Hair loss - how to keep what you have and retain original colour - pure bentonite clay powder faci

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Hair loss - how to keep what you have and retain original colour - pure bentonite clay powder facial mask

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-10-27
Hair loss - how to keep what you have and retain original colour  -  pure bentonite clay powder facial mask
Most people tend to think that thick and smooth hair is their greatest glory, and they become seriously depressed when nature begins to intervene.
For centuries, men and women have gone out of their way to keep their hair and young colors.
Hair loss can be divided into two different causes of hair loss.
Hair loss can affect both men and women, and can also affect male baldness, and hair loss can affect men starting in their 20 s.
Because hair is a dead substance, oil does not help much with its condition, but it can improve the skin it grows.
This is usually a temporary hair loss caused by illness, accident/shock or emotional problems.
Obviously the cause of the loss has to be addressed, but once the essential oil can help re-
Huge growth.
Oil to stimulate growth.
Gently rub once or twice a week.
It should be kept for a few hours and then washed off with a gentle shampoo.
Have found effect good. is important.
In men, this is a permanent progressive state of baldness, which is inherited and is usually associated with male hormone levels. .
What you are doing is stimulating aerobic blood flow to the scalp to feed the hair follicles.
OK, now let's take a scientific look at the main causes of hair loss.
It has been identified as DHT (double hydrogen testosterone)
Bicydrotestosterone), a male sex hormone that is synthesized in adrenaline, follicles, testicles, and the prostate.
Due to changes in the metabolism of male hormones (a control hormone) in the body, male and female adults may lose their hair (men are more common than women ).
Therefore, it is well known that DHT plays an important role in hair loss.
Male baldness is caused by the sensitivity of follicles to DHT.
The reduction in the size of follicles results in shorter life span and abnormal hair production.
The most important part of the hair is the hair nipple, which is the part responsible for the growth of the hair.
The hair nipples divide and differentiate to form new hair follicles and are supplied by the bloodshot of the skin to provide the necessary nutrients for the proper hair follicle growth.
There are a large number of male hormone receptors in the nipple (more males than females ).
There are already hundreds of strange and wonderful solutions for hair loss, and people spend a lot of money, but the results are often very small.
We're going to look at some of the people who have records that help prevent hair loss and even stimulate hair to fall back off. growth. -
In addition to male hair loss, hair loss is usually associated with toxicity in the blood.
Therefore, eliminating scalp detoxification and cleaning is essential for hair retention and regeneration.
Bentonite clay is considered to be the most effective cleaner in two forms-sodium and calcium.
Although both can be used for detoxification, it has been found that sodium bentonite has a higher negative charge in the treatment of heavy metals and toxins.
Sodium bentonite is also very effective for scalp peeling and other scalp conditions.
Clay removes and processes parasites, infections, and product build-ups while absorbing toxins and impurities.
To prepare the gel, simply use a plastic or wooden spoon as a metal vessel and Mix 50: 50 with water to neutralize the properties of the clay.
Massage the clay onto the scalp and rinse with warm water and baby shampoo for about 20 minutes to make sure it doesn't get into your eyes.
Rich in vitamin C, penetrate the scalp, enhance the hair root, prevent hair loss.
It can be used to supplement other oil remedies.
(Pennywort or water Hyssop, India) is an Ayurvedic therapy, and its oil has a positive effect in preventing hair loss and premature white hair.
There are many other positive attributes in the treatment of prion protein disease and circulating system disease.
Apply scalp twice a week.
(Amaranthacides, also known as weeds), by mixing leaves and seeds into a paste, applying to the scalp, massaging for a few minutes, with a good anti-premature ash change feature, rinse with warm water.
, Gradually add the crushed nail mosaic to the heated mustard oil, filter through muslin, massage the scalp for 10 minutes, and rinse it with water. Re-
Apply a few times a week to nourish and promote healthy hair growth and prevent premature whitening.
Henna is very careful because it will stain the skin and clothes in a few months.
It is an Ayurvedic therapy and a natural therapist that encourages blood circulation and tissue regeneration.
The roots are strengthened, enriching the natural color of the hair.
In addition to its many other attributes, it is also closely related to the reduction of DHT in hair roots and around follicles.
From the evergreen tree of Africa, as mentioned above, it inhibits enzyme 5-alpha-reductase-
Reduced DHT.
It is widely used in Europe to treat male baldness.
There are two products that can improve your hair.
Mix the fresh leaves of the juice with carrot and vegetable juice.
Drink 250 ml glasses once a day, which is said to increase the chance of hair regeneration.
Very popular as an ayurvedic herb, it restores the vitality of hair follicles while treating hair loss, early whitening, while enhancing hair roots and preventing baldness and
("Gray hair") a lack of pigment that often occurs when men and women arrive in the middleage.
When examined carefully, the white hair is caused by the presence of white hair in normal dark-colored hair.
In the view of many people, this may lead to the development of snow
White hair in old age.
The gradual process of this pigment (melanin) reduction/reduction may also be accompanied by hair thickening or thinning. .
A research group created a natural
A molecule called K (D) PT that copies hormones that stimulate hair pigment melanin in the body.
And reproduce the two situations that cause the hair to turn white. and stress-
Suspension period.
This is the case when a lock has a congenital lack of pigment in the hair, it is displayed as a contrasting gray/white color.
This is often inherited. Vitiligo -
Small area of skin/hair or large area pigment loss.
This is usually due to the failure of genetic melanin caused by damaged melanin cells.
This can also happen due to immune system reactions, or in some cases genetic defects. White hair -
This is caused by no pigment in the hair.
Hair loss may also be caused by insufficient thyroid activity.
The thyroid hormone is made of iodine and Linate.
These regulate the metabolism of each cell and your doctor can do a simple basic body temperature test to determine if this is a problem.
Kelp is rich in iodine, potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron, so it is usually the answer.
Fish also contain iodine, and it can be very useful to add crabs, lobsters, clams, oysters and sardines.
A rather odd treatment was initiated by David Satchell, a British cosmetic scientist who claims a 70% success rate.
He has a clinic but you can do the same thing at home.
This includes alternating dunk in hot and cold water for 10 to 15 seconds
Five times per session
You should arrange as many meetings as you can every day.
For example, after a week, you can use regular shampoo once a day.
Finally, you need to take in more live enzymes in your diet, you can do this by increasing the amount of juicing vegetables and fruits, and supplementing high quality multiple enzymes with live enzymes
If you find that your skin is stimulated or uncomfortable, stop the treatment immediately and talk to the doctor.
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