witch hazel bush (Hamamelis)
It is particularly rich in Connecticut.
My dad used Dickinson's Witch Hazel as a wrist brace after shaving. I still do.
Witch Hazel is astringent;
It makes the skin tight and makes the skin stronger.
Wash your face and splash on the witch hazel and your skin will get healthy.
Unless I apply local therapy to bites, etc.
The only thing I use on my skin except for the water is witch hazel.
The price is cheap. a bottle can be drunk for a few months.
This little chrysanthemum
Like a lawn flower (
Spring yellow chrysanthemum)
It has been used for centuries as a herbal tea for calming and promoting sleep.
Chamomile tea is for babies with hernia, and many mothers give their children a cup of this tea.
There is no doubt that it is one of the most popular herbs ever.
But chamomile is also good for the skin.
It contains, among other things, an alpha-
Bisobolol, reduce the appearance of fine lines.
In other words, it makes your skin look younger and provides excellent antioxidant protection for cells.
You can have chamomile tea.
A base preparation like CamoCare, or make a strong cup of tea and wash your face with it.
After making tea, you can also apply an ocean chrysanthemum tea bag to your skin.
This tropical nut oil (
Thick red shell)
Thanks to some major media and increased awareness of its unique features, the Pacific Islands have taken off like rockets.
Tamanu oil has antioxidant properties and helps protect skin cells.
A strong reaction
Good for sensitive or stimulating skin.
This is almost the best option for any type of burn.
It has the properties of healing, which means it leads to the formation of new healthy skin tissues.
As an added benefit, it can quickly kill pimples and radically speed up their healing.
A little crazy-
There is a long way to go for the smelling tamanu oil.
Just a thin layer of apply on your skinanywhere-
It will make it healthier and smoother.
I love the new chapter in tropical tamanu.
Tamanu is both a beauty product and a first aid product.
I have never traveled without tamanau oil.
It is essential to treat bites, tingling, wounds, bruises, and any bad things that may happen to the skin.
The dragon's blood is pure and simple.
But it also began to enter exotic cosmetic preparations around the world.
Dragon blood from the Amazon rainforest (Rocky Ley)
It is latex of a rather ordinary tree.
Latex is blood red and is widely used by locals to treat any skin problems, including burns, bites, tingling, bruises, wounds, infections, outbreaks.
If you give it a name, the dragon blood will be painted on it.
This latex is rich in a bio-alkaline substance called taspine and has a powerful therapeutic effect.
Dragon blood can fight against bacteria, fungi and viruses, and when used directly, it forms a "second skin", a thin protective barrier.
I like the dragon blood of Raintree Nutrition.
A bottle can keep you going for a long time.
I use this a lot and always carry it with me during field trips.
The world of medicinal plants includes not only herbs used internally, but also a wide range of plants, which also have traditional and new applications on the skin.
The herbs I mentioned here are just a few of them, but using them will give you a whole new experience with natural herbal skin care.
Chris Kilham, a medicine hunter, is working on natural therapies around the world from Amazon to Siberia.
He teaches ethnobotany at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, where he is a resident Explorer.
Chris advises herbal medicine, cosmetics and pharmaceutical companies and regularly serves as guests on radio and television shows around the world.
His field research is mainly sponsored by Naturex of Avignon, France.
Read more on www. MedicineHunter.
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