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Growing and Using Echinacea Purpurea - how to start your own skin care products business

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-01
Growing and Using Echinacea Purpurea  -  how to start your own skin care products business
As a member of the chrysanthemum family, echin chrysanthemum (scientifically purple, purple, or purple) is well known by some common names, such as snakero in Kansas, but it is most often referred to as purple.
It grows 2 out of 3 in North America and Europe's east.
They grow in wet and dry grasslands and open woodlands.
It can be taken orally as herbal tea or tinct.
It is also used as a herbal ointment.
Hydrangea is one of the main types used for research and treatment, however, any of these herbs can be used. Long-
Long-term use is related to side effects and may interfere with anesthesia and certain drugs.
This herb is a beautiful addition to perennial herbs or gardens.
The height of this drought-resistant perennial herb (4 feet) is as high as 140 cm.
The healthy stance of conefraúl will attract the golden Finch and butterflies to your garden.
It thrive in the USDA plant resistance zone9.
These purple flowers with flowers
The center of the shape blooms at the end of summer, attracting butterflies when the seed head develops, and then the Finch.
This herb can start with a plant or from a seed.
From the beginning of the seed, it will sprout better if the seed is cold layered.
Mix with a small amount of sponge wet sawdust, peat moss or bentonite.
Put in a small plastic bag or jar so that the seeds remain moist during the layering process.
Put the bag or jar in the refrigerator to keep the temperature of the refrigerator consistent (32-
34 degrees Fahrenheit) 30 days.
If the outside temperature may remain below 59 degrees for 30 days, layering may occur outdoors rather than in the refrigerator.
Layered seeds do not need to be refrigerated in order to germinate.
After the layering process is completed, it is planted in inches deep.
The seeds will germinate within 10 to 30 days of 65 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit and are ready to be transplanted within 30 days.
The higher the temperature of the seeds and seedlings, the faster the seeds germinate and the faster the seedlings grow.
After the last forecast of frost in the spring, plant the purple cone in its permanent outdoor location.
After planting, the stem may be stronger and grow more buds when it goes through a cool temperature of about 40f.
This herb grows best with plenty of sunlight and is partly cool.
Some shadows are an idea.
Like most plants, hydrangea has the best growth in a pH-neutral, good environmentdrained soil.
Each plant is separated by at least 15 inch so that air can circulate between them, but the interval does not exceed 24 inch to avoid slender growth.
Although they have drought resistance once established, regular watering is required during the first season.
After the first year, avoid overwatering to help produce better plants and more beautiful flowers.
It does not require fertilization, but it will benefit from a small amount of organic compost during early season growth.
Removal of flowers, also known as deadheading, can keep the plants flowering and prevent the selfseeding.
This plant is easy to care for and easy to self care once established
The seeds will be in place without adhesion.
This herb is often used to treat colds, flu and other respiratory infections. .
It enhances the body's immune system by stimulating immune system cells known as macrophages.
These cells attack and consume invasive organisms, including cancer cells.
Some people believe that the chrysanthemum has promoted the anti-cancer activity of natural killer cells, making it a useful supplement to individuals receiving chemotherapy or radiation therapy.
Hydrangea can be taken in capsule or liquid form, and can also be made into tea as fresh or dry herbs.
Most doctors recommend mg a day, but you shouldn't be more than eight weeks.
Chrysanthemum can also be applied to the skin.
Before white people came to the United States, Native Americans used hydrangea.
In the 1800 s, Hydrangea was often used as a natural drug for anti-infection and inflammation.
As a topical medication, it can be used to treat infections, bites, tingling, eczema, psoriasis and other skin problems.
Although some laboratory studies have shown that some of the chemicals found in hydrangea may increase the activity of certain immune system cells, human studies generally conclude that, the chrysanthemum will not prevent, Shorten or relieve the symptoms of these infections.
Some products named echin chrysanthemum products do not contain any echin chrysanthemum, and some products may actually contain harmful pollutants, so it makes sense to plant your own echin chrysanthemum.
In addition, please make sure that the time to use the chrysanthemum is no more than eight weeks.
Also, please do not use echin chrysanthemum if you are taking anabolic steroids, Amida long, and chemotherapy drugs such as ammonia-a-butterfly Ester and ketone-.
It may also interact with other drugs.
People with autoimmune diseases, such as MS or HIV, should not be taking hydrangea, nor should women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.
The side effects of the chrysanthemum are rare;
However, side effects such as headache, nausea, dizziness, abdominal pain and constipation also appeared.
A rash may occur in children.
Severe allergies can also occur, but rarely.
These allergic reactions include itching, swelling of the face or throat, breathing and rash.
Any person who is allergic to Yangju, weed, AI Cao, sunflower, chrysanthemum, Ziyuan, dandelion, zin grass, yar grass, Shanai tree, tansy or other members of the chrysanthemum Department
If you are using echin chrysanthemum or any herbal supplements, you should report to your doctor and pharmacist.
After the second year of flowering, you can start picking tea.
Find the top leaves without brown spots, insect bites and any other flaws.
Then select the flower from the latest flower and remove the stem completely.
Sprinkle the leaves and flowers on the cookies.
Put on the biscuit paper and dry at the lowest temperature in the oven.
You can also use the dehydrator.
If you don't want to use electricity and it's hot outside, you can also dehydrate herbs in your car.
Be sure to protect plants from the sun.
What you want is heat, not light.
After drying, put in a jar or glass jar.
You should put your herbal tea in a dark place so that echin Ju will not lose effectiveness.
In a glass pint tank, place a 1/4 cup dry or-
Cups of freshly chopped or crushed awl flowers and leaves.
Fresh awl is better than dry, so use them instead of dry if you have fresh leaves and flowers.
Add 1 serving of vodka (60%, dried purple cone, 80-
100% alcohol with fresh echin chrysanthemum ).
Instead of using leaves or flowers as tincture agents, you can use the root of the chrysanthemum. Grind one-
Fresh roots with two glasses of alcohol and make a paste.
Continue, just like the leaves and flowers.
Fill the jar as completely as possible to keep the air and tighten the lid on the jar.
To make sure you know what's in the jar, label the jar with the herbal name, the date of the production, and the date you expect the tincture agent to be ready.
You should put this in a cool cabinet.
Leave in 4-cool location6 weeks.
For the next 30 days, you need to shake something in the jar.
The longer this solution is soaked, the stronger the tincture agent.
You want dark brown because it shows that alcohol absorbs essential oils. After the 4-
After 6 weeks, place a layer of cheese cloth on a glass bowl and filter the vodka from the purple cone.
Drainage is allowed for a few minutes.
Squeeze out excess liquid from the cheese cloth.
To use tincture agent, take teaspoon 3-in the first sign of a cold or flu symptom-4 times a day.
Chrysanthemum can not prevent cold or flu.
Not more than 8 weeks in the cold season.
In order to make the purple cone chrysanthemum salt for the treatment of insect bites, grind the root of the purple cone into coarse powder until you have a cup of powder.
Next, add enough 70% ethanol to suppress the powder and let it sit for a night.
Mix three portions of fat into one powder.
If you use olive oil, you can simply add it.
If you add a solid fat such as coconut oil, lard or ghee at room temperature, first melt it at low temperature and then add it to the powder in the blender.
Stir at high speed for ten minutes, transfer the mixture to the double boiler and heat it at low temperature until the alcohol dissipated.
This may take 1-2 hours.
It is not important to remove all alcohol.
The remaining small amount will be used as a preservative.
Once the alcohol is removed, filter the mixture through the cheese cloth and press the oil injected by the purple cone from the root powder of the purple cone.
Discard the root powder of chrysanthemum.
Re-heat the oil and add the ground beeswax to produce the desired consistency.
This article is not for medical advice.
Any medical problems should be solved by qualified medical personnel.
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