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Some people say, "get married in heaven ".In the past, men got married when they were very young, because big family is a good thing.But many things have changed because of the Industrial Revolution.
People began to move to the city and things changed.But today's situation is different because teenagers get married when they are very young.So they have to face a lot of problems.In 1371, the average age of marriage for men was 24 years and 16 years for women due to the plague.
By the age of 1427, the average male in all classes was not married.30 years old, usually choose a bride who is only half his age.According to a survey of 50-The marriage of 60% teenagers will end in divorce.
The reason why teenagers get married is wrong.The most common cause is pregnancy;Teenagers became pregnant when they were very young.So they have to get married.They don't know what marriage is, or most teenagers are not ready to take responsibility for it.
Marriage is a promise of life.
Marriage means everything is shared.
This is the name of trust, loyalty, helpfulness, kindness, acceptance and support.But teenagers don't agree with this, so they end up getting divorced.Too many things are bothering married teenagers.
Differences on money :-Neither the girls nor the boys agree.Laziness: -This is the second thing.If boys or girls are lazy, they will not live together for the rest of their lives.Differences about children :-If one likes to have children while the other says there is no physical or mental abuse :-According to the study of young people creating life, this is a common problem for couples today.
Change the decision with the wrong part of the brain.According to Giedd, "The brain of a teenager has not been broken;They are still under construction.Therefore, the marriage of teenagers will end in divorce.
If you are a teenager and are seriously thinking about getting married, these are some potential problem areas that you should be aware of, so, if you do think this is the best action for you, then you will be vigilant about the difficulties that may arise in the future.Young people need to know that marriage requires the income, time and resources of two couples.They also need to know that cohabitation is often less stable and safe compared to marriage, because benefits are time --Limited, that's notFor financial support, the responsibility of the Guardian father will be held accountable.
We have to try to tell them the financial and other benefits of getting married at the right age, or to help them.Young fathers and young mothers may need education, training and employment so that they can raise their children together.Some couples may wish to hold workshops on communication and problem solving, money management or anger management.
Help go to the following: the problem Youth directory is the most honest and complete Internet-Based on the existing educational advisory services, designed to provide services to parents who need guidance, to help them solve the problems of teenagers and to restore the problems of teenagers, this is a troubled teenager specially designed to support teenage parentsAbout the Author: Monica CraftFor listings please visit the training camp that bothers teenagers.You can also access the help of problem teens
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