harmful effects of beauty treatments - games facial mask beauty treatment

harmful effects of beauty treatments  -  games facial mask beauty treatment
Before blindly choosing these common surgeries, make sure you take precautions in beauty care, and most people will look for a salon or well-known technician with reasonable prices.
However, no matter how hygienic the place is, there will be certain infections or problems over time.
Read on to learn about potential health effects.
Although depilation may seem easy, waxing the bikini area can cause inflammation and irritation of the skin.
The hair is meant to protect the area, and waxing affects the outermost layer of the skin, resulting in skin infection.
Applying wax with the applicator can further spread the infection. Folliculitis (
Infection of hair SAC)
There are other common problems.
Dermatologist and beautician Dr. Ashwini Padmawar at Dermacare Skin Clinic explained, "Wax is not sterile and can cause skin infection.
Laser hair removal is a good choice for removing this hair and is also very popular.
People can also shave to keep the area clean.
"A recent study has raised concerns about the safety of UV lamps used to set gel nail polish.
Some evidence suggests that UV rays increase your chances of getting skin cancer.
While the UV radiation per dryer is different and the risk may be low, experts say it is best to protect the skin with sunscreen or fingerless gloves as a precaution.
While not really cosmetic, most of us use sunscreen every day.
Chemical sunscreen contains chemicals such as oxybenone, which is said to have cancer properties.
Dr. Ashwini said: "orxiban is an FDA-approved sunscreen ingredient.
However, it can interfere with hormones.
The theory is that the ultraviolet absorption component found in sunscreen releases free radicals and may cause damage to nearby cells, leading to cancer.
But there is not enough evidence to confirm this.
Shiseido Beauty expert Mitsui Meimei said that you must be careful to choose sunscreen.
"SPF indicates the time when the product protects the skin from sunlight.
The product of the SPF 80 means that the skin can be protected for 26 hours.
In addition, products with higher SPF values tend to contain more UV absorbers and UV scattering agents, which bring granular sticky textures to the products.
Therefore, in daily use, choose a sunscreen with an SPF of 20-30.
Most people dye their hair regularly without side effects.
But one of the most common allergens, p-
In almost all hair dyes, the use of benzenamine can cause scalp to fall off and even difficulty breathing.
Deepti Samtani, a senior hair stylist and trainer at Nalini and Yasmin salon, said hair dye should be done only once a month and only on regeneration.
"Excessive use of color is harmful to hair and scalp.
Post-care is also very important, including the use of the right shampoo and conditioner as well as the spa.
Hair extension seems to be a quick way to add some volume and length to the hair.
However, there are also some health risks.
They cause scalp problems if the application is incorrect, making it difficult to comb the hair.
Common problems include headaches, hair loss and allergies.
Deepti said, "One should customize the small size extension that fits the size of the head.
Always complete the expansion in an expert professional salon.
A safe option is the clip on the clip as they can be easily attached and removed.
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