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Health Across the Zodiac - ice elements skin care products

by:NOX BELLCOW     2019-11-01
Health Across the Zodiac  -  ice elements skin care products
Aries --
Wayward Aries need more rest.
You spend too much energy during the day and will struggle with sleep, but your body needs to recover.
Be particularly sensitive to drugs and habits that can cause headaches.
Don't look too lightly at migraine headaches, which can lead to further ill health as you get older.
Go to the dentist and eye doctor often.
Because chemicals are difficult for the brain, avoid dyeing your hair too much.
Eat food that makes the brain work-
There are lots of fruits, vegetables and protein.
Eat red, white and purple food, the healthiest.
Dress for four seasons.
Put the tools in the car in any emergency.
Be kind to your mind.
Practice meditation and keep your thoughts still.
You are sensitive to strong smells and chemicals.
Watch your blood pressure and heart rate.
Exercise by taking some aerobic exercise-
Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
Every time you have a new partner, check with your doctor regularly.
Apologize to people if you know what you did wrong.
Head massage, don't wear your hair too tight on your head.
Constantly challenge your brain: learn a new language, do puzzles, go out and socialize. Taurus --
Meditate with your eyes closed and temporarily unplug your senses.
Drink plenty of water and see how your throat feels.
You may have a cold or flu.
Get updated photos.
Wear clothes properly when it's cold outside. Wear scarves.
Singing in the shower can help you relax.
If you start picking this up, fight snoring.
You may find your sinus blocked.
Keep your weight and keep exercising as much as possible.
Keep a healthy sleep schedule, do outdoor work and enjoy the sun.
The flowers in the house give you a good atmosphere.
Keep the house clean, especially washing clothes.
Although you also like to create chaos, you are sensitive to them.
Eat blue food.
Eat more fruits and vegetables.
Do your best for your skin health.
Take more sunscreen after the bath.
Invest in skincare products because your skin and touch is important to you.
Check your eyes.
Unplug from the digital screen and walk outside to immerse your eyes in nature.
Listening to the sound of the outdoors is a comfort for you.
It's wise to learn how to play music and absorb good sound.
Eat healthy food and realize the food you eat.
You will enjoy the fresh food in the garden.
Fresh is the key to you.
Wipe clean with a little lemon and taste good. Gemini --
Exercise regularly and keep healthy, especially the upper body.
The shoulders and arms are at your disposal.
You use them a lot, so keep them in shape.
You have a tense situation, the body is more bodybuilder, it can handle daily tears better.
You often communicate with your arms, so strengthen this area again.
If you feel anxious, go to the doctor.
Drink plenty of water keep water.
Keep your mind active by reading books, doing puzzles and taking on new challenges.
Give yourself time to relax, unplug and feel more comfortable.
Stay away from the things that change your experience because they can make your anxiety worse.
Walking in the park is good for you.
Raising a Dog is a good thing for you, especially when you are single.
Gemini is full of language and communication and needs to be expressed constantly.
Writing a diary is good for you.
Don't slack off seeing a dentist or completely avoiding a doctor.
Eat more green vegetables.
You will be affected by the smell. Put some flowers in the house.
Eat spring like fruit.
Spicy food and going to the gym can help solve the sinus problem. Cancer --
Record your emotions.
The spinner who was restless helped.
There is a pet you can talk.
Eat food that is good for heart health.
Don't blame yourself for being unsafe or weighing.
Accept your mood.
Seek treatment if you feel uncomfortable.
Do creative work to keep you in a state of mind and understand things better.
Draw, draw, write, make a song.
You are addicted and away from those who use peer pressure.
Listen to what the doctor said.
Don't do things on impulse.
Put yourself around people who are kind and reassuring.
Wear breathable loose fit clothes.
Take the time to pray because it gives you hope.
Don't be tempted to pass away.
Don't be carried away by your anger.
You may need more calcium or vitamins to talk to the doctor about this.
Muscle training is helpful to you.
Strive to praise yourself and build confidence.
Don't let someone break you.
It is OK to cry and express yourself.
Find and love what you love and don't invite vice into your life.
It's hard for you to disconnect from vice.
Don't make friends with jealousy.
Partners who do not tolerate abuse. Leo --
Watch your heart carefully.
Eat green food that is good for heart health.
Do charity and sports activities frequently.
Don't sit still.
Muscles can help you solve other problems.
Do aerobic exercise to keep the blood running.
You should take part in a run or some other blood draw.
Stay away from foods with high cholesterol.
Take a positive shower and scrub your hair.
Stay away from drugs and other things that change the experience.
Pack more in cold weather.
You may do better in a warm city.
Think about the possibilities and try to avoid getting yourself into something reckless.
Fiber is your friend and add it to your diet.
Bring snacks if you're hungry-
Don't be crazy.
Be gentle with people and listen to them.
Anger is slow, love is fast.
Don't forget to do housework and get rid of the messy life.
Be sure to clean the sheets.
Be friendly and stay away from the enemy.
Don't lose your mind if you are jealous.
Focus on the tasks you need to accomplish.
Smile and laugh often.
You're your biggest cheerleader. -
You don't need a crowd to comfort you. Virgo --
Relax, rest fully, meditate and write a diary.
Don't blame yourself for being imperfect.
Seek treatment if you feel depressed.
Don't eat everything you see.
Track your weight.
Your beer belly grows fast.
Stand up and move and work with your hands.
Eat yellow and orange food.
The weather in autumn is really good.
Go for a walk in autumn, step on the crisp leaves, make a fire and drink hot.
With good friends.
Exercise of strength and exercise of agility.
Keep a clean home, especially the bed you need to have a rest.
Read poetry and philosophy.
Write poetry and philosophy.
Don't be consumed by heavy thoughts.
Take a walk to relax, find a humorous way, and take the time to practice breathing for a long time.
Don't smoke, your lungs are sensitive.
To keep the air clean, buy some air filters for your house and car.
Regularly clean the dust in the house.
It is OK to enjoy these little things occasionally.
You can have a rest and ice cream.
Wear breathable clothes
Wear clothes that you feel comfortable.
You will feel happy by studying, and additional degrees will help you find what you want. Libra --
This logo should also eat foods rich in yellow and orange.
You can give up the meat and tolerate it.
Drink less red wine, which can relax you.
Relax yourself and don't make impulsive decisions.
Get a higher education because it will solve many problems for you right away.
Pay attention to weight gain and look for a balanced diet.
Be alert to what you can't digest.
Commit to intimate friendships and don't become overly addicted to creating too many friendships that will make you lose sight of your priorities and become unstable.
Don't worry about hair in unusual places.
Don't worry too much if you have a female or male quirk you don't want.
Women should pay close attention to their menstruation.
If you are more painful than usual during that time, go to the doctor.
You are very addictive.
Don't smoke or do yoga.
Exercise with your core and ABS will help you.
Learn a language to expand your brain and try to open new classes in your community, build friendships and learn more about your area.
You do a great job of meeting different people and learning concepts. Scorpio --
Eat meat, eat red food, eat fish, eat things with high iron content.
Find the cardio that suits you: it is recommended to swim and run.
A glass of red wine is recommended.
Looking for a doctor about possible cancer
Make sure you know the history of your partner.
You need to try to vent your emotions: writing, writing music and writing a diary.
Walk alone.
Try to forgive yourself and take the time to forgive others.
Work for a healthy and loyal one-wife partnership.
Jealousy strikes if you cheat or sleep, which will worsen your health.
Garlic and other foods with strong fragrance are your favorite.
Sleep with tea instead of medicine.
Keep away from drugs.
Meditate regularly.
It's good for Scorpio to stick to the regular sleep schedule.
Drink plenty of water and keep it hydrated.
Organize Your Home in the spring and clean your wardrobe regularly.
Express your anger in a mature way, don't lose your temper to others.
Trust the person you really trust
Try to build five strong connections with people you can talk.
Consultation and treatment can help you when you deal with dark thoughts.
Understand and mark your emotions.
Be aware of the emotions that come in and out of you. Sagittarius --
Walk regularly to strengthen your lower body and put on your shoes.
Enjoy holidays and other recreational activities.
You can eat a variety of foods: Oats, fruits, lean meat, and even desserts.
Keep your mind active: guessing riddles, guessing puzzles and playing games.
You should travel around the world to improve your IQ.
Try not to settle down too early in the romance as it may upset you.
Wear colorful and bold clothes.
For the health of the hips, the hips work. Take up yoga.
While enjoying yourself, be careful not to create jealousy around you.
You can eat cakes and you can have a lot of things in life that others can't handle.
Hiking and rock climbing are good for your body.
You 'd better keep a pet, a big dog, or even a horse.
Sleep on your back instead of the side.
Practice squatting often.
Cycling is another good activity for you.
You can be the laughing stock of the party, but try to do something modest.
Find your inner voice and learn philosophy.
You are a warm person and hug someone (if they want it ).
Have a good sleep.
Don't let your thoughts wander too much at night to keep you awake.
Let yourself experience a broken heart, not escape. Capicorn --
Pay close attention to your financial situation.
Eat foods like Curry, fruit, vegetables, and grains.
And lean meat.
Exercise regularly, sleep regularly and give yourself more energy.
Tied up in winter, with more water in summer.
You may feel tired in summer.
Move to a cool climate.
Exercise the strength of the lower body.
Running or aerobic exercise is recommended.
In addition, it is recommended to exercise muscles.
Try climbing for leg strength.
Don't let yourself be overwhelmed and be frugal.
You like Hadi. it's not delicate to eat or work.
Save food, coupons and money.
You like to plan and save things for the right occasion.
Tradition can go far for you.
Investing in your family will make you feel better.
Dancing can help you grow your legs.
There are dairy products in your diet, calcium is good for you-
But don't go too far.
Keep a house with minimal carpet and good air circulation.
Don't overdo hot drinks--
They have a hard time with your heart.
Not too hot and not too cold. Be generous --
Give away things you don't need.
Go to the dentist regularly and see the doctor if you start feeling pain. Aquarius --Stay flexible.
Do stretching, swimming, yoga and dancing every day.
Do some movement that challenges your mind.
Wear your shoes and keep your ankles happy.
Dancing can enhance the ankle.
Drink plenty of water and keep it hydrated.
You are also anxious.
Recognize how things affect your mind.
Avoid patterns that lead to migraine.
There is a strong bed.
Have a pet to relieve anxiety and excessive anxietythinking.
Creative, also do jigsaw puzzles.
Eat berries, dark and cool foods, lean meat, fish, and avoid caffeine and alcohol.
Bring chocolate for happiness.
Eat food that is good for heart health.
Aquarius needs to balance the housework and get healthy creative exercise.
Challenge your mind in class, learn a language and keep yourself busy and happy.
Meet different people, but set boundaries.
Don't let them always tell you what to do. You can say no.
Don't be fascinated by people who are too friendly, where you can't see the flaws ---
They will use you and your time.
Sleep, sleep, sleep more.
Thoughtful people like you need extra sleep.
Don't let anything or anyone try to shorten your sleep. Pisces --
Buy comfortable shoes.
Eat fruit and fish.
Take a walk every day, keep a dog and walk the dog.
Pets are really good for you.
Listen to meditation music to calm nerves.
Write thank you letters and letters of apology because they will make you feel better.
Don't just live on social media.
Walk out of your comfort zone and see the people you trust.
The work of building trust.
You may be sensitive to pain: keep your home tidy, wear an extra jacket in your car, avoid smoking, stay away from aggressive people and be surrounded by positive comfort.
You don't need a life of complete explosion, and the gentler things will free your wisdom, wisdom, and beauty.
Give yourself time to think, but also to go back and interact with the world.
So take the time to dream.
Eat some food that will help you dream: chocolate and cheese.
Travel is a wonderful miracle.
It's good to keep your feet moving and your mind busy.
Don't worry too much. do something to spoil yourself.
Go massage, go swimming, do nails.
Communicate your emotions and let people know when you are uncomfortable.
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