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heal yourself by understanding your psychology part 1 - full facial oxygen mask

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-12-07
heal yourself by understanding your psychology part 1  -  full facial oxygen mask
The topic of health psychology is directly related to your self.
Respect, because the way you show the world your level of respect and confidence is through an external reflection of your inner acceptance and value.
Your psychology determines these states and tends to unconsciously guide your thoughts, unless you intervene and consciously control your thoughts and feelings to a higher level than by default, due to the accumulation of emotional and physical trauma.
When you do nothing to control and guide your mind to discover and pay attention to all the good and wonderful things in your life, it will naturally hone every negative memory you have ever had.
Humans always tend to focus on what is wrong and things will get better if blame, shame, punishment, self
Destruction, resentment
Persist, continue and continue.
Unless you develop your mind by exercising yourself and taking care of yourself as a whole;
Your mind, body and spirit, you will fall into mediocrity and ignorance.
The only way to release yourself is to understand the underlying power within you and understand how to use it in combination with the universal law to get everything you want.
It does not matter whether you believe these laws;
Distrust and ignorance do not save you from these laws. if you do not take the time to understand how to use them to benefit you, you will often make them bad for you and unconsciously.
I say this with the belief that, through my own personal experiences, through the experiences of countless other leaders and success stories, these experiences have been proven over and over again, it is also because science is catching up with these theories and proving their power.
If you are interested, then the study is "quantum physics" and "metaphysics", which work in harmony.
So now that we have covered the basics, big and small, I will focus on psychology every day and how it affects you.
Any form of mental illness limits your self.
Expression and potential, most of the time you don't even realize it.
Many psychological interruptions are expressed in the form of a body, some of which include :-Insomnia-Narcolepsy-Anorexia-Depression-Irritability-Migraines-
Intestinal and inflammatory diseaseStress-
Skin diseases are actually soft manifestations of psychological disorders, because of any disease, especially the more serious ones.
When you feel stress, worry, anxiety, tension, guilt, expectations of morbid things, etc, the birth of these diseases will happen in your mind, when you feel and think about these destructive things, you create a chemical reaction in your body that is caused by your emotions.
This chemical reaction can be toxic in your body and promote cell mutation.
Knowing that we have a whole new body every 11 months, at the rate at which we replace cells and change, when our cells are replaced, if we replace them with mutant cells, caused by the toxicity and harmful chemicals caused by your concerns, we produce cancer cells, and other forms of cell mutations that cause the disease.
Knowing this allows us to see how we can heal ourselves without drugs, even if we create a disease.
This is achieved by creating peace and harmony in our bodies, allowing chemicals and toxicity to leave our bodies so that when our cells multiply, we can reproduce healthy again. Therefore, we can replace toxic cells to heal ourselves.
The way we actually do it is done by doing a few things a day and I will be in a few minutes.
All diseases are caused by our destructive emotions and are a product of our natural reactions to our attention, feelings and belief in ourselves.
I can't stress too much, how all our power is maintained in our minds, and what is so important to you is you, only you, you control your mind completely, you control your mind, it does not rule you.
You can easily change the negative state by training yourself and becoming more aware of what you are focusing on and your internal reactions to these things.
You don't have to be a slave to your reactions, you can actually keep things that usually make you angry straight over your head and in harmony, but, it comes from constant training and patience, and whether you can decide to give up the drama and surrender to peace.
Whether or not you can decide to stop selfish participation is a great harm to you.
Being an observer, not a reactor, instantly makes you a warrior.
Depression is not a disease. it is a state of mind. it will certainly not be cured by drugs;
The problem comes from your focus, physiology, and emotions, so the drug will only put you in a stupid state to cover up the problem, which means that you will eventually lose your personal strength, rely on those happy pills that will be produced in your body
Chemicals that shouldn't be in your body!
Depression is caused by what you pay attention to, believe in, the way you speak, and especially the way you keep yourself.
When you stand up straight with your chest, raise your head, frown, and smile long enough until you feel real, you will find it difficult to stay depressed.
Through their own personal experience, they have successfully cured anorexia, inferiority and depression. these methods are rarely the easiest to do;
It requires great effort, patience, strength and perseverance.
Sometimes you feel like you can't do it and need to give in, but I promise you from the bottom of my heart that it's not just a copy of a book, everything I write comes from my personal experience, because I know through the actual facts that this is true, and what it needs is discipline and enthusiasm for the self. mastery.
If you do not have the desire to heal yourself, then you will not.
If you do not have a strong desire to accomplish something, then you have no motivation, no motivation, and nothing to do.
I use depression as the main example here, but this method is common for all diseases, for example, I had irritable bowel syndrome when I was 18 and went through a period of special violence, it shows up because I'm over-working in college and not physically and mentally relaxed enough, but also because I know it's "running in my family" and I just hope I can't do anything about it, because it's genetic, there's nothing I can do about it. B. S!
Once I understand how we control our results, I heal myself, and I have never suffered this again since then until more than 4 years.
I take depression as an example because I want to portray the great power of the mind and the impact you have on yourself.
Depression is not the effect of a specific situation that you think causes your depression, but your response to these events or situations.
So the way to solve this problem is to change your point of view and change the way you look at the situation.
Some ways to fight back immediately
Show your feelings as follows :-
Hold your head high and stand up with confidence and pride.
Put a smile and a relaxed look on your face, no, it's not easy and it doesn't feel sincere, but just do it!
When you are long enough to do it, by wrapping yourself together and listening to the best things to immerse you in this subtle state, you will soon begin to change-
Take a deep breath and breathe fully.
Breathe slowly and calmly to fill your body, brain and blood cells with oxygen;
Take a deep breath until your head hurts and then do some more, and you will put yourself in a state of natural ecstasy, which is beautiful. -
Exercise brings you such natural excitement and excitement as it produces beta-endorphin hormone in your body, which is the "happy" hormone!
It will give you a clearer mind, more physical energy, good health and a deeper sense of happiness.
Existence, reflection and objectivity.
But most importantly, there is nothing better than really moving your body and feeling great in your body to get rid of negative emotions.
By staying still and not moving all the time, you will fall into all these bad energies, but by the body and moving your body will be shaken by the power.
It doesn't mean just a gentle walk, it doesn't matter, you have to be energetic, your heart beats faster, you sweat, and your heart rate picks up.
This looks daunting if you don't usually exercise and will stop you immediately, but it's just a habit;
Gently break yourself and build it up because after a week or two of continuous exercise you will indulge in how good it makes you feel and you can't do it without it!
Some forms of practice include :--Walking-
Running/jogging-Gym sessions-Swimming-Yoga-Pilates-
Participate in a sportCycling-Surfing-
No matter what it is to talk to you and attract people, lift weights.
This will immediately lighten the heavy burden on your shoulders and blow the black clouds hanging over your head into oblivion.
Repeat, repeat, you will develop the habit of feeling great, and negative or illness will disappear without your notice.
Relax and calm through meditation.
The ability to relax and gain inner peace through meditation will bring you peace of mind, increase the ability to relax, be happy, be calm, and be more capable and calm in dealing with daily stress.
This new inner peace can improve work efficiency as you are calming down the noise in your mind, which can lead to illness, mental blockage, lethargy and distraction.
These are the tools used, are being used, and have been used all the time to create the happiness of connection, peace, wisdom, spirituality, success, wealth, enlightenment, healing, creativity and increase.
What these methods allow you to do is to enter and influence your subconscious mind, which is the source of all your wisdom.
Your tolerance and patience for life and others will increase, and you will experience peace of happiness, clarity, peace and true happiness.
In my own experience, it also treats physical and psychological diseases.
Once I start to meditate and connect with my spirit, I have changed my life, health, psychology, relationships, and career in 6 months.
These are usually best done when waking up in the morning and are in a sleepy state before starting a new day and taking on daily challenges.
This means that you are still in close contact with your unconscious, and you settle down when you sleep, so you are building the way you want to feel for the rest of the day.
The night before you go to bed.
This allows you to move your desires directly to your subconscious mind before going to bed, allowing your brain to work hard overnight.
Also because you are closing your thoughts and thoughts, these things keep you awake and unable to relax.
By placing yourself in this relaxed state of mind and closing your mind, you will naturally fall asleep directly because meditation is a bridge between consciousness and the unconscious.
I personally found that as a former insomnia patient, I will be in 1-3 hours per night
I am a workaholic, I am always thinking about work, I sleep very light when I finally do it.
Since meditation, to be honest, I am now falling asleep directly, 6 hours a week at night, not waking up, I have programmed my brain to sleep 1 more-
2 hours on Sunday.
Do nothing but meditate and keep my mind calm and calm all day.
Working from home, I can also spend half an hour meditating in the afternoon, and if I find myself overburdened with my work, I will return to my center.
Imagine every day when you can ignore the negative news, design your day from the moment you wake up, and maintain a feeling of inner peace in your inner strength and resilience, patience, determination, excitement and motivation.
These are the states that you have to create, they are not just coming to you, if you practice these things, you will create these feelings in your own days, this is to create a life full of deeper meaning, happiness and satisfaction.
It's about training your mental state and controlling it and not letting it control you by default.
Peace and motivation are all states that have to work every day, and if you don't, you end up in a negative deficit.
Happiness requires more work, negativity is too easy, so happiness is an option, not a gift for lucky people at birth.
Continue the second part in the rest of the article.
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